Working the angles

Early sun

Now, I got going PRETTY early, but not SUPER early, and when I was in my first ten minutes and ramping up the ol’ heartbeat, I saw the sun was up enough to be in the rays, and I knew I had to head down over the ridge into no-rays territory, as in: no rays so just a WEENsie bit cooler.

Paperbark maple

No-rays means MOSTly no-rays: see! Ray action! And at the foot of the tree, a helpful marker. Aha: paperbark maple. Never recall seeing that name before. Must have, and it just didn’t register…too darned many darned plants out there to remember the names.

Look closely

Petunia beigeness

From a distance this group of petunias was beige, tinted beige, but beige. Now that I look closely, the flowers are quite interesting. [Self: don’t jump to conclusions.]


Look what I spotted on the window. Ten minutes after her/his photo session with meeeee, I looked, and El Moth had departed. Life in motion. [More beige variation.]



If this is a metaphor for my day, the background took over…and overshadowed the foreground. Reality twisted in a way that there’s always a potential for…kept me energized and distracted simultaneously somehow.



“Whoever…[did a repulsive thing]…smells like farts.” That threat cannot be improved…on a polite, public sign. No spelling points, however.

Lily loveliness

Lovely lily after overnight rain. Also: cannot be improved.

Mask requirement

Stump garden

Lovely stump garden. I’m guessing there’s a stump because an oak had butt rot.

Murphys repaving

Despite the Covid, plenty of outdoor commerce underway. New paving at Murphy’s…and Murphy’s dates back over thirty years. Also counted seven sets of yard-dudes…blowing and mowing.

We’re now under a wear-masks order here in ATL…need to check to see if it’s okay if I keep my distance from others while exercising and stay outdoors…without a mask. Just checked: no adjustment for those exercising…so I’ll be sweating extra along my jawline…oh fun.

Different day…DIFFERENT

Downtown later early

Did the Fates sleep in this morning and that’s why I did? Dunno. Fact remains that I woke up late…well, later than usual. I finally left the house at 7:38am, and downtown sure looked different than it did much earlier in the morning on the first—different sky conditions, I admit, but not THAT different.

Mushroom duo

Also, from what I saw today—at least eight different species—the weather (warm, moist) is bringing on mushrooms, here’re two kinds co-existing.

Tipping point

Fungal transition

I named this photo “fungal transition” because I caught these beauties at a moment that won’t last…during that time when they’re still mushrooms, albeit transparent, and not yet putrefying goo.

Small, strange world

Early light

Soooo humid. And warm warm hot. So, out early, ahead of the full sun.


Me and this cottontail. Haven’t seen one in a while here in the city.

Mushroom underneath

Strange world, under this mushroom. This space is about a centimeter and a half high.

I’ll keep watching


Such lovely delicate pale purple shades in these hosta blooms. Nice visual contrast from that wandering periwinkle vine.

House underside

I’ve been watching this house, first empty, then with for sale sign, then sold sign, then empty, then one little machine and several guys taking down part of the back of the house, and more disassembly in back including some high-energy sledgehammer work on the back wall (right, out of frame), more slow disassembly by hand…and now, it’s down to this. Can’t figure—are they taking the materials for re-using?

Little surprises

Mushroom under

When I saw on the morning weather that it would be 81° by 10am, I thought: get moving! And, after the usual milling around, I did!

Brickwork problems

Yeah, and outside it also was HUUUUUU-mid. Although, during my wander, I did find a fine, upstanding mushroom (with gorgeous gills), and a wee library (not closed like the government ones) with foundation problems.