White birch duo

Almost all morning, we had overcast, then the sun broke out for the afternoon. Many leaves still on the trees (for this late in October), and I quite enjoyed this double white birch, sporting mixed golden and green leaves.

Ripe puffball

In the grass underneath I found a white, unripe puffball, and right in the path this ripe one leaking spores—that black smudge toward the upper right.

One time when I was a kid, my dad harvested a perfect-for-eating puffball from up by the garage, probably an ancestor of one I saw today. It was about the size of a volleyball, and Mom sliced it about ½in thick, and one slice filled an iron skillet. As I recall, it tasted mushroomy, just basic fungi-flavor.

Friday excitement

Reddy azalea

We made an early rush-hour airport run this afternoon to fetch a leedle piece of Vermont, come to visit MEEEE, direct from Boston (direct connections, ya know). Such a treat!

Goodbye, Hunch-ey

Azalea of autumn

I received gentle correction today from GeniusC on my crutch-walking. My new mode is with my upper body upright, as if I were walking normally, eyes up, all that. I have to shorten my steps to get the form right. I also extend my healing foot forward with a near-straight knee, mimicking normal walking.

I received more gentle assistance…this is a fine Guru photo…the current wee wave of azalea blooms.

Ginger, gingerly

Ginger flower

Turns out that balancing on the Boot and two crutches on a slope and bending over makes it rather difficult to focus my iPhone camera app.

Colorful and confusing

Autumn weeds

We went out for a wander around in-town neighborhoods…despite the drippy drizzle we’re still experiencing from the TS Nate system. Down a dead-end road we found a wee park with autumn color…goldenrod, red berries of some kind (not the noshing kind), and purple flowers (asters?).

Dragon pirate ship

I spotted this dragon from afar…let’s go over there, I said to the Guru-driver. And next to the dragon, blue shapes…which I studied until they became shark-parts. And off to the left, um?, a stylized pirate ship, sinking to join the partial sharks?

I’m a-learning the current creature-associations with the October-end holiday…used to be ghostly and potentially dangerous human-spirits somehow linked to the harvest-time, now it’s pirate ships and colorful sea-dragons? And huge black spiders…not pictured. AKA cultural evolution….

Oh, yay!

Pumpkin stem CU

No connection between a pumpkin stem and my news-of-the-day…except perhaps if you consider that pumpkins keep pretty well, and this one probably was picked weeks ago…

My news is that I had my first (official) PT #physicaltherapy appointment. Mike said my foot looked pretty good for the surgery I had, and that this Lisfranc injury is a tough one to come back from—possible, but slow. Which I knew.

The exercises he gave me for “homework” focus on flexibility in the forefoot (stretching arch) and toes, plus a bit more rotation in the ankle…. Can do! I do at least three sets per day, as what works is slow and steady. Avoid pain. Gentle pressure is the best, then rest, then repeat.

Mike also told me to use the crutches for support while I kinda-walk wearing The Boot. This works pretty darned well, which tickles me. It is much easier than using the crutches and keeping the damaged foot held high.

The possible connection is that my foot has staying power, too! I know: lame! hahahahaha Okay, skip the pumpkin and know that the PT situation is a…step forward.

Am I a chicken?

Orange ginger blooms

After my exuberant Thursday, I’ve been coasting, to recover energy for a nice outing tomorrow, when the high temps are predicted to reach only 74°F here in ATL, so we’re going to venture out…somewhere. I can report that I stood a bit, in The Boot, in between two chairs so I could hold onto the backs. I didn’t really try to walk…too scary!…don’t feel steady enough.

Quotidian thrills

Buckhead sign

Errand day! I haven’t participated in errands, other than medical ones, since mid-July. Today I did!

And I’m also going to Book Club tonight! Busy day! Two out-of-the-house adventures! [I’d better go get ready!]

White ginger flower cluster

Right at home, I stopped Steed to photograph this lovely white ginger blossom cluster. Thanks for the flowers, Diane!


Autumn broccoli forest

Against the odds, I came across this autumn “broccoli forest”…in WashDC. There can’t have been a long time window for this satellite pass.

Broccoli forest

Broccoli trees

I awakened early the other morning and thought, gee, it’s darker than in summer at this wee hour. Then I thought, ah, the season is turning. And we have arrived in autumn.

These are distortions to tree-cover in the 3D presentation of satellite photos by GooMaps. Makes the trees look like distorted broccoli. [No cookbook.]