Naming/not naming

Toad frog

By the toes, I’m guessing: tree frog. But I think of tree frogs as green—my ignorance, I’m sure (and the amphibian ID book is at our first home, not here). I can use that rural CYA naming strategy, and call it a toad-frog?


That’s lush for a lichen. If I form a band (ha!), I’m thinking Lush Lichen will be on the short list for a name. Along with Illusion of Symmetry.

Snorkel a shipwreck

Mountain ash berries

Yup. That was today’s expotition (intentional misspelling, in the style of KayakWoman). At the parking lot at the mouth of Hurricane River, we were cheered on by glorious clusters of mountain ash berries/fruit/redness.

Steps to beach

We zipped on foot along the coast path a bit over a mile, then down these steps to…

Superior beach

…head along this beach to our destination. The lake is so high the remains are almost totally underwater (to my left and slightly ahead of me). Warm today, so not bad for getting into the waters of Gitchee Gumee, despite what you may be thinking. I did snorkel a loop out around the wooden ship-carcass, so can officially check “snorkel in Lake Superior” off my bucket list. [Turns out, I’d rather not have waves breaking on me when I’m snorkeling.]

Sandhill pair

Welcoming us home: this pair of sandhills, which prefer fields to the north of us, but sometimes visit our property—pretty sure it’s the same pair.

Less sun today (not fewer)

Foggy field

Foggy morning. That colorful vegetation in the foreground is lowly milkweed. It’s taking over the field. Not so good for field-ness.

Eagle point

The sun did come out, but not for long (and the sunporch made it almost to 72°F). I was out for a wander and went to check the lake and was on the dock looking along the “beach,” and see that black shape above the tree on the point? The eagle. Which I spotted with my eagle-eye. Heh.

Mullien droplets

Mullien with droplets.

Mushroom cluster

Mushroom cluster. This rainy autumn/late summer means there a many “fun guys” pretty much everywhere.

Little to say

Lettuce droplets

Morning rain…

Squashblossom plant

…became afternoon sunshine.

Summary: lazy SUNday.

Sun did come out


We haven’t stopped at Seney’s Boot Hill in years, so we did today. It was buffed up perhaps fifteen years ago, but nothing since, so it’s entering another genteel decline. Strange plastic items survive better than most of the wood.

Frilly shroom

We went on to the refuge, and it’s mushroom season…mushrooms and swans. And the usual marsh critters and plants.

Jr n parent swan

Parent trumpeter swan in front of perhaps three-quarter grown swan/cygnet—when do the youths become swans?

Perhaps giant aphids

I’m speculating: giant aphids?

Nibbled gill shroom

Not sure what nibbled this mushroom down to the gills—I know turtles like them….

Resting turtle

Speaking of turtles…painted turtle?

Wait five minutes

Blushing cauliflower

Blushing cauliflower.

Squash blossom

Giant zucchini blossom.

Rain last night. Heavy overcast and surprisingly warm all day, but not raining. Rain has returned ushering in an early dusk.

Late summer

Wave break

Lake had some waves this afternoon, but they weren’t pounding in, so the sand beach is preserved.

Late pink pea

Here’s a late bloomer. I think I saw one other pea blossom on the property (not a thorough search, however), and that’s it. Goldenrod in background.

Lace with ant

Queen Anne’s lace aka wild carrot, with ant friend.

Puffball posing

Puffball posing. About half this size two days ago. How big will it get?

Goldenrod season

Goldenrod cattails

Many swamp-ponds in these parts, but not all sport cattails and goldenrod borders. Helmer isn’t technically a village any longer, but this pond is mighty pretty this time of year.


Garden sunflower, a delicate specimen, not a giant one. Heart of the bloom looks rather murky (under zoom-magnification (in original)), although I need to check it more closely. Wondering if all this rain has affected the flower and it will never open?

Fifty two low

Low this morning on the porch. Nice day!

Story gems

Gate light

I confused a passing runner as I got out of his way and stopped, so I could return to take this photo. But he was long gone by that time and didn’t know my maneuver was mostly to take a photo and not because he’d surprised me. [There’s a short story in this.]

White delicate flowers

There’ve been plant photos, but no flower pictures since the 17th. I’d say it’s time. [Not really a story.]

Hobo bath activity area

Proposed story moment: interrupted hobo bath. Cleaning on two fronts—water fountain and chemical—both in a limited way.

Happy plants

Someones driveway marker

It’s rather like the rainy season arrived today. Rain in the wee hours, then periodically during light-time. I got out early and it was cool (for here, for now, for lately), but geeze the air was full of wateriness.

MEANWHILE, we watch that tropical storm down in the Caribbean and see what spaghetti-thread it follows….