Fronds and frond-iness. A frond is a leaf or leaf-like plant part. These fennel fronds trace such delicate imagery.

Tranquility above

A consuming quiet peace washed over me as I looked up at these new leaves, with a blue, blue sky behind them.

So far

Looks like the azaleas might make it through the cold snap(s). More below freezing temps coming in the wee hours tonight (too). This is sunset, today. [A local meteorologist suggested that March may be colder on average than February this year…yikes.]

Rhodo relative, in white

Weather watch post again…our primary azalea display is on the cusp of full-on extravaganza, yet we are expecting six hours of below-freezing temps just before sun-warmth arrives tomorrow. Fingers crossed endurance triumphs.

Parallel universes

In truth, the biggest adjustment yesterday, contrary to the clock situation I wrote about, was/is Meeeee. I don’t do well with time changes, even “just” one hour. And I haven’t this time, either. It didn’t help that last evening we stayed up for the entire Oscars, also known as Everything winning most categories.

So, I awakened late this morning, and am now rather yawn-y…give me a week, and I’ll be back in (a version of) the groove.

White variant (and far less common) of the pink Eastern redbud pictured…a kind of an alternate reality.

White daffies, white tulips

“Green, white accents.” That’s what I’d entitle this lovely front garden. The distant chairs look like blobs here; in person, they looked like they had the potential to be mildly comfortable. Pour me a martini!

Azalea walk

There’s nothing original about a three-photo progression. Nevertheless, it can tug at the heart-strings.

So, there’s a bud, and a partly open flower.

And here are several open blooms.

These aren’t from the same bushes, but, duh, they’re all azaleas. And, I was out in the morning after the rain stopped. If I’d been out in the afternoon, the photos would show sunshine.

My favorite bit is the “hat” cap on the bud in the first photo (partly edited out of the image…sorry).

Time increments in blossoms

In the passage of spring, we’re shifting from the bulbs to the fruit tree blooms.

New and old

Silverbell. Can’t figure out which one.

Neighbor’s “old car.” I grew up with a neighbor down the road who had many old cars, but they were much older than this one; his were Model T’s and that era.

Deciphering a small-world

Lots to see here. First, the bloom and the foliage do not go together. A jasmine blossom fell strategically off a vine far above this green-whatever. Also, there are many insects. Are the white ones aphids? I dunno.