Drops do accumulate

Redbud leaf after rain

Around here, June was a bust for rainfall…we received close to zero-zilch. The last four days have more than made up for that deficit and launched us most of the way to our July average to boot.

The tough part is that it is darned humid outside (outside meaning: beyond the air-conditioning).

Delving into contrast

Patterns in plants

Look at all the visual contrasts! Color, shapes, living vs inanimate—the whole shebang!

Fireworks began precisely at 9:15pm, and they’re now booming in various locations in the southern direction…with nothing sounding in the northern quadrants. This is audio contrasts?

Working the odds

I have irregular success with flash and fleurs. Today, the gods favored me. [Framing, not so much.]

Botanical specifics

This lovely fleur is of the genus Agapanthus, and it hails from southern Africa, if my web sources are correct (and there is no dissent, so I can assume it’s the truth*).

* In these times, truth may be a poor word to choose (in any usage whatsoever), as so many American citizens seem willing to…uhem, I’ll just stop here. Apologies for the near-rant.

Also early

The majority of the lupine are at this stage, with seeds growing in fuzzy pods.

Canna lily art

I do very much enjoy this photo setting when it works (portrait, stage light).

First day of summer vegetation progress report from central north Georgia mountains: mimosa trees in full flower and scattered moderate sized pink blooms in the ditches that I couldn’t recognize at highway speeds.

“Remote connected”

There’s gotta be a clever quip based on this leaf image, right? Something to do with the word stoma? Got me.

Title is phrase that sometimes appears on our TV…coyly, in the upper right.

94, 96, 95

The title—94, 96, 95—reports the high temps through Sunday that the meteorologist predicted yesterday morning. I think yesterday did get to 94, but today topped at 97. Yeesh.

What will tomorrow bring?

Appropriately, this is a yesterday-photo. 😇

Coneflower and menus

We are three meals in on our air fryer experiments…two of salmon filets, and one of tofu. We are (I am) trying to incorporate more fish/other meals in our diet, instead of terrestrial critter protein (including dairy).

One advantage of the air fryer, and I don’t understand how this happens, but there’s no fishy odor. Amazing.

No food photos; too messy. Very tasty, however.

Three day saga

Yesterday, I did finish pressure-washing the front and back entry areas, and called that eeeee-nufff. [I ignored the sidewalk in front of the house; apologies, pedestrians.] I also summed the time spent pressure-washing over two days—6.5 hrs—whew! Today, I rested my back (which, truth be told, was basically okay, I think because of my irregular “Classical Stretch/Essentrics” workouts).