Turn turn turn

Azalea group

We’re still in the azalea season…glorious! Especially the big blooms like this.

Rhodo bud opening

This is the earliest rhododendron bud I’ve spotted opening. Of course, my dataset is very local and small geographically. Still, it is a dataset.

Floral stalking (today’s version)

Clematis center

Composition probably would be better without being so close, but the bloom’s surroundings were un-aesthetic. Visual version of poetic license.

Calling it lavender

All the photos I took yesterday of this insect were out of focus, as were the rest from today. I score!

Some kinda viburnum

Pretty sure this is a variety/species of viburnum. Not that it matters…those yellow globules-on-a-stalk are just so darned lovely. Name not needed!

More shade

Crepe myrtle heartwood

I don’t usually get a glimpse of crepe myrtle heartwood; normally, it’s just clothed in the elegant beige-toned “skin” layer.


I inspected this entire fence, and couldn’t figure out an angle to juxtapose a rosebud with a finial. Keeping that goal for the future….

Chlorine truck

I don’t know what maintenance this truck is specialized for, but it reeked of chlorine. Maybe attending pools?

No story

Branching shadows

Most often I present photos in the order taken. Sometimes I change the order to better fit the “story” I develop.

Mailbox cat w bow

Sometimes I just throw ’em at the wall…as it were…no order.

Ornamental maybe lavender

So this trio is tree-branch-shadows, cat-mailbox-with-bow, and flowers. The tree is crepe myrtle, not yet leafed out. The cat looks like a paint-by-number home project…and endearing, with lovely whiskers; the bow…flamboyant…and mysterious. The flowers…hmm, some kind of ornamental super-flowery lavender?…friend to bees today….

Strolling into April

Beribboned cherub

Beribboned cherub. Welcome, April. We’ll see what this month brings…and I say that from the unprecedented perspective of these Interesting Times. Interesting and chaotic. Also rather quiet.

Fern fun

Ferns. With red azalea neighbors across the street.

Weed wall

Weed wall. The old definition of weed. Spring weeds, these are; the ones that come in the first flush of spring growth.

Just saw the March statistics from my activity device: 115.3 miles…just from “activities,” not from generic footsteps. Footfalls totaled 420,197, if you’re curious. Foot is doing sooooooo well!

Yup, still changing

Raindrops on leaf

Late morning, the rain arrived from the west, as usual and as expected.

Not pollen

It washed away the pollen and moved on to catkins…or maybe I’d call them catkins, but really they are some other plant part, larger than pollen.

Acer palmatum young leaves

Yes, I’ve returned to the well with this red-toned Acer palmatum. Too striking to skip.


I’ve been trying to get an in-focus fiddlehead picture for several days…this is the first! Too small to sauté. Plus, it’s in a neighbors’ front garden.

Say no more

Pollen autoglass

Proof of pollen and scattered raindrops. We should have real rain tomorrow.

Dogwood splendor

Dogwood splendor.

Artsy flowers

Garden beauty.

Beemer update

Beemer update: still no wheels/tires…now with cover.

Tree sex parts

Evidence of tree-spring.

Muddling through pollen-air

Artsy flowers

I had it wrong yesterday; those were small trees, and this is a shrub. That is, if you use the definition: if you can walk under it standing upright, it’s a tree; if not, it’s a shrub.

Honeysuckle in bloom

Probably another shrub. Invasive? Yes yes yes. Common name: Japanese honeysuckle. Note the dusting (clots and clusters, truthfully) of pollen, probably from nearby pines mostly, on the leaves.

Shrubs leafing out

Leafing pink dogwood

First pink dogwood I’ve noticed. As I recall, they often come after the white ones.

Leafing redbud

Leafing-out redbud…a very red-leaved redbud.

Leafing azalea

Fancy azalea, with less compact plant/branches, and longer blossoms. And, today, with leaves.

Weekend mechanic

Story photo: evidence of serious weekend mechanic-ing—all tires off to the shop—looks like, to improve the car’s racing form.

Har har

Bulbs hangin in there

One more last-bulb-blooms shot….

Leaves emergent

Emergent leaves…and that means shadows…yay—perfect timing for the high-in-the-80s expected at the end of the week.

Free library dogwood

Dogwood’s is a scene-stealer at this free-library-with-reading-bench.

Azalea genetics

Interesting genetics.

For a palate cleanser (currrent events, ya know), we just watched a couple of “Republic of Doyle” episodes. Comedy in Newfoundland.