That’s a brrrrrr

I think of these palmettos (right?) as denizens of a more tropical locale than here in the ATL. Clearly, that’s my ignorance showing. As I photographed, I silently warned the plant to beware of impending weather, as the next three overnight lows are to be in the 20s here.

Ahhhhhh, yes

Even when there’s a cold rain, a daffodil crowd makes me smile.

Stay tuned

We were in the lovely filling of a weather sandwich today, with a high of an unexpected 62°F. Rain’s coming in tonight, and then by weeks-end something wintery will be somewhere nearby, perhaps even here, depending on which meteorological model is correct.

Sun fun

That Tonga tsunami sure puts our wintery weather the other day in perspective. We’re in a pleasant sunny, ho-hum mode before the next cold snap rolls later this week.

Cycling (temporal)

The wind has decreased, and will continue to fade overnight. The snow and icy bits are gone, and even protected plants are acting like the winter weather has passed. But it is cold, and we may see snow again, what is it? Friday, I think.

Intense and floral

A neighbor used to have one of these lovely scented shrubs, and he told me the name of it, , yet I managed to forget. Unfortunately, he removed it from his garden, so I can’t ask him again with a specimen present. Of course, I have to spot him outside, too, and I haven’t in a while.

Not that all of this is important to you in the least.

Barberry family

I know this as nandina, but not from my childhood, instead from my later nursery-working days out east of Portlandia. Turns out other names are heavenly or sacred bamboo. Note that the berries and all parts of the plant are toxic to birds and animals. The species is native to Eastern Asia. I rather liked nandina when I worked in Oregon for its leaf shapes and patterns, but I’m less interested now that I know more about it.

Sun benefits

Despite the sunshine, I braved a cool-bordering-on-cold wind, and learned once again that walking with the wind in sunshine is much more pleasant than walking in the shade and against the wind. Note how these bulbs are using a bit of added heat from the thermal mass of the adjacent low wall to get ahead of the curve.

Looking forward

Basil growing

Since we heard fireworks last night, and not at midnight, I suspect there’ll be a concert of them tonight. I already hear distant, strange pops, which I’m crediting to a build-up to the expensive midnight ones. These are “neighborhood” noises, and not sanctioned events.

I’ll be trimming this basil for our New Year’s casserole, which is a non-traditional black-eyed pea and greens dish that I’m making up. I’m hoping that because I’m using the “regular” New Year’s Day ingredients, it won’t diminish their good vibes for the coming year. The casserole will have many veggies with cream, cheese, and a dusting of bread crumbs.

Fungi + fungal partner

Our fine decorative wooden bench in the front yard is a lichen wonderland. My latest gardening success?!!