Rhodo bud!

Rhodo bud

I futzed around getting ready for my walk. I checked the temp and thought sunny and low 40s, hmm, I’ll try my long-sleeved inner layer with a t-shirt top. Then I stepped outside. Ooops. My visual inspection didn’t identify the wind.

I slipped back indoors and added my fleece.

Smart move. It really didn’t feel very warm until I’d been striding for a while and was on a stretch where buildings and topography blocked the wind. Then, I had to drop the fleece off my shoulders!

And despite our recent bud-nipping temps (and the S), this rhododendron (in a sheltered location) is pushing out new, healthy buds!

Hot seat

Wet ginkgo leaves

BTW, the ginkgo leaves are now grounded and the ginkgo trees are bare. Ginkgo Day was yesterday? The day before? I failed to register it….)

This morning when we left for my PT appointment, we deemed it cold enough for…butt warmers! The Prius engineers promote the butt and steering-wheel warmers because they use less energy than warming the cabin air.

PT Mike had me do some new-to-me exercises that emphasized balance (which of course requires strength), rather than simple strengthening. I felt like I made a good showing, with room for improvement. In fact, I felt confident enough to take the wheel when we left! I have no doubt I could have driven sooner, but today, one day before the first anniversary of our Prius Prime purchase, seemed propitious. And we do propitious.

The warmth of recent days is gone, yes, and rain has set in. I still managed a half-hour walk in the early afternoon….

Leaf shape examples

Leaf swale tableau

I checked out the gravity art in the Prius swale this morning, and discovered another leaf in the tableau. And moisture. Love the row of tiny beads across the top edge of the middle leaf (if the resolution isn’t too hammered here).

Nandina color change

New ground…a nandina leaflet transitioning—the way plants do in autumn. In reality, that branch was truly magenta-fuschia, as it looks here.

Homely shapes

This plant’s leaves (I don’t know the name) is all about shape and only nominally—compared to the nandina—about color.

In short, yeah, we got out and walked…for a total of about 1hr20min. Yay! Of course, knee tired tired tired at this post-walk and post-dinner-cooking hour….

Autumnal gravity art

Bar dog bowl

I made two short(er) walks today, not even trying to get one app to award active minutes or the other to credit me for walking. [Neither have settings for gimps slow-walkers.] This morning’s adventure was in sunshine, so I get vitamin D credit!, regardless of the apps.

Ginkgo gravity art

Soon after I began my afternoon adventure, the cloud-cover thickened just a tad…after I took this photo. The leaves are in the swale of the Prime’s rear window.

Ginkgo check

Camellia CU pollen

By the time we got out to walk, the morning fog had lifted, the sun shone, and it was afternoon. I had PT during morning-fog time, and realized that despite the knee THANG, I am doing SO MUCH better than two weeks ago when I last had PT. Yay!

Gingko n web

We checked out several ginkgos in our neighborhood on our little sunshine wander. Despite a solid scattering of leaves, most remain solidly attached to their trees. Maybe tomorrow for the drop?

Stay tuned.

TwoShoes report

Fern frond tip

From the other day….

I’ve been working my new exercises, which focus on front of foot and ankle strength—and walking…that was an assignment, too. Today I didn’t walk outside other than errands, no “walk,” but I was on my feet a bunch, almost every hour. That’s a change for me. Slow increments of improvement….

Trio for Sunday

Gravity vines

We went for a wee walk this morning, and I thought maybe I’d capture a vegetation picture for this space…

Fleur pair

…or maybe autumn fleurs.

Barred owl

Then, in the afternoon, the sharp-eyed Guru noticed a big bird swoop into the back yard…and got out the big lens…and gave me this super barred owl shot that I am passing along. Crappy light, yet lovely feather patterns, ¿no?

Fine-grained eye-poppers

Juniper against sky

One of my PT assignments this week is to walk, not terribly far, but many short excursions. I did little walks inside the house, and the Guru and I also walked around the block…and a bit more…on a lovely, sunny, autumn afternoon.

Flower bumble

The Guru says I always/often find the insects on the flowers. I think this time of the year they are busy and liable to stay on the flowers because their time is short. Can’t really say “making hay,” but along those lines.

I struggle with headlines…there’s a core of a good idea to this one, but, truly, it comes off not-quite-right.

Posing posies

Yard flowers

I read that these flowers voted today. I’m pretty sure that was spread by Russian bots.

Are Russian bots related to bot-flies? Bot-flies are darned icky critters.

Busy, big bumbler


I’m thinking this flower/weed is butterweed/cressleaf groundsel, or a closely related species.

We got out for a short loop, the Guru, me, crutches and The Boot. We decided not to push it and so didn’t go terribly far (no record setting today!), and somehow the Fitbit even deigned to give me a massive nine active minutes.

The bonus on our walk was that when I spotted this bumbler s/he was on a lower flower, and then flew up to this cluster, where I could actually reach down to photograph her/him.

And not drop a crutch.