I had nothing to say.

Maybe not nothing, but nothing “of general interest*.”

Hence, I selected a photo, but never posted (on time).

*At least, that’s the phrase as I remember it from “Cheaper by the Dozen”—the book, the original.

Our friend(?) Nicole

Basil blooming

Overcast and winds arrived today, the outer bands of the outer bands of storm Nicole that is down in Florida. The last map I saw showed the center of the storm will cross Florida, then head for us. Inland means less power, yet we’ll still have plenty more wind and probably over two inches of rain before the weekend. For now, our blooming basil remains.

Haunting herbage

If I go down the front steps, I go by this healthy stand of herbaceousness. By typical North American yard maintenance philosophies and techniques, it should have been pulled and composted long ago. I’d better get going!

Lighting experiment

I experimented with stage lighting in portrait mode on this blooming beauty. Interesting, but only momentarily. Sometimes that’s enough…although I’m not feeling it today.

Floral organics

Single best visual find in months: the icy cap on these wee mushroom caps. What texture! What subtlety! What ephemera!

This, on the other hand, is mostly a color mosaic. I’m amazed how many leaves are still on the tree, and still colorful, with that blanket of the fallen foliar fragments.

Clue apples

This density of apples under the apple tree suggests they’re not tasty, as in: the deer are not eating this tree’s product. [Yet.]

Because the deer are sure eating apples with abandon. And browsing grass. They are piling on calories as the weather turns cool, then cooler.

Hypothesis: this tree was planted to be a pollinator. No one left to ask about this, meaning mostly The Botanist, I suppose.

Lucky you

You meaning my approximately five regular readers. And my guess is there are no, or nearly no, irregular readers.

Otherwise: multicolor maple splendor.

Oh, the lucky part? That I posted early. Woohoo! Rain and whatnot changes my rhythms. And rain just came in; it’s to last into the 10pm hour. Subsequently, the temps will drop into the 30s (The App indicates).

You would be right if you guess we’re scrutinizing the long-range forecast for a “nice” day for closing the cottage and skedaddling. Nothing locked in yet.

Autumn alley

Most of the day was windy and overcast, with spitting rain. Then, a miracle—sunshine as I was beginning to fix dinner. No, it didn’t last, yet it brought a glow to the evening.

When I walk or drive through this alley, I enjoy it every time. The yellow-golds are now (mostly) ascendant.

Crisp fall day

That’s how the phrase goes, no? And it was…crisp and lovely. Note that there’s still plenty of green in the tree leaves.

Different species, different patterns

Despite recent windy phases, the maples are doing a great job of hanging onto their leaves.

The birches, on the other hand, are dropping theirs and making a carpet atop the grass.

Somehow I manage to forget that many pine needles also come down at this time. Don’t fret; the tree’ll look solid green come spring.