Color musings

Blue pH

I looked at this when I took it, and thought it’s that blue-pink pH thing. Then I thought hmmmm what’s pH stand for? I had college chemistry, so, geeze I should have been told this/read it. Okay, WikiPee, what’s it stand for? Turns out there’s no clear answer. Guess that’s why I don’t remember!

Chalk cat

Chalk cat. Not to be confused with a hill figure (Brit.).


Fern bright

I do love ferns. So delicate.

Split box

A fellow was unloading a Sysco truck…is it true that every restaurant needs split box products? Popotes I understand—those are drinking straws in Mexican Spanish, a corruption of the Nahuatl/Aztec word for the plant stem used to make sweeping-brooms.

Realized I didn’t know the Spanish for fern—heh; turns out it’s helecho.

Rain…brought basil

Rain downed yucca

We had a lot of rain overnight, the kind that can weigh down a yucca bloom-spike. We had rain after I took this this morning, too, but I think it’s over for now.

Magnolia bloom

I was surprised by this white blob above my head, amidst the glistening dark green leaves. Aha! Magnolia!

Basil for dinner

Basil clipped for dinner…then snipped atop pasta with a tomato sauce.

Even found mozzarella di bufala (that is: water buffalo milk, not cow’s, in soft cheese balls) to also add. BTW, the pasta sauce had bison meat in it. And we also added parmesano reggiano—cow’s milk cheese. I wasn’t going for species diversity in our protein sources, but that’s what we got.

Daisy a day

Daisy a day

I’m used to tall, volunteer daisies; this is a city cousin that probably came out of a green house. Still: all daisy-ness is happy-making.

Out front

Gardenia group

These just opened since Wednesday, and the buds are still coming. Yay! Gardenias smell so wonderful.

Fennel redbug

Look! Insect! A fennel redbug? heheh

Rain just started


Neighbor hydrangea. Just opening.

Redbud leaves

Redbud leaves. Full term.

Tired good n evil statue

This good-and-evil statue replica looks like a tired farmworker. Not a party animal. Or an after-party attendee.

Name day

Yarrow cluster

Yarrow. Again: yarrow. Why do I keep thinking tansy? Tansy is yellow-gold!

Vine four

I see four vines in here: poison ivy, Virginia creeper, Boston ivy (or similar), and something that reminds me of a grapevine, but isn’t, and I don’t know what it is.

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. Archie? I get that the Harrison is an unsubtle nod to dad, but Archie? Not even Archibald? Actually, the latter is even more awkward, graceless, and inelegant than Archie. Hey, he’s both a British royal (we know) and an American (we assume), so wee Archie will probably pull his name off with ease.

Scent/no scent

Vine honeysuckle

I came around a corner and my nose was assailed, and I pivoted to look at what was newly revealed upwind: there it is, the blooming vine honeysuckle. MMMMmmmm, that’s a distinctive fragrance.

Iris deep purple

Isn’t that about the darkest purple iris you’ve seen? Light’s mediocre, but whatta bloom!

Not in our yard/garden

Oak leaf hydrangea

Oak leaf hydrangea. And splendid lighting.

Smoke tree

Smoke tree. The street had a half-dozen of these plants, about the same size (well-established), perhaps planted at the same time.

Peony abloom

Peony abloom. Just love peonies. I see them and think of my grandmother’s garden, and therefore my grandparents.

Hither, yon

Maple juniper pattern

A particularly maroon Japanese maple, with some kind of (procumbent?) juniper, very (yellow) green.

Creeper brick pattern

A Virginia creeper climbing a brick wall. Different contrast in shapes, but still generally red/green.


Lots of action at the Gliderport. On the ground. Also, stay on runway to avoid mud.

No Chiitan sighting (watching John Oliver), not surprisingly.