Up and down

This is definitely the story of the day. I heard sandhills above, and I looked and there they were! Last week, I heard, but never spotted them. It was a bit of a let-down to not see them. Today was much better.

Also, here’re some earthbound beauties.

Do not autocorrect to antlers

Sometimes light is pure magic…I’m especially loving the detail of the shadows of the anthers.

Exposure control…where?

Cherry blossom cloud…with too much sky-brilliance….

I’m story-less

I spotted this squirrel when he/she was in a much better pose, but by the time I got in photographer mode, this was the offering. You can tell it’s a squirrel, not much more.

No story here.

Instead, I’m offering a deciduous magnolia bloom. A version of the usual…. No story here, either.

Oak above

Man in tree! Man in tree!

This is the huge oak in the neighbors’ yard that looms over a half-dozen houses, including ours. A small crew took down a few scraggly limbs, chipped them (brrrrrrrBRRRRRR), cleaned up, and took off.

The oak still looms, and I will still fuss when it’s windy.


Look at this photo. Study it. Imagine yourself looking at this view, living this moment.

What do you feel?

Me, in that moment: happy. I smiled for real. Sunshine and daffodils are a powerful combination.

Prime personification

I’m postulating that the car and the adjacent camellia have a relationship, after all these years spending nights and many days together. In this vein, I’m guessing this is a delayed valentine bloom-gift from the plant to the vehicle.

Or something.

Scabrous bark

Aren’t plants amazing?

Bug report

1) several ladybugs found in master bath, and left to their own devices.

2) one stinkbug, removed from inside the house.

Also, phone updated; watch updated. I always assume that updates in part address bugs.

Pine on high

With such a beautiful sky above, I had to look up, and found my eye drawn to the cones on the outer branches of this towering pine.