Yum in advance

We went across the road to greet the neighbors, and she gave us a big hug and took us through to the front deck to wave at her husband, out in the boat. On the mirror-surfaced lake. It isn’t usually this calm this late after sunrise. It was a gorgeous day all the way to dark.

I digress.

Her husband came in shortly with a big haul of four, fine, large fishes. These are the two largest. They are planning on a big small party in a week, so these will go in the freezer until then. And we are invited, so….

Yellow and orange tones

So much individuality in these little free libraries. This is a brand new one, been around perhaps a week, at least in this location. [Note: individuality NOT personality.]

And, once again, an insect photo-bombs a flower photo. As they do.

I’m over-thinking

The vegetation is still mostly green leaves and late summer, but this flower caught a dry oak leaf…thinking it might be last year’s…but, then, how’d it get airborne?…leaf blower?

Tree details

Amplifications to old news…. Here’s the base of the Tree of Refuge from what became my adventure in Tuesday’s rain. I’ve added ovals to show where my feets were…. Those were the good ol’ days (hrrumph)….

And here’s some fresh hickory nut shell and hull detritus. Fast shot so no new material fell on me.

Hickorynut detritus

Two weeks ago (or so), on the 28th, I saw the first few hickorynut husk bits on the sidewalk. Then, the very next day, Sunday the 29th, I heard nut and husk bits falling everywhere and they were abundant on the sidewalks and streets.

Busy squirrels.

And, this holiday weekend, drifts of nut shell and husk shards. As hickories are taxonomic cousins to walnuts, the husk fragments become black and nasty after a few days.

More autumn evidence.

I tried

Of course, I have no idea the scientific name, but I saw this and thought: butterfly weed. It isn’t. It’s butterfly bush. And that makes all the difference.

Learn-something Friday

I had to look this beauty up (as in: trigger my iNaturalist app). I thought surprise lily-ish, but not quite. And it isn’t quite.

It’s a Lycoris species, native to a big swath of Asia, as far west as Iran. One of its nicknames here in the south is hurricane lily, as it blooms during…wait for it: hurricane season.

Happy trend

Sunflower family

Too many huge, scary issues (Afghanistan, Ida, western fires, etc.) in this big world, so I’ll go micro here.

Accidentally dropped my phone on my (bare) foot yesterday afternoon. Don’t do that. Bruised my foot-knucklebone, and it became quite tender. Went to bed with an icepack and managed to sleep okay.

Re-activated stick-assisted walking when I went out this morning…slow pace, something like 23 minute miles vs my usual 17/18 minute miles. But I completed a somewhat shortened version of my (currently) usual loop—yay! And now, over 24 hours after The Phone Drop, and an evening application of ice, my bruise is much, much improved. So: yay and yay!

Botany bits

Didn’t know okra is a perennial. So are tomatoes.

Although they aren’t typically grown that way in these parts.

Is that why they are so good together in the cookpot? 😉

Closeup milieu

Decorated, decorative wall. Turquoise…lichen?

Simple ID: red red red hibiscus.