Bleak night news

Night ginger

I’ve worried about her health for years. Goodbye, Ruth.

Lucky day

Basil seed bud

We managed to time our run to early-vote* to between rain bands. Sally, doncha know. Some rainfall was windy and would have been yucky to venture out in.

Basil bloom droplet

But it stayed wet even so, witness that magnificent droplet on a wee magenta-pink basil blossom.

* Not lucky that we had to vote because John Lewis died, and we need a representative to finish his term.


Fennel seeds

More evidence that autumn is flirting.

I was poking about on the wee old internet for more info on Foeniculum vulgare, as I’m relatively uninformed. It has a “diverse pharmacological spectrum,” and you can find extended rabbit-holes on that chemistry. Not really my thing.

In Spanish, fennel’s common name is hinojo. It’s even better in Italian: finocchio. However, neither is as excellent as Dutch: venkel. There; is that enough? I so enjoy linguistic diversity!

Must. Tend. Basil.

Basil going to seed

I am so not keeping up with my gardening chores.

Avoiding today’s headlines

Zinnia pink

Here’s a distraction…stunning flower. Sorry the insect is out of focus.

Yellow butterfly

This one isn’t! Giant butterfly! (Well, normal sized, just looks large here.) Amazing detail—and that’s an iPhone photo!


Dried fleurs

“Where have all the flowers gone?” Girls may have picked, but they missed this one.

What’s in a name?

Shelf fungi edge

When I was a pre-literate tot and my dad identified these types of ’shrooms to me I heard “shell fungi.” It made sense to me because the tops looked rather like the Shell gas shells.

I felt let down when I found out they were really shelf fungi. Of course, that name makes sense, too.

Title from star-crossed Juliet who may never have seen such fungi by any name.


Steps driveway

I’ve been eyeing this driveway and steps combo for years, watching the concrete degrade and thinking somehow there’s a photo here, but not finding a way to capture it. This comes close.

Big leaves

This is easier to grasp: leaves (almost) the size of a manhole cover! Ehem, sewer access lid…whatever.

Secret lives

Fungi under

I often find insects on my flower photos, and here are three insects: the large one under the cap on the tissue ring on the stem, plus the two darker dots on the cap-top: insects.

Is this a metaphor? For…what?


Colorful flower

Such a colorful flower (bud).


It makes such strange seed pods. Note texture, size, surface (aka total morphology)…little spikey pillows with pointy tongues.

Much more interesting than reading about fomite transmission rates for Covid-19—be much more worried about aerosol rates!