Shapes and colors

Pastel tiedye pumpkin free library

No goblins, no ghouls. Yes…princesses and ninjas. And a tie-dyed pumpkin decorating a nearby free library.

Golden leaflets

Meanwhile, let the local leaf report show a golden glow.

Natural history observations

Walnut complete

In the real world, I saw a convertible with the top down parked beneath this walnut tree. I wonder if it indicates a major lack of knowledge of trees in autumn. Heck, even a super-urban type should have anticipated a seat decorated with leaves.

Fake green cobweb

From the domain of pseudo-natural history, I present a giant green cobweb. Rather pretty in this light, but do not await the glowing spider that may appear during moon-time.

The everyday investigated

Solar footpath light

Solar lights rock.

Flamingoes not pink

And…black and yellow flamingos…are not traditional.


Urban shelf fungus

I found these layers of shelf fungus on several sides of this stump. The breakdown organisms are busy turning the wood into soil.

Shrimp headless

For our special Friday-night dinner, we discovered wild-caught Georgia shrimp on sale. Did a simple sauté—yum. Did not include the shelf fungus in the dish….

No drinks at the new bar

Yellowy lantana

I have no touch bar*; I offer flowers instead. Lantana.

Zinnia orange


* The new round of high-end Apple laptops debuted today, and have a touch bar instead of a row of function keys. It changes depending on what you’re doing and is taptic. Sounds like a step forward to me. I also wonder if the company is meaning that fancy laptops will be the most powerful machines they offer—not desktops….


Eloise not posing

Meet Eloise. She has no interest in posing, just getting a pet.

Blowup cat

This cat, however—all it does is pose…ready to jump! With fangs bared!

Yard light icecream chair

Liked the dramatically backlit ice cream chairs, and that bush over to the left.

Weather notes

Lantana blooms

Forgot to mention that two mornings ago I heard that our overnight low was the coldest it had been since 10 April. Wow! That’s a long span of (roughly) summer!

Redbud leaf late season

This redbud leaf shows that the decay season is arriving. The lantana above is better able to hold its own….

Two (s)cents

White ginger flower cluster

I know I’ve already showed these this fall, but these flowers are lovely to look at and wonderful to sniff. Floral, rich, lush—that kind of scent-iment.

Ginkgo output

Autumn is also the season of ginkgo output. The leaves are…tame, but the fruits are nasty-scented—the better to attract a critter to take them away from the foot of the mom-tree. However, ginkgo reproductive success is not my responsibility.

Soon, F will return and vacuum up more of these odor-bombs; he’s a saint for doing this chore, which the lovely D cannot do as she is allergic to the ginkgo sap. And to think that some Asian folk make jellies and the like from the fruits. Such are the complexities of plant chemistry.

ABG exploration

Kids at sibley feature

We visited the ABG with the lovely B. It was kids Halloween costume day, along with many kid-focused activities, formal and informal.

Fountain focus

It doesn’t take much imagination to figure that many families burned through many pixels.

ABG ponyrides

I’m thinking there are few things more charming than an angel riding a pony.

Whatchu see…

Curtain reflection

This is the second story of what’s essentially a strip mall. I don’t know what’s behind the curtains because there are no signs or words on the windows, and the curtains are never open.

Ponytail grass

This is just a pattern. Mesmerizing almost as much as a flickering fire.