Rocking a look

Clematis white

KW taught me this one; she says she has a brown thumb, but I think the real story is more nuanced.


This is a clematis.

A clematis is not a passion flower.

Seasonal progression

First rhodo

I noticed this “gem” yesterday, but didn’t photo it until today. I didn’t realize the rhodos would already be out! This one’s in a VERY protected spot, so maybe that’s greatly accelerating the timing….

Poison ivy spring fresh

This I was not so happy to find. They say climate change encourages the type of plant we call weeds. They are weeds because they grow where and when we don’t want them. In turn, they are weeds because they have a particular kind of resilience when their living situation…changes….

Spring escape

Rose soft yellow

Out walking this afternoon…strolling along, trying to get the ten mins that the Fitbit algorithm needs to begin awarding me the highest level of activity (as I understand it), and a car with the window down pulls over…fellow says, seen two dogs on the loose? Nope. Keep going.

Ten–twelve minutes later I encounter a woman carrying leashes that have no dogs attached. Sorry, I say, I just told the man in the car, nope, haven’t seen them.

Her, I remembered. For her orange top. I’d seen her with the two dogs (small), at the beginning of my walk. I heard her calling the missing mutts as I continued.


Peony n bee

Cool today, and perfect to test my recovered(?) respiratory system. By afternoon, however, the coughing was back. Doc says, yeah, expect that to go on for maybe another two weeks. Sigh.

Did my soul good to get out and figure out what wave of species are blooming now.

I think I need a peony plant or two. They, along with lavender, happily remind me of my Grandmother….

Fired up for luck

Hell bank note

Skipping the backstory that I felt was compelling, last weekend I impulse bought some lucky money* planning to…well, I forgot. Now it’s THIS weekend, and I’m sending luck to all, especially those who have b-days today….

* Yeah, I know it’s long after Chinese New Year.

OTC bouquet

OTC bouquet

This is my OTC bouquet…prescription meds not shown. I’m better.

Faded glory (not always!)

Pink azalea clusters

Azalea report: the Masters weekend that’s supposed to be “the best,” at least in Augusta, was primo, for the fuchsia azaleas in the front “garden”…including in ATL!

Those azaleas managed to hold on and be quite showy for the our midwestern visitors…at least for their arrival last weekend. Then, there was rain. And by the time they left, the blooms were dowdy and decomposing. (Ugly statement: fact of life.)

So, now we’re one weekend later. And the pink blooms are thrusting forth (or something). Very glorious.

We’ll see how things proceed as we have another week to go before another revered set of Midwestern visitors arrive…and we’d love to have a showy front “garden” to herald their welcome.

Weather report indicates crappy, precipitate-y weather in the coming 24-hrs. Not good for delicate petals.


Lily progression

Lily bloom count

I see that the early blooms need to be excised (put on mental chore-list…). What a performer!

I think the combination of me and the bulb-bowl is somehow jinxed. I don’t think this year’s will bloom, and neither did the first batch. (Can’t be me! haha)

Almost every time

Roasted garlic

I can’t remember when I heard of “negative space.” I was pretty young and it took me a while to figure out its power, but now I think it’s near-revolutionary. Well, maybe that’s too strong—maybe you get my drift.

Cat on stairs

I tried to snap a few cat photos this evening. The cat-sisters get the being-photographed thing. They let you activate the focus, then in the half-heartbeat while the iPhone is preparing to take the photo, they move. They are masters at this timing.

However, very late in our visit, I managed to outwit their “system” and get one in focus. Not much of a photo, but I reveled in my little basically-in-focus-victory!

April showers bring…

Tomato blossoms open

I forgot (well, didn’t try to remember) that the flip side of having even my minimal garden is weeding.