Season’s changing

Daffodil glowing

1. The days are noticeably longer—and the nights are shorter.

2. I practiced shadow-walking for the first time this year (sunshine avoidance—too hot!). This was rather tricky as nothing’s leafed out.

3. I heard sandhills overhead for over two minutes. They were very high, and I couldn’t see them, but I could hear their distinctive calls for long enough to suggest a large flock migrating.

Full measure of rays


No flaw in today’s weather whatsoever.

Might not have been so happy if I had to pick crocus stigmas, such teeeeny little things!

Details of the times

Moon above

Here’s the moon doing its daytime thing. Speaking of daytime, I can tell the days are longer than they were. Loving it.


Outside light

Seems tacky to note that with a half-million Americans dead who were alive a year ago, killed by the Covid, the vaccine distribution is ramping up, and this is a light…(no tunnel illustration, just a light…artsy is sometimes fartsy).


Sunshine without leaves

Crepe myrtle branches

Always glad to see crepe myrtles that haven’t been butchered, with many sunward-bound branches/withes. Quite enjoy the gnarly quality of the limbs.

Don’t know the story of the practice of drastic trimming…but, ouch. [Speaking for the plants.]

Bi-polar not polar

Camillia cold open

We skated through The Time of the Polar Vortex, because we had no polar and no vortex. We had some cold, yeah, but mild cold, not polar cold. Here’s camellia proof; the inner petals will be just fine.

Park views

Lake clara meer

Walked to the Big Park today, and found brilliant sunshine…

Park birds

…and birds. Canadas (left), of course, and Muscovys (right, bathing). In the middle, an anhinga, I think. Didn’t have binocs.

Six springs trail

Tried to take my fav-oh-rite trail: closed. Must be a maintenance problem (perhaps a washout?); can’t be a Covid limitation…. Discarded jacket probably is from volunteer out of frame to left removing invasive species (my guess).

Topical heterogeneity

Post life

Visual reference/joke*. [Also: yes, overcast and grey-gloomy.]

Bison meatballs

Bison meatballs ready for roasting, then adding to pasta sauce. Yum.

VA bicycles stop

I remember going through bicycle dos and don’ts in school, Brownies, 4H, plus from parents. In all: stop completely and put your foot on the ground at stop signs. Old curmudgeonly ways, it seems?

* This is a post, eh?

Blue skies, for a while

Plane sky

That’s a plane down at the bottom, all gleaming in the BRIGHT sunshine! Look at that sky! Clouds rolled in late in the afternoon, and rain will follow overnight, I hear.


This house is one of the odder ones around. I think it’s two houses that share the carport about two-thirds of the way toward the left. On one lot, near as I can tell. An oddity.



I know this is a battered specimen, yet it’s the first hyacinth I’ve found in my neighborhood wanders this year. So, it’s a record-breaker!

I was additionally surprised at my find because the overnight temps dropped below freezing last night, and it stayed cold all day, and will drop further overnight tonight. I know the polar vortex is a nightmare elsewhere, and the comparatively mild cold here lacks parity with the snow and power outages elsewhere.

But. For here: brrrrrrr. As in: wore my Goretex neck gaiter for my ENTIRE walk (first time this winter). And my gloves for all but the last half-mile.

18s and 17s

Droplet under branch

Lately when I walk I follow my natural pace. Sometimes it’s in the 18s and sometimes in the 17s. Lately.

That is, my pace is either 18-something minutes to the mile or 17-something minutes.

Either way, I think it’s a good speed. Note: both are without stops for photography.