Frilly leaves and me

Decorative winter cabbage

My biorhythms were cabbage-y today. At least, that’s my amateur assessment.

I don’t think it has anything to do with tryptophan.

≠ Boxing Day

Slice o pumpkin pie

In honor of Leftover Day, here’s a slice…well, from yesterday, all fresh and yummy. Only a marginal decline overnight, I can report….

Modest contribution

Harvest dishes

We made a contribution to today’s feast, with the focal dishes made by our hosts. In the basket is a bowl of beets, with sweets to the left, and ummmmmmm pies!

I was able to do some careful stacking in the basket, and we transported our loot in one load….

Modestly…it may have been the best piecrust I’ve ever made….

What a great meal, good times, laughs and stories. Thanks, everyone….

No peeking (oops)

Fridge stack

Note the manhattan cherries and guacamole tub, tub of tofu, curated brewskis—you can tell we’re ready for non-seasonal menus.

Our lovely niece is spearheading T-giving dinner (a seasonal thing to be thankful for!!!…not that I would have been unhappy hostessing, but, I’m happy to pass the mantle this year), and I have my trio of assigned dishes (pumper pies, and sweets and beets sides). This is the first step of pie crust underway—the chilling of typically uncooled ingredients…and the food-processor parts. The flour’s in the bowl at the top. The fats are in the fridge (butter) and freezer (shortening).

Pie crust recipe here (yes, weighing is better); Harvard beets here.

Did I say windy?

Predawn ice snow accumulation

We didn’t get no snow, but what we got was icy. And had stopped accumulating before dawn. What a dark dawn it was!

Flowing through leaves

Gutter river leaves

This isn’t exactly what I envisioned, but all day I kept coming back to the idea of the rain run-off migrating through the leaves that the wind blew into the gutter over the last few days for my image-of-the-day. This isn’t exactly it because I thought it would be…dynamic…interesting…arty. Sometimes, zero out of three is whatchu get.

New trick

Cranberries a boilin

My new-trick-in-old-age for this season is cranberry sauce. Useta not like it. Now, just this season, I’m a convert.

Maybe I make it more tart. Maybe my tastes have changed.

Anyway, mark me down as a cranberry sauce fan.

That is, cranberry sauce that’s just some berries, sugar, and water. I’m not tooooo adventurous!

Saturday evidence

Rose petal heart at PiedPk

Hey, if you came upon an abandoned rose-petal heart at the park, you’d want to stretch out in it in the sun, wouldn’t you?

Love you, LadyB!

Don’t you love the photography scenario on the dock in the background? I do….

Compost ahead

Leaves yellowgold carpet

Wind and weather have brought the leaves down in the backyard (garden, in England) over the last twenty-four hours.

Leaves yellowgold CU

Just gorgeous.

Web of life

Spider of autumn

We walked out of the cafe after lunch (mmmmm, catfish and hush puppies), and I spotted this spider…and learned that two of the ladies who I lunched with also liked spiders (in their place).