Sel et poivre

Bird shakers tinted

When we’re ensconced in the orchard, overlooking the lake, we’re in socializing mode. Love it. Sometimes a tad exhausting, although overall I take energy away from each evening/event, and carry it with me into the short-daylength months.

Take them!

Squash to go

Despite the paucity of rainfall, my Michigan squash metrics indicate a bumper crop. Small sample, but still.

Bring on the bees

Squash blossom for real

Over here in the HGFH’s garden, the squash are producing like gangbusters. Guess I’ll figure out how to use a zucchini and a yellow one in tonight’s appetizer. ’Cause they can’t go to waste, ya know!

HGFH = hunter gatherer fisher horticulturalist

Trout = truite

Kitchitikipi oblique trout trout trout

Kitch-iti-kipi, yesterday; those are “lakers,” one nickname I overheard for lake trout. We saw more trout in the spring than I’ve ever seen before. Not sure why. There are no little ones, so I’m guessing these are human-fed….

Lazily taking care of some chores and reading about France. Time to head out into the sunny day!

Hot history

Snail shell harbor cliff gull

Snail Shell Harbor, Fayette—such a poetic name!

In the absence of pressing chores, we headed off to boost the haul of the state park system with our admission fee—and visited Fayette and Kitch-iti-kipi (the Big Spring). We prefer to stroll the streets of this ghost town in bright sunshine—and today we were certainly sun-warmed!

Veggie heaven in August

Bounty dinner UP

Thanks to our wonderful neighbors and the generous bounty of late summer in their well-tended garden, we enjoyed rajas (sautéed pepper strips), sweet corn, French radishes (if I heard correctly)…and some always-loved Bush’s baked beans.

Looking W-ish toward Lk Sup

Birch point sunset and sky

Off-set and low-light. Is that a metaphor for the best of life?

Pre-sunset swim: best-of.

Don’t know the name of the freighter we saw an hour or so before I took this.

Honored? This was a late afternoon brain-dump. Of a sort.

Two dawns

Dawn no swamp

I’m so lucky! I get two dawns today!

Here is the first, just a few minutes ago—no tweaks either from camera or Photoshop—this is the Mother Nature’s version.

I’ll see my second Dawn soon; she brings a smile to my face, too.


Mosque in sun by highway

My husband is my amanuensis.* Every once in a while.

Anyway, we passed this edifice, then he typed some “texts” for me, and voila!, we have a couples’-date for Satiddy-night fun!

* I learned that word from Rex Stout.

Clouds here and there

Morning sky with clouds crepe myrtle

I watched these clouds with quiet enjoyment until I made the turn to head back to the house.

I’m feeling like a five year old these days. I broke the bow of my glasses the other day, just not paying attention.

Broken bow taped CU

Turns out that these fancy high-fashion specs are not easy to get fixed—they have to be returned to an agent of the manufacturer—in CALI! About a one-week turn-around! But my great glasses lady did a terrific temporary fix (shown is my taped fix) with some shrink-wrap miracle material, and I will treat them as…if they’re broken—that is, carefully. Hopefully, I can limp through and get a new pair soon (part of the fall out is a hastily scheduled eye-doc appointment)…blah blah blah.