Simple roast

Mystery autumn flower orange

I heard the white stuff piled up in southern Mich overnight, but here we enjoyed delightful sunshine.

Roasted a boneless pork loin tonight, which I haven’t done in a while. Did a version of a rub with coarse homemade brown-yellow mustard and chopped fresh rosemary, lubricated with a bit of olive oil, plus salt and black pepper, of course.

Need I say: yum.

Weather mis-match

Passion flower autumn white

When I left to walk to the library shortly after lunch, the sky was spitting rain. A quarter of the way there, I thought I was seeing a white tinge to the drops. I soldiered (shouldered?) on, head down.

I got very good news at the library. Not long ago I forgot a library book in a no-name motel somewhere. The desk, when we (meaning the Kind Guru) made inquiries, said they only had a bodice-ripper in the lost-and-found.

Oh, no!

Anyway, since my lost book was a paperback, catalogued as a generic paperback, I can bring in another paperback, and they will take that in exchange for wiping my lending record clean.


Then, I walked out of the library…and the precip stopped within two-dozen steps. And half-way home, the sun tried to come out.*

I’m very lucky. Twice.

* Is this Michigan weather (as in “…wait five minutes”) visiting the Deep South?

Dropping like…pecans

Pecan half in husk on sidewalk

Falling leaves get a lot of press this time of year, but in these parts, we also get a crop of pecans. I don’t know this type, but Texas A&M has quite a listing of cultivars. Pecans are native to the lower Mississippi Valley (in general), and botanically related to the hickory and walnuts.

Speaking of falling things, those white meteorological uniques (archaic use as noun) are predicted for the overnight hours. Any sane person would know that with temps where they are and the ground as warm as it is, those leetle fliers will abandon their frozen state for the watery state at near warp-speed.

Hi-ho, Silver!

Carousel horse in silver

For reasons that are a total mystery to me, Piedmont Park now hosts a carousel. The installation looks temporary, but today we found it…totally empty, unpowered, with leaves freshly drifted around the safety fence.

Such regal horses….

Glowing beneath a grey sky

Camellia autumn bright pink duo

These topsy-turvy southern seasons are presenting stray blooms on camellias and azaleas even though our (somewhat*) killing frost was maybe two weeks ago….

* The Thai basil persists!

Side-light, second floor

Alley late afternoon lateral light

Out for a stroll, avoiding the shopping hubbub, or the merchants’ hope of hubbub, we found the oblique light streaming down the alley, lighting this balcony. Nice.

It’s always something*

Turkey in gorgeous golden tones

It’s not tryptophan. I’m just yawning because….

Um…that’s what I do?

It’s late me-time?


* Happy Gobble-gobble! (With thanks for the phraseological inspiration to KW….)

Goodbye, sun! (temporarily!!)

Flatland sunset ohio maybe

Our home is in a lovely location—but one where sunsets evade us (actually sunrises, too). One advantage of being on the open road late in the day is that we do get to enjoy the sunsets—and this one was particularly prolonged due to the flat topography and superb sky conditions.

Remodeling, redecorating, repurposing

Sparrow room number

Lots of changes at Sparrow Hospital—wifi everywhere (used to be: no cell phones here and there), redecorated hallways in the “old” building, waiting rooms redesigned to include self-service coffee and water (not good for tea drinkers…), new entry hall at street level (but why do we have to stand at counter to register/check-in!—that’s a lot of typing time for a guy with a bum laig)…that kind of thing.

But they can’t fool me. The old cardiac ICU is now the cardiac recovery unit.


And the patient was released about 4 pm, with a bunch of clot removed—but not all. Not a homerun, the Doc put it. We’ll take it; situation is much improved. And on an outpatient basis!

Light, a metaphor?

Dawn light oblique field

This is not a view of Wellshire Farms acreage, but their kielbasa (driven up from ATL) was a hit tonight….

Is this a metaphor for my life today? Something about bright yet oblique light making frost-burned asparagus fronds glow red?