Growth and development

Although it was a bit overcast when I walked this morning, I could see the branches above are far more leafed out. Then I remembered that I’d photographed this branch some days back. So this is today.

And this is the same branches on the 25th, so six days ago. Pure spring green!

Location location…

Love the elegant long filaments and the warm red-orange shades of these flame azaleas…rather similar in morphology (not color) to the showy native azaleas we have in the woods in the mountains north of us. I’m not in the woods, so I’m enjoying the nursery specimens here and there I see in my neighborhood walks.


Had a few plumbers through the house today, even though we don’t have lead pipes (I hope!). Mostly plastic instead. We don’t call them plasticers (plastickers?), though. Anyway, the word is that the flushing mechanisms now are all tip-top.

Bumps ahead?

Several years ago, City Worker-Bees installed asphalt speed-bumps along one of our favorite neighborhood shortcuts. Today we took that route and all the speed-bumps had been ground up and removed, leaving a series of rough shallow depressions instead. We hypothesized that the City Worker-Bees are preparing to repave the street, and, sigh, probably reconstruct the bumps.

Lightweight power

I used our spring REI discount on a lightweight, well-cushioned shoe for my near-daily walks. They look a bit like modernized corrective shoes, but, man-o-man do they feel good for my feet and knees (after two days). [Fingers crossed this continues!]

Words floating by today: Patapsco, prill, torque.

Ecosystem cycling

The rain cleansed…I’m guessing the pollen count will be back up by sunset tomorrow, however.


All hail the azaleas, harbinger of golf in Augusta.

Ankle level

The drama of the red almost took my breath away (strange, archaic phrase, that), but mostly I think I was stunned because of the sun angle.

Light upgrade

This afternoon a beam-let danced on a small area on the tablecloth, and made it seem like hoity-toity old-timey brocade. Sorta.

Flaxen powder

I took a morning walk to beat the rain than came in at noon, then spritzed intermittently since. I assume this pollen “paint” is now in the gutter.