Meteorological variation

White rose

Seems to me that yesterday the American modelers predicted routes for Dorian that came up the Florida peninsula, while the European ones predicted routes parallel to the coast to the east, over water. Today, all were predicting the latter. As I recall there was a big storm last year with a similar divergence, and after a bit, the American models echoed the European ones. So, the American modelers need to reconfigure their variables/algorithms, no?…but maybe they don’t know what they’re messing up.

Story gems

Gate light

I confused a passing runner as I got out of his way and stopped, so I could return to take this photo. But he was long gone by that time and didn’t know my maneuver was mostly to take a photo and not because he’d surprised me. [There’s a short story in this.]

White delicate flowers

There’ve been plant photos, but no flower pictures since the 17th. I’d say it’s time. [Not really a story.]

Hobo bath activity area

Proposed story moment: interrupted hobo bath. Cleaning on two fronts—water fountain and chemical—both in a limited way.

Please stand by

Textile blue

Probably should have used this yesterday with my discussion about textiles. Only this is with cotton or something mimicking cotton.

Almost COLD this morning. Almost autumnal. Yay!

Haven’t heard a prediction on this, but I’m assuming we’ll get some rain here in Big-A-town from the spinning bands generated by the coming storm…Monday? Tuesday?

Rolling or sedentary stone?

Mossy wall

Reading about ancient plant fiber technology…what solution was used to make fiber “longer.” Do you splice or use a kind of spinning to hold the new piece in place (if I have it right)? A recent study shows that across a big swath of the eastern Mediterranean, for generations most fiber workers (probably women) used splicing earlier and longer than previously believed. What’s most interesting to me is that this was widely used for a very long time…and across a wide area…without change. Why? Why do it the same way your grandmother and here grandmother did? Why no innovation? This duration issue arises in other places with other materials, techniques, and technologies. We generally think of humans as innovators, but archaeology shows repeated examples of continuity for dozens of generations and across huge areas, even when populations are low. Love mysteries like this!

Happy plants

Someones driveway marker

It’s rather like the rainy season arrived today. Rain in the wee hours, then periodically during light-time. I got out early and it was cool (for here, for now, for lately), but geeze the air was full of wateriness.

MEANWHILE, we watch that tropical storm down in the Caribbean and see what spaghetti-thread it follows….


Plume grass

Always, these plumes catch my eye. [Always means most of the time, yah?]

Leaf roof

Spotted this leaf on the roof. An hour later: gone. Two hours later: rain. Today’s progression….

Speaking of rain, I needed some basil, and just like last time, I was out just when it was raining. And it hasn’t rained much in the last few weeks.

Incubation variants

Berry kombucha

In sedentary activities, we’re currently working our way through “Lodge 49” starring Goldie and Kurt’s son Wyatt. He looks rather like his dad as a blonde.

Almost day

Mtn flag

Today was an almost day. As in: I almost went for a walk; this is almost a flag; the photo was almost taken today (it’s from our mountain snorkeling adventure); and, we almost had a Buddha bowl dinner.

And that’s enough almosts.


Dawn glow

Glow before full sun.

Sunlit stop

Effect of full sun.

Aix rose

This brought happy memories.

Pool boy wine

This brought none…because: no pool. Heh. Reasonably clever name, though.


Gate light

This image makes it seem like I was out while it was still dark. Or only a bit light out. You decide; it was 7:19am.

My fitness device (FD) is dying. It can no longer properly record an “activity,” that is, an exercise session. Lasted almost 14 months. Thinking about getting an Oura. Or going FD-nekkid.