But with flash

Azalea pink orange flash round two 2012

I know, I’m repeating myself.

Global warming?

Azalea solo white 2012 round two

The azaleas are ba-a-ack.

One Farmall, three John Deere*

Chinese southern belle at Inman parade

…and a Chinese Southern Belle. You only need one.

Need you ask? Inman Park Festival parade….

Best gnome line (out of many): Gnomeland Security (as in: “Stand back—for your own safety!”).

* One with a small plaque dating it to 1938. All four machines were shiny and exhibition-ready. No manure scent.

See the bee?

Nopal cactus bloom in yellow

Bot garden, last weekend.

All day Wednesday, I kept thinking it was Friday. All day today, I knew it was Friday.

For whatever it’s worth.

Good thing there were two pies

Lime pie temporary remnant

For a while, this much pie was left. The second round remedied that.

One is not enough

Greensnake on the run

Just to make sure my cardiac situation remains robust…another snake. For my corner-of-the-eye visuals.

Thanks again, F&D for porch-time. Not quite so much for the snake(s)….

Birds away!

Neighborhood watch in yellow

Our neighbors have instituted a program to check my heart health whenever I leave the house, and sometimes when I return.

The inside scoop I heard was that a kindly looking robin accompanied D as she planted this bed, which she thought nice companionability from the animal world until she discovered that the robin was uprooting each specimen she had carefully planted as soon as her back was turned—if not before.

Very tall metal maize

Maize gate against sky

Special exhibit of arty gates over at the BotGarden. Crows flank the maize stalks, sitting on the gateposts. I liked the brushy tassels best, I think.

I want heels like that (kidding!)

Flamenco in piedpk dogwood fest

The wind blew us Mary Poppins-like to PiedPk, where we irregularly looped through the Dogwood Festival. We especially enjoyed these flamenco dancers who were pounding the boards (resoundingly) above Lake Clara Meer.

Color contrasts

Late lily orange yellow

Walking leads to…stationary…visuals.