Sky light

Sunset sky over a roof

Sometimes, I find reality between the cracks of MaNachur’s displays. From our domestic location, both sunrise and sunset require special effort to see. I felt like I was in a below-the-roof room in a European B&B when I spotted this vision of the dusk sky (instead of my upstairs bath).

Body detail

Bumper raindrops

After the better part of two weeks of prime-time—and more—news events, I did manage to get up early enough to see oblique morning light catching residual raindrops on the bumper of our…sedan. It’s the front bumper, and plasticatious, so I also see miscellaneous pitting and other road damage. Hmmm; maybe I shouldn’t have looked so closely…and stuck to perusing the dramatic, wee shadow-peaks.

Crape/crepe blooms

Crape myrtle

Plants called myrtle are generally evergreens; however, the crape myrtle is not. And it is not always crape; sometimes it is crepe. Lest you think that common names are the hotbed of nomenclatural disagreement, let me warn you that scientific taxonomists are almost as…scrappy. Then, there’s the issue of the natural trend to compile data as time continues.

Anyway, we are amidst the long season when the crape myrtles bloom. In our near-daily afternoon rain storms, some blooms…detach, then breezes cluster them in corners. This is the special JCB shady parking spot at our neighborhood TJs; I got that space today (yippee!) without the Guru even being in the vehicle! Usually I do not have such luck.

Urban edibles

Oregano blooms

I didn’t get the oregano buds cut off, so they are blooming and trying to attract pollinators.

Fennel seeds

The fennel, on the other hand, has moved past the blooming stage, and is curing its seeds.

Color & B/W

India block print

I was in a mood the other day, and ordered two sets of cloth dinner napkins for everyday use. This is a block print (I think) from India. Brilliant colors. Maybe it’ll distract diners from a ho-hum meal?

Shower light

This isn’t exactly B&W; close, though. Light in the shower.

Of knurled knobs and ocular health

Knurled knobs and more

My temporary carefully engineered friends—a knurled knob with a light-up dial…

Horizontal knob

And here’s an unlit horizontal dial.

Not sure exactly what the second machine is for…it wasn’t used on me, just kept me company in a darkened room.

We also voted! Wooo-hooo, a run-off election!—our opportunity to break four near-ties on a hot July day….

Did you guess I got my eyes dilated in a medical situation? I’m still a bit “big-eyed.”

FanMan II

New white fan

FanMan struck here, too! Perfect when temps get up to the mid-90s day after day. Yes, we are first-world people and have AC, but humid 96 is…whew. Moving forward with a bit of redecorating…stay tuned for tomorrow….

Small victory #3865119

Pasta spinach garbanzos

I get a little charge of excitement when I discover that what I have in the pantry and leftovers can be combined into a tasty (vs lame) menu, without additional shopping.


Ginger blossom

Yes, a ginger blossom cluster…. I’m feeling the ginger, with a new, shorter haircut—shorter in my terms, not by salon standards.

A win

IMG 0868

Experimented. Maybe I’ve done this before, but it was aeons ago. The GrillMeisterSupreme™ did the heat portion of the operation (also veggies), then we all fell on the spread. Yum.