Pumping, continued

Busy at That Corner. I count an even dozen of workers, and several more are outside the frame.

And here’s the Second Pump, wrapped to repulse ice? That’s my guess. Here the crowd is orange cones.

What’s my line?

I had an out-of-focus photo of a ho-hum dan-dee-lion, and the Guru gave me this pretty, which is a FAR better choice for presentation.

Besides, I am distracted trying to learn about microglia, as I happened upon two rather different articles about them. As I pondered what I could fathom from them, I concluded that their function is super important, but what I didn’t get was the proper care and feeding of microglia.

Title doesn’t quite fit. Humor me.


Even before the sun came up, when I awakened, I knew the bedroom was over-lit, as in, there was more light than usual because it was reflected off white stuff that hadn’t been there when I went to bed.

However, by afternoon, the remnants survived only in deep shade. And our front walk is a bit icy, yet our mail-person delivered without a pause. Yay!

A mystery (again)

Update on the Green Pump Corner: they’ve moved the pump aside to excavate a giant rectangular hole.

And down the side street is another Green Pump. And a truck with a large tank arriving to…take liquid away? Bring in new liquid?

Oh, and my weather prediction fact yesterday was wrong, false, incorrect: the 20° overnights begin tonight, that is: Saturday, Sunday, and Monday mornings—big brrrrr!

That’s a brrrrrr

I think of these palmettos (right?) as denizens of a more tropical locale than here in the ATL. Clearly, that’s my ignorance showing. As I photographed, I silently warned the plant to beware of impending weather, as the next three overnight lows are to be in the 20s here.

Old new friend

Today was the fourth consecutive day that I managed to attain a split (mile) at faster than 18 minutes. That’s a good pace for my recovering lower limbs.

Given that I was feeling good when I left the house, I went a different direction than I have been going this month, and once again checked out the Beside-the-BeltLine apartment complex that’s under construction. The floor decking is down, and the rebar is poking up, just as it does across much of the concrete-using third-world. The best, however, is the row of pickups servicing their workmen and the worksite.

Ad shoot

Indeed, I found the shoot I saw the sign for yesterday, with no talent in view, and only security watching me passing by. I could tell which house they were using, as there was a table of snacks on the front porch. Farther along, I came upon the crew parking. I thought it was wise to not clog the streets with many vehicles and their diverse political bumperstickers.


Here’s one of those mini-driveway bridges I mentioned on Friday, all hooked up. It’s an odd, specific contraption.

In other neighborhood news, someone’s shooting a new state lottery commercial. Tomorrow.

Title refers to a new mini-addiction: watching Le Meilleur Pâtissier. In French, no subtitles. A challenge. I did know what beurre noisette means and how to make it; yay!

No repeat

Trying to cut back on meat. This tofu baked with BBQ sauce was ho-hum, but passable.


Yesterday I saw a trickle of fluorescent green ooze here. today, there’s a broad area of disturbance covered by plywood. And many more orange cones standing sentinel.