High-altitude succulent?

Exposition planter w succulent

Surviving planter from Exposition days over a century ago (e.g., 1887 and 1895), now in Piedmont Park…. Replanted….

I made a huge pot of chili for the Friday night meal of the “retreat” I’m attending Fri/Sat. Not the way I usually make it because it needs “universal” appeal, and pretty darned tasty. Looking forward to it. More than I’m looking forward to bunking in small-dorm housing at a Girl Scout camp (a budget “retreat,” doncha know…).

Not so clear

Medallion on bridge

Strange medallion decoration on the bridge crossing Clear Creek at the south end of Orme Park. The other day. When it was sunny.

No sunshine today; overcast became rain, then wind (shudder). A tornado messed up Adairsville, about 40 miles down I-75 from Ringgold, which got hit in April of last year. Temps are dropping from about 70°F this morning (weird) to a low of 35°F predicted overnight….

Mark yer calendar

Iris white already in Jan

Over by Piedmont Park this afternoon, I found this “regular,” “front-yard” iris, blooming by itself. No greenhouse. No special protection.

Bud and skyline

Japanese magnolia bud against cityscape

I repeated some of yesterday’s route, making the rhino my turning point. One of the Japanese magnolias planted in the last year along the new Beltline walkway is starting to bloom.

Eye of the…rhino

N white rhino statue eye from front

David Landis’s Northern White Rhino statue (33.76414,-84.35958).

We converted the stroll we set off on into a 6-mile-plus walk, albeit at a not-hectic pace. We trekked down the Eastside section of the Beltline, the whole part that’s now open, plus another bit to the south, all the way to the EW rail line east of downtown.

Light in the sky

Winter sky oaks cloud layers

The brightness is only slightly distorted by the camera, here; nice effect, though!

Midafternoon we had cloud layers, which mostly dispersed within an hour or so. Still, the tree silhouettes almost took my breath away.

So far, we’re lucky

Beltline to be N in PiedPk

Eastside trail of the BeltLine under development—rails long gone, but new surface not yet installed…. View to north from Park Drive bridge.

Despite predictions of freezing rain, I walked the park, and even saw maybe 30 seconds total of sunshine, in two reveals—enough sun to make shadows. Heartening.

Adventures in the greater neighborhood

Beltline in winter afternoon light bridge

The Beltline along the abandoned RR by Piedmont Park, glorious in the winter sunshine today….

Date night here in ATL. We took a generous gift card over to Rathbun’s, one of the premier “fancy” places here in town, and enjoyed a lovely meal. With valet parking—soooo Downton.


I’ve been wandering lately (aka procrastination)—via satellite views on GoogleMaps. I found the Costa Concordia on its side next to the Isola del Giglio….

Isola del Giglio Concordia on side

And I found a grey-face? Maybe? Is this an intentional distortion? An artifact of shadows?

DelMarVa W face

This is on a partly destroyed cold war missile installation inland on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, called Tolchester. Still find the face mystifying.


Bison meatloaf after too hot oven

Tonight’s bison meatloaf fresh out of the too-hot oven. I’m still tweaking the recipe, although you can check it out here.

Cold snap last night, and windy/cold today. What does it mean that I spotted a rare-in-ATL Alaska license plate early this afternoon? Additionally, does it mean anything that it was on a 4-door Audi? For extra credit, does it mean anything that this is AutoWeek* in Detroit?

* Okay, technically, it’s the North American International Auto Show….