Red pretties

Nandina berries

Nandina: berries are toxic (to cats, not birds); plants are invasive herebouts.

I’ve been trying to get a shot of these nandina berries with close to the true color. This is the best yet. I promise not to burden you with more shots if I attempt to further approach perfection (kidding; about the latter not the former).

Greenspan-ish green

Bulb emergence

Here’s a winter botanical experiment…although data suggest that I am in the process of creating another bowl of rotting bulbs rather than a bunch of sweet-smelling blooms. Yeah, I know they’re greening, but rooting isn’t really happening (very much at all). Sooooo, my worry is that they will fizzle….

The exuberance of that thin, long shoot…empowers me…; however, I think its lack of substance is the important factor…it’s just a bit of…exuberance.

Shopping moment

Blueberries big

Here’s what I think: I think I stood in the fruit section looking at an attractive display, and so I grabbed a crystal-clear clamshell of blueberries. It wasn’t the cost (no deal to be had); it wasn’t that I believed they’ed taste good (did I?)…it must have been that my thoughts got overwhelmed with a “summer” impulse, and that overwhelmed rational thought….

They don’t taste that good.

Precip trio (momentarily)

Sleet accumulation

This was the height of accumulation in this neighborhood (much like yesterday)…temps too warm for more, even in the late afternoon. This came from moments when there was sleet, snow, and rain, all together.

Now, north of the core metro area, they’re getting white stuff and freezing and yucky conditions. Here, the rain is reducing all to moisture. We’ll see what it’s like after midnight….

I heard that yesterday there was freezing fog (!!) in the metro, but I missed seeing that; I saw just the fog.

Right temp

Icy precip CU

For a while this morning, we had white-icy accumulation at the same time it was drippy-raining. The temp allowed the rain to survive as wet, and the icy to remain frozen.

Tomorrow afternoon, we’re to expect the full-blown white stuff.

Reminder to self: Mid-day run to the “sto” before the weather turns….


The fall GA

We got caught up with “Fortitude” (season hasn’t finished airing) and switched to “The Fall.”

Indoor low-energy activities are especially attractive to me as I’m beginning to get over a slow-moving bad head code.

Actor’s run

Fortitude beauty shot

Our latest addition to Netflix selections in rotation is the series “Fortitude,” shot in eastern Iceland. I hope this preference does not indicate some deep-seated desire for wintery weather. Maybe it’s just for Stanley Tucci? I first remember noticing him in the series “Murder One” (first aired 1995).

You thought that with that title this entry would be about the Academy Awards ceremony, right?


Essence of peaches

Wooden box at Fort Jackson yesterday.

I am not sure what was in the “Essence of Peaches” tins; was it peach puree? whole peach chunks? the equivalent of what we call peach nectar today?

Drum at fort jackson

Recommend the show at Fort Jackson, next time you’re in Savannah. The sign of US80 says “Cannon Firings!!!” Pay attention to the three exclamation points…it’s our theory that that’s the major clue…. Our fellow in blue (reenactor) was FAN-tastic, and got all of us “volunteers” to march and otherwise participate. Sooooooo fun.

Too early for hard stuff

Panamas orca1 container ship

What better way to recover from a five-mile stroll around town (with lots of stops) in the cold, than hot tea at a rooftop bar in mid-afternoon.*

* Bonus: the teenagers were back at the room watching “Bones.” And, yes, tea-time….