Last of November

Sometime in the night, we woke up to realize that the power was out, I think because the smoke detector blipped. [The outage only lasted about two minutes, I was able to determine by looking at the stove clock much later.] I soon fell back asleep and sometime before I awakened and got up and headed for the coffee-maker, I had a dream that I remember little about except that I was standing on a sand beach next to Lake Superior. This beach is at the mouth of the Au Train River, last May. Look at that sky!


Watching the high early-voting counts and hoping…that some of the inaction in Washington is blocked. Don’t understand how people re-elect people to represent them who so frequently act against their personal best wishes.

In other news, a conviction on seditious conspiracy for not-going-to-include-his-name on his 6Jan behavior. Three days of deliberation. Those jurors get extra points.

We voted

We did our civic duty, and stood in line to early-vote. Along with many neighbors. Not all regular voting locations are open, and voters can go to any open location. This is a calculated strategy to make it more difficult to early-vote by bunching up those who elect to early vote. This strategy was crafted by anti-civic A_holes elected by not-me.

Despite the difficulties, I understand that early voting numbers are very high. Yay!

Our location is easy to get to from the city’s business district, and it is often shown on the news, including national and international stories.

We ended up discovering that we had a common friend with the fellow in line behind us…voting is a way to meet a neighbor, it turns out. After all, we were in line for 110 minutes until we cast our ballot.

Hat trick

Hat; no trick. However, it does make a still life. No life; yet still. This is a philosophical or logistical…whatever. Stay tuned.

Fire lights

We’re lit up for the Next Holiday, depending on what holidays you follow.

0–0; turkey tie

Attended a wee family brunch today, lots of laughs and good times, and even watching some of the England–USA game with the sound off. We had additional entertainment from Madame Grey-with-white-whiskers.

Gymnastics experiment

The term is spatchcocking. I think of it as turkey gymnastics.

I’ve never spatchcocked a bird before. Today was the day. Indeed, the dark and white meat areas roasted at about the same rate. Huge victory.

However…however, next time I’ll probably roast a turkey in parts. It’s an easier prep, I think.

Hue and cry?

I always forget how saturated and red-red cranberry sauce is, until I get it finished. If I were to pick a color I’d call “cranberry red,” I don’t think it would be quite this. Maybe a bit less yellow?

This is the old-fashioned basic recipe—just berries, white sugar, and water; however, it’s far less sugar and less water, so that it’s tart and dense. Mmmmm.


I had nothing to say.

Maybe not nothing, but nothing “of general interest*.”

Hence, I selected a photo, but never posted (on time).

*At least, that’s the phrase as I remember it from “Cheaper by the Dozen”—the book, the original.

Light hypothesis

I just checked, and we’re one month away from the shortest day of the year, also known as the longest night of the year.

I’m guessing that I’m drawn to the light recently because the day-length reduction is so obvious these days.