Backlighting rocks

ABG trail curve backlit

Over at the Bot Garden, we enjoyed the natural autumnal delights like the dried, spent plants, overlooking and ignoring the…uh-hem…fancy lights, which, let’s face it, don’t look good in daylight. We’ve heard they’re…stately?…after dark, but I’m not so sure I’d like them….

Philosophical consideration

Still life on marble

If this is a still-life shot, does it mean there’s still life after Turkey-day leftovers?

Flaky crust…and…

Pecan pie CU

Pecan pie is similar to candy in a crust, yet, sheeze’o, I’m still loving the tiny slivers I allow myself.

Complex (kitchen) systems


Our cleanup crew (thanks, everyone—I was part of the production crew) processed the volume of plates, glassware, pots, and more that you’d expect a dinner for eleven to produce. The dish-drainer was filled and emptied numerous times. The glassware must be the least-preferred type of dirties, and were the last processed, awaiting me when I came down to fire up the coffee pot.

I had coffee with leftover pie. Tough life!

Weasel in the attic

My turkey plate

One of those conversation quirks that happen in larger groups brought us that phrase…still makes me smile.

Weasel as opposed to…rats, I think. Setting: Germany, present-day. Further details…unimportant. Just remember: weasel in the attic.

Neighbors and neighborhood

Off season violets

As to neighbors, D alerted us to step out the back door and listen and look skyward—Sandhill Cranes were passing overhead, announcing their presence.

As to neighborhood, we stopped at “our” hardware store for the Guru to collect some necessities, and I cruised the plant section. I didn’t expect to find flowers—yet here they are!

In the neighborhood

Cop car whole foods

Guess even cops want to get the good stuff for their holiday feasting (see the WF sign back there?).

Also noticed: white masking-like tape was holding the plastic frame around the left front headlight….

Fruits of the Near East (#6)


I cannot remember the first time I ate pomegranate seeds. I certainly read about the fruit long before I saw it, and more references were of the tree than the fruit. I like the sweet-sour-ish taste very much, although I’m still a novice at the seed-pulp separation process.


Floor rug sun

Would have loved to see this sunshine today, but it was rainy all day. Such is winter here in this part of the piedmont (literally, foothills, from the Italian). The wind missed us, but it’s messy south of ATL—trees down, power outages.

Day of the GAA

Sunflower bouquet

The beautiful part of the day was the arrival of these sunflowers….

However, the strange part of the day was the GAA—the Great Anole Adventure. You see, we had a visitor, a bright green anole. I would have tolerated him/her longer…on the bathroom floor, but then I found her/him on the (kitchen) counter. Quite the athlete. Hmmm.

Not sure where she/he came from…but, hmm, we didn’t want her/him to…stay the winter with us…. So, there was a gentle capture that didn’t work, then a gentle capture that was a little more rigorous, and the anole is back outdoors.

End of story.