Fruits of the Near East (#6)


I cannot remember the first time I ate pomegranate seeds. I certainly read about the fruit long before I saw it, and more references were of the tree than the fruit. I like the sweet-sour-ish taste very much, although I’m still a novice at the seed-pulp separation process.


  1. Pooh says:

    I prepped two yesterday for t-day, and put a small handful on my cereal for breakfast today. I don’t need two, but I was on a roll. Sometimes you get one where a lot of the seeds are way past prime, so I buy two.

    I find seeding pomegranates is a meditative activity when done ahead of time, and stressful when rushed. I haven’t looked at the videos about how to do it quickly. Yesterday, I started one from the flower end, shown above, and one from the bottom. I couldn’t see that one was any easier. I use a small bird beak knife, and my fingers.

  2. Sammy says:

    The fast way, I’ve read, is to score the peel with a knife, so you have “slices” like orange sections (maybe six), but just cut the peel and let it separate among the seeds as you pull the sections apart. Then hold peel side up over a bowl and thwack the peel with a wooden spoon to release the seeds below. Probably sounds easier than it is.

    I agree, it’s meditative like taking the skins off garbanzos before making hummus.

  3. says:

    My trick is cutting as Sammy says but then soaking completely in water for a long time. Still takes awhile but comes off easier. Ditto about meditative if not rushed but stressful when you are

  4. Sammy says:

    I’m giving the peel-scoring technique a try….