Anniversary Boxing Day

Prosecco pair flutes

In the shadow of yesterday’s celebration…

Lion king snowdude

…we returned to routine. Repeating our route, we found a carrot-nosed snow-dude (created after yesterday’s walk) surviving Mr Sun’s best efforts. Wearing a lion-hat…?

Food holiday = luv

Table n candles

Lotta thanks given by people gathering at table on this holiday…here and elsewhere

Dinner rolls

Our menu included nephew#2’s first dinner rolls. Only three left after eleven chowed down.

Pie duo

The highlight: dessert, of course. Apple pie we made, and pumpkin from a renowned neighborhood bakery. Both excellent. And that metal cylinder: whipped cream power shooter.

Lovely time, beautiful day (especially after the rain quit), yummy everything, great company. 🥂💖🍷

Flavored meringue: yummy, but…

Family dog sign

We went to the bakery/deli next door to this sign and the bar it advertises looking for an apple pie. Think it’s a good name for a bar…with the tag line.

Meringue apple pie

They were out of the standard version, so we got this one, with meringue flavored with caramel and sea salt. Interesting, we agreed after tasting it. Interesting, as in not likely to get it again…too much flavor, perhaps, competing with the appleness, although the flavored meringue was tasty, really. See? Not truly unhappy, just…well, the typical upper crust, lattice, or streusel would have been superior.

Sunday oooot/a-boooot

Youth GA

We wandered across the piedmont in glorious sunshine headed for Athens. Our route took us through the four-corners called Youth. The Guru asked where the fountain shop (shoppe?) was. I wondered if it was down by the lake that you may be able to make out to the right of the yield sign.

Sunset sky tracks rose

By sunset we were trackside, enjoying great company, yummy BBQ and smoked cauliflower (never had it before; tais-tee!).

Also note rose in lower left; by the time we left, it was mostly closed for the night. I don’t think it altered its pace due to today’s time change.

Mundane adventures

Park view

We started the day with a chore list, mostly household “business”…but also an outside walk. We went to the Park! And walked around the (big lobe of) the lake! We examined the leaves beginning to change, exclaimed at the population of geese and ducks napping/paddling/feeding, watched a father and two young sons fishing, and discovered that the drinking fountains are already turned off.

Brussels stocks

We also needed a few grocs, and my quick tour of TJs showed that the T-giving items are mostly already stocked…several versions of stuffing, pumpkin flavored this and that, spiral-sliced hams, and…Brussels sprouts on stalks.

And…I cracked 5K on the crutch-steps! Yay!


White birch duo

Almost all morning, we had overcast, then the sun broke out for the afternoon. Many leaves still on the trees (for this late in October), and I quite enjoyed this double white birch, sporting mixed golden and green leaves.

Ripe puffball

In the grass underneath I found a white, unripe puffball, and right in the path this ripe one leaking spores—that black smudge toward the upper right.

One time when I was a kid, my dad harvested a perfect-for-eating puffball from up by the garage, probably an ancestor of one I saw today. It was about the size of a volleyball, and Mom sliced it about ½in thick, and one slice filled an iron skillet. As I recall, it tasted mushroomy, just basic fungi-flavor.

John Deere sample

Harvest in ohio

It’s harvest time in America’s breadbasket, and we saw it playing out over and over on this fine fall day. We saw dozens of tractors and harvesters busy recovering maize and soybeans, dumping them into hauling vehicles, and many trucks motoring here and there with purpose hauling the harvest from field to…the next stop. I tried to capture the field-transfer from a fast-moving car, and I should have used the burst feature…as a result of my duh!, here’s half a truck and no falling column of golden food-nodules.

Harvestor ohio

Look at the size of the giant tractors! Note how clean the tires are…you can tell the fields are dry and the weather is perfect…. We weren’t out after dark, but I bet many of the harvest crews were…using fancy light bars like this machine sports.

Adventures outside the house


We got out…destination: IKEA. For several reasons. Mine was partly that the floor is pretty darned flat and good for me to practice crutching correctly…form over function, lead with the bad foot, leg straight, then transfer weight to hands so as not to overweight the bum foot.

I did a whole floor of the IKEA maze—yay! For the lower floor, the Guru wheelchaired me about. Note that Fitbit gave me a mere 300 steps…on CRUTCHES…for A WHOLE FLOOR of a good-sized IKEA. [Exhale. Pause. Repeat. Sigh…better now.]


Afterwards, we were famished and the Guru motored us over to our favorite pizza place…yum! And, yes, all three of us took pizza pictures before diving in. Sometimes with a sprinkle of red pepper flakes.

In short, so so so good to get out!


Treats duo

My sweetie brought me treats from the bakery. Fruited cheesecake and a chocolate cake/vanilla mousse(?) layered tower.

Hot n cold

Taos coffee shop decoration 12 2016

I reached into the archives for this, from a coffee shop in Taos just before Xmas, 2016. And, yes, there was snow on the ground outside.

These days, I enjoy my hot coffee in the mornings, and a few bites of cold dairy product in the evening. Those are my treats (food treats).