Didn’t buy


Haven’t seen pomelos for a while; their size always surprises me. We used to buy them in Oaxaca. The pith is thick; the flesh is like grapefruit—and it’s a grapefruit ancestor. TMI?

Marmite memory

For no reason I can fathom, this afternoon I was thinking about this meal, a fabulous (understatement) fish stew called Marmite du Pêcheur. It’s a specialty at harbor-side restaurants of Marseille, and is traditionally served with a side of mustard (in shadow, foreground), shreds of hard cheese, and little rounds of bread to help sop up the liquid. I don’t remember what the beverage was, other than it had lots of mint (far right).

I don’t usually have graphic food memories years later, and all I can figure is that it’s an artifact of this crud I’ve had for the last three days…a sore-throat cold. I guess I could have fessed up to the crud in yesterday’s bug report.

By the way, we had the lovely luncheon on 26 February 2018, so almost exactly six years ago.

Kitchen inhalations

Redolent with cloves, ginger, cinnamon, and allspice, that is. Mmmm.


Hmm. Got any rum?

Nope. Bourbon.

That’ll do!

Not perm curls

The household part-time hunter-gather brought in steaming hot pizzas for us this evening [not plucked from a pizza tree!]. While he was out I grated these parm curls for…accessorizing?!

This was one of those funny-weather days when the temp dropped steadily all day—seems like it’s against nature. I hear we’re under or suffering an atmospheric river….

Coming events

We went to the park to stroll in the lovely sunshine, and discovered preparations underway to host a music-fest over the weekend. We saw many food trailers and whole zones of porta-potties, and two stages being assembled. This is the north one.

This was the main ingredient in the pile behind the mini-donut truck. Note that the open kettle recipe requires more water than automatic equipment. I cannot figure out why.

Ethnic cuisine confusion

Burrata beet

Turkish? Not sure, guessing the beets are, or possibly are, while the burrata is definitely Italian, although it may have a Turkish equivalent? Still, the dish came from a Turkish restaurant, or a place that claims it’s a Turkish restaurant.

No doubt, the confusion is all mine.

OTOH, totally yummy.

Two times yum

The pattern of this frond enthralled me.

We did the kind of food shopping that’s not available in the UP, and made salmon and veg. The salmon is dressed with ginger, orange and lime zest, plus black pepper.

Variety all day

We arose to dense fog. By the time we came across these wind turbines, just the up-tips were obscured.

Part of our route was along the present interstate incarnation of Route 66, and we found lovely displays in a rest area that included many metal logos.

The crowning event was socializing with a bride and groom and their loved ones at a pre-wedding barbecue at a brewery. Great combination! The B&G are both scientists, geneticists in fact. Perfect cupcake decoration, ¿no?

These three images are just a sample of the variety in our interesting experiences this day.

Assorted recharging

On the road recharging—watch, phone, us (fabulous garden carrot amuse-bouche; “bar” entrée).