Basil burgeons

Basil overgrown

Inattention suited the basil lately. The tall Genovese bush is thigh high; the Thai cultivar is to the right with the purplish flower spikes.

Basil picked

I picked a good pile of the Thai basil…

Thai curry bowl

…and, with cilantro leaves, it made a terrific garnish for our Thai curry tofu. High protein version today with added edamame, peas. I think the rice has a bit of protein, too. I recently read that aging people need more protein.

Protein: check. And yummy, too!

Name dropping

Indiana Harbor

That freighter: Indiana Harbor. I assume it’s a real place. The strange-shaped vessel behind it is working on the disputed pipeline that crosses the straits. I think the white cone is part of the pipeline project.


Sparty. BMOC. You know which C.

Old Forestry bldg

Old Forestry building, now called Chittenden Hall. Mom’s office was on the second floor.

Irish nachos

Irish nachos. Totally decadent. Happily shared with almost-birthday guy, DeeMickGee.

Pesto night

Basil ready

The basil was READY. 🌱 I scissored ✂️ it back, snip ✂︎ snip. I didn’t worry about shaping 🌳 the plant (hah), just removed all the flowering spikes and their leaves, and the almost-ready-to-flower spikes. This process captured enough for a pesto pasta with perhaps twice the pesto that might normally be used. Rich! 🌈 Lucky! 🍀

Producto local

Producto local basil

“Producto local” in Spanish means what you might guess in English. The basil is from our front yard/garden plants, and the pesto I made from these leaves was superb (and tasteeeee!).

Producto local peaches

These are Georgia peaches, albeit from the groc-store and not our property. We are so lucky to have the final droplets of last year’s maple syrup from our neighbors’ in northern Michigan (no-Mich?) to add to the peaches, and a new 2019 ration to turn to when those droplets are consumed.

We are living large, and very lucky.


Tigre pantera

While out for my walk, I made a new friend: hello, tigre-pantera! This one loved a head scratch and pet.

Cruise ship saturday

We saw a few cruise ships passing yesterday, perhaps three, and almost half-dozen today…bound for Alaska, we’re told, and regulars along this route on Fridays/Saturdays.

Umbrella deck view

We spent some time today prepping for the grad party, and finished our chores ahead of schedule…so opened a bottle of wine and sipped our way through some white pinot while enjoying the sun-warmed deck from the shade.

Icecream cake cut

Dessert, of course, was the high-point of the menu…a pair of surgeon-made and surgeon-dissected ice cream cakes…about one and a half consumed before everyone was too full to eat another bite…which means there’s half in the freezer awaiting tomorrow’s coffee hour. Yay!

Long summer for the HS graduate, as he moves into the dorm to begin college life in late September (surprise: quarter system!). I hear the job search will begin Tues…after the last after-graduation event.

Odds, ends

Redbud leaves droplets

Little bit of precipitation last night…wowzer, these (redbud) leaves look mid- to late-summer.

Tumbling bus

I don’t think this means the bus tumbles. I hope.

Containers curbside

We missed Summerfest in the neighborhood this weekend. Not sure what these are but my guess is they were to catch wastewater (like from sinks in food trucks).

Home basil pesto

First big basil harvest here in the ATL. Also have Thai basil for some Thai curry—wonderful eats this week!

Of course: super-yummy

Brunch home no dot made

So, after yesterday’s main event—the wedding!—the multi-talented bride’s mom made (home·made!*) biscuits and a cheese grits casserole for brunch for drop-in morning-after-the-wedding guests.

Not to be confused with a restaurant with that name. Extra point if you know the name of that dot-in-the-middle-of-the-line character….

Double meaning


Today was an appetizer…and these are blue cheese-stuffed date with almonds and marinated deviled egg stuffed with hummus. Mmmmmmm. 🥚

Rain…brought basil

Rain downed yucca

We had a lot of rain overnight, the kind that can weigh down a yucca bloom-spike. We had rain after I took this this morning, too, but I think it’s over for now.

Magnolia bloom

I was surprised by this white blob above my head, amidst the glistening dark green leaves. Aha! Magnolia!

Basil for dinner

Basil clipped for dinner…then snipped atop pasta with a tomato sauce.

Even found mozzarella di bufala (that is: water buffalo milk, not cow’s, in soft cheese balls) to also add. BTW, the pasta sauce had bison meat in it. And we also added parmesano reggiano—cow’s milk cheese. I wasn’t going for species diversity in our protein sources, but that’s what we got.

Fingers crossed

Basil and

Having already demonstrated that The Foot is a functional gardening appendage, I did more, mostly removing unpruned azaleas. Also got soil amendment mixed in around the quince and lavender, here with added basil plants—both regular Genovese and Thai. Watered everything in, and hope all will settle in and produce!

Hit 83°F yesterday, and only a mere 82°F today. Yup, AC is on upstairs in self-defense (skylight accelerates the solar gain!), although night will be cool-ish.