Double meaning


Today was an appetizer…and these are blue cheese-stuffed date with almonds and marinated deviled egg stuffed with hummus. Mmmmmmm. 🥚

Rain…brought basil

Rain downed yucca

We had a lot of rain overnight, the kind that can weigh down a yucca bloom-spike. We had rain after I took this this morning, too, but I think it’s over for now.

Magnolia bloom

I was surprised by this white blob above my head, amidst the glistening dark green leaves. Aha! Magnolia!

Basil for dinner

Basil clipped for dinner…then snipped atop pasta with a tomato sauce.

Even found mozzarella di bufala (that is: water buffalo milk, not cow’s, in soft cheese balls) to also add. BTW, the pasta sauce had bison meat in it. And we also added parmesano reggiano—cow’s milk cheese. I wasn’t going for species diversity in our protein sources, but that’s what we got.

Fingers crossed

Basil and

Having already demonstrated that The Foot is a functional gardening appendage, I did more, mostly removing unpruned azaleas. Also got soil amendment mixed in around the quince and lavender, here with added basil plants—both regular Genovese and Thai. Watered everything in, and hope all will settle in and produce!

Hit 83°F yesterday, and only a mere 82°F today. Yup, AC is on upstairs in self-defense (skylight accelerates the solar gain!), although night will be cool-ish.

Jumping the timeline

Love bunnies

For some in this country, it’s the ham holiday coming up. We cheated and had our ham last week (day after happy day).

Tofu curry coming up

Tonight we went the opposite direction: tofu veggie Thai curry. With a scatter of fresh cilantro and mint on top. Mmmmmm.


Wicker waiting

Wicker waiting.

Cupcakes waiting

Cupcakes waiting.

Actually, I did very little waiting. I didn’t partake of the couch, but I did of the cupcakes! I skipped the red velvet, but tried the other two (45 minutes apart). Mmmm.

Dandelions—two types!

Dandy greens 4sale

This was not predicted. We went AGAIN, for the third day in a row, OTP, that is: outside the perimeter. This time for high-quality veggies…and other stuff. No plans to go OTP tomorrow. Seriously. Might get an affliction or something if we did…. Today’s adventure, however, was all electric—gas engine never came on…shows how short a distance OTP we went (not even a tenth of a mile).

Cherry or plum

More tree blooming documented…plum or cherry, I believe. Saw dogwoods with swelling buds, but no open blooms (in this neighborhood). And that’s the botany-bloom report.

Short cuts

Waldo tavern

You’ve heard of “Where’s Waldo.” This is Waldo. This is Waldo’s downtown tavern. This is where you get a brewski and a bologna sandwich.

Fallow ohio

This is winter-fallow Ohio. Note snow persists only in the shade; however, more serious winter is coming.

Teasel silhouette

Teasel silhouette.

Mountain road cut

Massive mountain road cut. Ice scabs on Mother Earth.

Mezze apps

Mezze trio. Left to right: Lebanese hummus, Syrian muhamarra, and smoked eggplant zaalouk. My first time eating the latter. Yum, however my favorite of these three is the muhamarra.

Shine and rain

Wind downage

In the wee hours we heard serious wind; I was glad I was cozy indoors. When we ventured out on the road we found downed trees and many branches and so on. See the organic matter in our lane?

Missing water tower

Farther along our trail, we found a rooftop water tower structure that lacked its tank. Absence is okay.

Restaurant view

We picked a nearby place to eat, and whatta view! We watched the street become dark.

Best beet salad ever

Best beet salad ever. All beets, no foliage.

Streetcar rainy night

And, as a timely capper, we reached the streetcar enclosure and started to figure out when the trolley would arrive, and presto the rain began. Lucky us, our stop was a mere 100 feet from the door to our hotel.

And now we are ensconced, warm and safe. Happy. Happy.


Feast night

Sweet table

Yummy feasts may end with a sweet assortment to tempt the mouths of all full-belly attendees. Good times! Laughs! Great company! Thanks! Yum! Yesssss!

Color equation?


This is certainly a hot pink camellia. Despite the overcast and rain, it cuts through the murk of the day.

Yellow butterfly

The rain, or just time, brought this one down. I spotted the bright yellow among the leaves and thought: that’s too yellow for a leaf!

Not quite bolognese

Hot pink plus brilliant yellow equals…? Best I can do is this bolognese-inspired sauce (aka gravy)…in the new cook pan/pot. Perfect size! [This swirl is right after I started to stir in the milk….]