White birch duo

Almost all morning, we had overcast, then the sun broke out for the afternoon. Many leaves still on the trees (for this late in October), and I quite enjoyed this double white birch, sporting mixed golden and green leaves.

Ripe puffball

In the grass underneath I found a white, unripe puffball, and right in the path this ripe one leaking spores—that black smudge toward the upper right.

One time when I was a kid, my dad harvested a perfect-for-eating puffball from up by the garage, probably an ancestor of one I saw today. It was about the size of a volleyball, and Mom sliced it about ½in thick, and one slice filled an iron skillet. As I recall, it tasted mushroomy, just basic fungi-flavor.

John Deere sample

Harvest in ohio

It’s harvest time in America’s breadbasket, and we saw it playing out over and over on this fine fall day. We saw dozens of tractors and harvesters busy recovering maize and soybeans, dumping them into hauling vehicles, and many trucks motoring here and there with purpose hauling the harvest from field to…the next stop. I tried to capture the field-transfer from a fast-moving car, and I should have used the burst feature…as a result of my duh!, here’s half a truck and no falling column of golden food-nodules.

Harvestor ohio

Look at the size of the giant tractors! Note how clean the tires are…you can tell the fields are dry and the weather is perfect…. We weren’t out after dark, but I bet many of the harvest crews were…using fancy light bars like this machine sports.

Adventures outside the house


We got out…destination: IKEA. For several reasons. Mine was partly that the floor is pretty darned flat and good for me to practice crutching correctly…form over function, lead with the bad foot, leg straight, then transfer weight to hands so as not to overweight the bum foot.

I did a whole floor of the IKEA maze—yay! For the lower floor, the Guru wheelchaired me about. Note that Fitbit gave me a mere 300 steps…on CRUTCHES…for A WHOLE FLOOR of a good-sized IKEA. [Exhale. Pause. Repeat. Sigh…better now.]


Afterwards, we were famished and the Guru motored us over to our favorite pizza place…yum! And, yes, all three of us took pizza pictures before diving in. Sometimes with a sprinkle of red pepper flakes.

In short, so so so good to get out!


Treats duo

My sweetie brought me treats from the bakery. Fruited cheesecake and a chocolate cake/vanilla mousse(?) layered tower.

Hot n cold

Taos coffee shop decoration 12 2016

I reached into the archives for this, from a coffee shop in Taos just before Xmas, 2016. And, yes, there was snow on the ground outside.

These days, I enjoy my hot coffee in the mornings, and a few bites of cold dairy product in the evening. Those are my treats (food treats).

Bean details, selected

Garbanzo beans

If the segment of the great database that is the internet is correct, I learned today that edamame have much more (dietary) fiber than garbanzo beans. However, lentils and split peas have significantly more than edamame.

Silver lining

Panera cookie

Rough on The Guru having to do EVERYTHING for both of us, including all the driving.* I’m so appreciative that he managed to find us an accessible room in rural Ohio, where people have taken refuge in motels because of flooding (same to the west through Indiana and Illinois). At our lunch stop, we got a frequent shopper points reward of a free giant cookie. Mmmmmm sugar, fat, chocolate, and crunch…mmmmmm.

Mini rainbow

We watched this small section of a rainbow—a rainbowette?—soon after we entered home territory. I’m taking it as a good omen.

Whew. Home safely before 10pm, even with quick stop at TJ’s to get necessary items. It was a quick stop because I stayed in the car and The Guru did the shopping. I must say that late evening TJs is a different place than in the daytime when I almost always visit.

* My enduring thanks for cheerful helpfulness…and over the weeks to come. I am not an adept crutches person, it turns out.

Fun and festivities

Garlic scapes

I made a big rice salad for our contribution to the potluck Fourth celebration across the way. I used these garlic scapes among the many veggies I added.

Brats on grill

Our hosts always supply brats and weiners grilled to full tastiness. And home-baked beans. Guests bring the rest. Extra yummy this year, I thought.

Great company, too. Always great fun to catch up with people we see just once a year.

No sparklers even, and we saw the fireworks on Sunday night…but I still thought about this being the anniversary of the founding of our nation while I chopped veggies…I find these strange times, and tried to be buoyed by the tendency of institutions to perpetuate themselves in much the same form.

Moon over lake

On the way back to our place the moon seemed to reign over the orchard and the lake.

Don’t sue the Sault

Felt food

Melissa and Doug: you can do much better than felt food*.

Bisonburger clydes

Like a bison-burger and fries at Clyde’s.

* Or even pre-felt food. 😉

Final leg

Heathrow Term 3 ladies

One of the larger women’s rooms I’ve been in—and still there was a line! The row of doors is so long it’s impossible to tell if a stall is occupied without walking down to check…and there was a staff-member doing just that…. [Heathrow Terminal 3, the main toilets.]

Inflight map

And, we’re off! [Why include shipwrecks on these flight maps?]

Many shaped

Remarkable Bakery’s “Many-Shaped Miscellaney of Biscuits for Cheese”—yup, all different, all three of them. [I thought the crackers better than the cheese.]

GA gold dome

Lookee there! The gold dome! One more bus ride and…a short walk…and home!

Lovely trip!