Half way

How is it we are almost half way through 2022? It seems like the year began so very recently.

Last night after dark we had a power hit for about two hours. We heard the pop that I associate with a whoz-it blowing right before the power went. Data. Predictability.

Puddle weather


Luckily, I’ve been incorrect about the amount of rain we’ve received this week. I predicted the precip would be elsewhere. Nope. We got some Monday, and it’s raining now. The plants and their people-fans are happy.

Out, secret, out

On our recent trip to Seattle, we managed to see the younger nephew graduate from HS…before we tested positive for Covid. All this time being so careful since it arrived on our shores, and this highly transmissible variant got us when we were far from home.

We had mild congestion and snottiness, took the antiviral pills, got better, and finally tested negative. This was our basement quarantine room, and we had generous hosts who let us stay although we were infectious. We were very lucky, and very glad we finally recovered and could return home.

And, today we received a large shipment of N-95 masks, the best quality available (unless you have complex breathing equipment)…because anything else is a joke to this variant. Remember: N-95’s are only 95% effective, and that’s if they are properly sealed to your face.

Rain makes a difference

When it began, the rain was tentative. Then, it picked up strength, for a real wetting of our weedy front beds. You can guess what is on my to-do list for early tomorrow morning’s cool.


That Friday ruling took the pizzazz out of my weekend. Well, truthfully, far more than pizzazz.

Still thinking that those who believe in proselytizing are therefore arrogant (as in: I know better than you), and have no business being judges. I’ll leave it there…as steam rolls out of my ears.

We shall see

Darned dry although the meteors seem to think there’s a chance of showers several days next week. Along with a cool snap, with highs in the upper 80s, merely the upper 80s. I suspect the showers will be localized and accumulate little.

Sprigs not springs

I’m glad the bees are getting goodie from this oregano, because I keep forgetting to use it in the kitchen. Hmm; perhaps some chili next week, with sprigs of oregano!

Wild, unwilded

This is the flower head (panicle) of a Hydrangea quercifolia, common name oakleaf hydrangea. I didn’t know it was native to Southeastern North America. Live and learn.


I’m not referring to the “Get Smart” agent, but to today’s high. And it may have been higher locally.

Not wanting to tackle an outdoor exercise experience in that situation, I tried this season’s “Feet and Calves” session on “Classic Stretch” with Miranda something-hyphenated on PBS. It turned out to be a 21-minute workout, and I repeated it twice later in the day. Now I can feel it in my glutes (and neighboring muscles), not in my feet and calves. My feet and ankles in particular need strengthening, I can tell.

Pretty sure that a walk, even in humid 70s early this morning, would have been less strenuous.

Torn between two worlds

Back in this capital city, and at the perfect hour for seeing the dome from this angle. Lucky us. Plus buildings blocked the sun for where we waited for the bus, so the mid-90s temps were (somewhat) moderated. Missing the marine layer of this morning, however.