Dino on swing w skeletons

Dinosaur on swing still-life.

Horizon broadening, unplanned

Brugmansia in fall yellow

Giant autumnal blooms.

A bit of googling, and I have discovered it’s a Brugmansia spp.

Brugmansia, WikiPee says, is no ordinary, ho-hum showy landscaping plant.

Native to South America. Words in the entry include alkaloids, hallucinogen, and poisonous.

They’re in the Solanaceae family, and so related to Datura, nightshade (belladonna), tobacco, and mandrake. Geeze.

GFG pair

GFG duo

Giant fungal growths. Of course.

Fall color (not tree)

Canna lily orange yellow autumn

Before the wind really kicked up, we walked to the library, taking a longer loop homeward. I was glad to find flowers here and there.

Wind over the next while will damage them, surely.

Um. Wind. Trees. Sleeping may be a bit of a trick….

Bumper ephemera

Bumper ephemera

I don’t think I qualify as obsessed with reflections, but I do notice and enjoy them.

Check out this “view” of the skyline from the Ex-Pres way, view west from the ridge line above downtown (and I75/85) just before sunset.

A nice salute from the gods/fates acknowledging our return ATL?

Changing of the guard

Eagle phenix downstream

The Indian name for this place, I swear, must have been something like “Rapids with herons and turtles downstream.”

Indeed, the post-Colonials who dammed this stretch must have been channeling (ahem) ancient times, when they named their flow-stopper Eagle & Phenix Dam (two majestic birds of reality and myth).

Of course, when they blew the dam, archaeologists…monitored…what was revealed….

And now, six months after the dynamite (or whatever they used), we saw many turtles, including one with a shell more than a foot long, and herons, including one that nabbed and swallowed a feesh right in front of us, just downstream of the old dam site (or dam old site).

Sun’s out

Pitchery GA planttop ABG

Spent the day doing a little of this and a little of that. Good thing I took the time to make a nice dinner, or otherwise my day would have lacked any sizable accomplishment.

Pasta sauce stew with tossed salad, carb sides from Alon’s. Nothing fancy, but tasty.

Lesson to me: Get pansies planted (maybe)

Pansies attacked by squirrel

My fault (maybe).

I need to get these pansies planted (for winter color).

Meanwhile, I’m feeding those greedy b-tard squirrels.

The petals! The petals! The pretty parts!

The tomatoes no longer are sweetening and ripening, so….

…new target: unplanted pansies.

However, will the squirrels back off if they’re not in 6-packs?

Realistically, probably not….


Hand cramps?

Second story light shadow

Tempted by the new iPad mini?

It’s 5.3 inches wide, and after fiddling with a ruler, I’m thinking that my hand doesn’t have a wide enough span for that to be comfortable to hold between thumb and fingers. I saw in the demo that some models were holding it on one edge. That sounds tricky too, as you have to avoid spurious contact with the touchscreen.

My thought is, hold one first if you have smaller hands and desire one-handedness….

Architectural detail (not detailed)

Finial table umbrella ABG

We wandered amidst architectural details over on the other side of the pond. Today I investigated some of the technical terms for the stone, and sometimes, wood, frippery.

So, I can write with confidence that this is a finial (the top detail).