Adjective day: busy, frilly, gnarly, tall

Gardner tools

Over at the BotGarden, we saw several busy people, including this guy watering in the food-garden. I can vouch for the fact that it is easier to collect your tools if there’s orange (or other bright-colored) paint on the handle or somewhere.

Winter greens

This winter green is putting out new leaves. The Garden’s chef was wandering this area to select tasty bits for the restaurant kitchen.

Gnarly orchid

The gnarly margins of these orchids still surprise me. I don’t know if MaNachur made this, or an orchid enthusiast (person) bred it. Perhaps a bit of both?

CBarkley working

And, interviewing at our demonstration, Charles Barkley. Yes, THE. [Professional basketball players: tall.] Apparently he’s making a documentary series. I declined to sign the legal paper and get photographed with it (thereby linking face and name), so I’ll be a fuzzed out face in the background…if I’m not edited out.


Viola of some kind

Turns out health care for the whole country is complicated.

Our household’s gets more complicated every year for sure.

Oscars for both


Sometimes I find a photo subject, maybe backlit like this hyacinth. I kneel, I try several angles, and I feel that I do okay, but maybe could do more….


And then, with the macro-lens, I get very close, and the same subject becomes totally different. Or mostly different.

Too pretty to forget

Sunset by drone

Drone bonus: Last night’s sunset—I almost forgot!

Not vegetarian

Chili w garbanzos

Those temps well into the seventies? They faded through the late afternoon, and I planned ahead: chili. Chili is not one thing—it’s just a stew that includes chili peppers. Tonight’s stew has garbanzo beans, grated carrots, and rice along with what many chilis include.

Camellia carpet

Camellia blossom carpet

This winter the weather’s flip-flopped. We’re in a warm spell that is something like 15°F warmer than the average. We’ve gone both ways recently. I think these camellia blossoms got going on a relatively normal schedule, in late December/early January. Then, a cold(er) snap tinged them brown, then it warmed again and here they are. But not hardy, so they easily succumb to gravity.

Eyes alert

Spring fleur combo

Those white blobs center right and right background are white azalea blooms. Spring is waaaaay too early for the nonce. Mid-70s tomorrow, then the temps are to back down closer to normal. Global warming is climate not weather, but can be observed in weather patterns.


Origami crane

We moved through time and across space today. We went from the house of Earl…and origami cranes…

Spanish moss blowing in the wind

…to Spanish moss…and home! ATL traffic conspired to block us with rush hour traffic, but NO!.

Still life x2 and cats x2

Copenhagen of FL

Here’s a version of the Copenhagen mermaid, watched over by a very large conch shell….

Rattan garbage

This I couldn’t quite figure out; I don’t think the chair is quite garbage, maybe the protector of the waste-pro container?


I’d like you to meet Whopper. He loves to show off his belly. When he sleeps under the car, it looks like he’s changing the oil.

Molly Mindy cat

Molly and Mindy are chickens. The cat isn’t waiting for them, just enjoying the breeze.

These coconuts are not ripe

Coconut palm duo

Since the great tree-fall events, I have little interest in wind-storms…just too unsettling. Look at this sassy pair of coconut palms, still attempting to grow symmetrically after trimming by the latest hurricane!