Urban edits

Rehab oopsy

The former Masquerade club opened in the former DuPre Excelsior Mill (opened 1911) decades ago, and stayed groovy there for 27 years before mixed-use gremlins got the property. That transition has been underway for a while. The other day that rehab project…uhm, fell apart. haha Ooopsy.


Here’s part of a mural on the wall under the bridge between the old Masquerade and the new Kroger.

Reflection plastic grass

And this is a reflection on a glass wall bordering a terrace above the Kroger. Not sure why the plastic grass.

Kroger leg view

From the other end of the terrace, we could see through the legs supporting perhaps six stories of—not sure…office space? apartments? to…Ponce and beyond.

High sandhills

As we returned to the house, I heard sandhills above. Yay! Probably followed a different flyway than those we saw in Texas and New Mexico.

Story time

Azalea very pink

Hey, bee! Come back! Your presence will make soooo improve this photo. Sigh.

Skeleton infrastructure

Got no story with this one…beyond the blue, blue sky. Which is enough.


Shell columella

We’re not at the beach. Someone is using this columella to decorate their piedmont planting bed.


Sometimes plants look like plants, and not ambulatory critters.

Crape myrtle skin

However, sometimes if you look closely, plant parts can look like animal parts. Bark is skin…is bark. Sometimes.


Camellia pink

I couldn’t decide which order for today’s pictures, that is: which order might have a story line. Got nothing. So, here’s pretty…

Tree of strays

…followed by a…well: tree of life…tree of lost items…a baby toy and a Atlanta United garment.

And above it all: an overcast sky. [The camellia snap was from yesterday.]

Forgive my disorientation. We’re just over half-way through the final season of “Mr. Robot,” and the story line is still in flux. And thus so am I.

Ho dee ho.

Winter reckoning

Blue ford

Now that’s a bright blue Ford. It is a Ford, right? But not a flatbed…and not slowing down…it’s fully stopped.

Yellow jasmine

I call this yellow jasmine, although some call it yellow or Carolina jessamine. Jasmine and jessamine may sound the same—or not—depending on the speaker.

Woods in city

Despite the blooms in the image above, it’s leaves-down season here (many non-deciduous species flourish, however), and a bit overcast today. Love having this piece of woods in the midst of the city.

Skip memory test.

H boxing d

Oh, the title? Something I saw on an ancient IBM screen during the latest season of “Mr. Robot.” [Backstory: we binged through “Mrs. Maisel” like there was no tomorrow, and now we’re enjoying a totally different genre.]

Meanwhile…we missed boxing activities…and boxes. Yay British traditions.

Non-traditional…and traditional?

Pansy flower

Pansy season here in ATL. BTW, we celebrated today with neither goose nor turkey. Tofu only…in a lovely melange with Thai curry sauce, veg, mint, and fresh cilantro. The two of us…and a beautiful sunny day perfect for a long walk down streets normally too busy with cars to enjoy. 🚶‍♀️

Strange bridge detail

I am darned ignorant of architectural detail design memes, and have no idea what the elements of this mean/represent/indicate, especially the center.

Refinement search

Rosemary bee

Unseasonably warm today, and I found bees busy on the neighbor’s rosemary. None of the Wise Dudes carried rosemary…too plebeian?

Weiner dog blowup

Possible proof that the critters in the manger (probably actually a house) included a Levantine wiener dog?

Bow outdoors

Outdoor bow…strong backlight…robust color…okay, I went for the EZ snapshot. Especially liked the twist tie.


Downed stix

Shhh: quietly…from what I saw, the wind last night and today brought down only small dead sticks…thankfully.

Pirate free libe

Some free libraries are so cute! The octopus-pirate connection is a mystery to me.


Rain shoes socks

Winter has arrived, emphatically. Here that means rain. Today’s rain is supposed to be accompanied by wind overnight (oh, no). I suited up for my walk with waterproof shoes (purchased for a Scotland trip) and wool socks. Not fashionable or handsome, but perfectly functional.

Outdoor seating

This was not the day for outdoor seating. Nope.