Last sedentary day?

Oh, do I hope I can get out and take new photos tomorrow, perhaps find another insect-on-a-bloom.


My knee went super-wonky yesterday, an escalation from previous wonkiness levels (which already had me hobbling), and today I braved phone-holds and now have an appointment with an ortho for early on Wednesday. Fingers crossed that the outcome is…straightforward.


This is that white ginger (Hedychium coronarium)that isn’t food ginger, although it has a lovely, penetrating floral scent.

I finally paid attention to the after-bloom: the vivid red fruits (or whatever they are technically).

Snowing in EL

I took this three years ago. The leaf situation is about the same this year, however the ginkgo tree is gone from the neighbors’ yard, so no ginkgo leaves on the Prime. It was a female tree, and produced stinky fruit; they kept it for years, until it was too much work keeping the stink removed to keep it around.

Title refers to college football game underway as I type.


Spent the afternoon coming down from our feasting high (like pie and ice cream with morning coffee). Guests gone. Leftovers seriously raided. A happy state.

Mmmmm (and more)

Yesterday we made sides and roasted the turkey. This morning we made desserts. Pumpkin and pecan pies, and pumpkin custard without crust.

Last before eating: the big heat-up.

Most thankful for our wonderful families and friends, a small sample of whom dined with us.


Oops. Wrong holiday.

Anxiety check

We reserved a turkey to pick up today, raw and organic. Of course the let-us-know-you’re-arriving app didn’t work, so I was a tad apprehensive that there’d be a line and a mix-up. Only one person ahead of us, and they found our reservation record quickly, so all good.

Then we shopped for the rest of the list, and by the time we left, about 3pm, the parking lot was full and the store noticeably more crowded. Me, I’m glad I don’t have to fly or fight traffic for several hundred miles, otherwise than here in our neighborhood.

Moving forward with an eye to origins

Different place (Idaho). Different season (spring/May). Right energy for our news: we’re boosted!

BTW, The Internets indicate that the geographic origin of the common lilac is in the Balkans. Like me (ish; half, anyway).

Memory lane, uh-hem, pond

I used the GooPhotos wayback machine and dredged up this image from fifteen years ago. Taken with a Real Camera, and not a phone. It’s First Pond, across the road from the house I grew up in and in the interior of the section…in Midwest township and range territory.