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No VitD today

Moss soggy

I made a tactical error in not getting out before about 11am. Instead, the precip rolled in and I eventually dug out the ol’ rain shoes and rain coat and suited up and headed out.

Daffy soggy

I found sogginess. Soggy moss. Soggy daffodils.

Wasn’t that bad, however.

Yet, about 5:30pm, when I took some gray-bidge out, hmm, sure seemed cold. And, as I scooted back indoors, I was sooooo glad I walked earlier.

Suuuuuuhnee day

Wall shadows

I liked the shadows, and the shapes of the leaves/vegetation that made them, juxtaposed with the warm browns of the wall stone.

Deciduous magnolia

For those craving flowers, here’s a deciduous magnolia…

Forsythia in bloom

…and forsythia—outdoor forsythia, somehow mixed with a holly. Seem to be strange phyto-bedfellows to me.

Grey day, but green

Leaf droplets

By the time I left the house, the rain had stopped.

Not clover

Evidence of it was everywhere, however.

Green wooden chair

Although the chair I couldn’t quite figure out. Was it out for trash pickup?

The green theme just happened.

Historic Fourth Ward Park in O4W

Droneview O4W park

Went to the park; the Guru flew Droney. View is to the north. Focus in on the flood-control pond in the center….

Sculpted granite

Off to the left of the pond, behind a curve of wall, is an sheltered area with sculpted granite…seats. Here’s an artistic shot of an artistic rock. But not soft…only hard seating.

Turtle green

Off on the right, behind trees, is this rock. I think the carapace’s distinctive coloring is really an algal coating. Certainly looks like there’s plenty floating in the pond-water.

And that’s today’s report on Historic Fourth Ward Park.

Over on that street

Blooming rosemary

Several front gardens along this street have huge rosemary almost-shrubs that bloom together and look alike. I think they are sister-plants. And now it’s aggressive bloom-time!

Crepe myrtle trunk

Something caught my eye about the trunk of this large crepe myrtle. Shapes, color. Aesthetics.

Truck immobilized

That street also has this immobilized pickup. It’s been here for something like six years. Usually it’s on the other side of the street. My new hypothesis is that someone is using the boot like a steering wheel “club.” Strange.

New verb? valentining?

Free library art

Flowers for my valentine. Also a free library mural.

Airplane toy yardart

And, for my sweetie, a new vehicle.

Hello moon

This, however, is a photo I prepped for yesterday, then neglected to post. The title was to be “Hello, Moon.” Still works.

One time, we met a man named Valentino in Sicily southern Italy in a cave and he blessed us, but that’s a story for another day.

Full sun = vitamin D

Japanese magnolia bud

Japanese magnolia bud. They were open on another tree, but this one was all bud.

Golden crocus

Golden crocus. Croci.

Fireplug silver

Silver fireplug with two columnar friends. Buds?

Ain’t Seattle


The prediction was for a drippy afternoon, so I went out mid-morning. Liked this birdbath. Took me two glances before I noticed the reflection.

Cherryblossoms maybe

All the petals on the ground indicate we’ve had wind/rain already. I wonder how many more have dropped with this afternoon’s rain.

No snow, however, so I’m calling that a win.

Ocular finds

Decorative cababbage

These are raindrops, but that center cluster looked rather like ice, even to the naked eye.


Without a doubt it’s hellebore season. These specimens aren’t spectacular, but they are good samples.

Which which

Daffy d jure

The obvious visual for today is a daffy. However…

Holly in red

…perhaps a wintery shot is more appropriate.