Can a tomato juice

Carolina jessamine buds

Carolina jessamine buds. I think it’s a corruption/variant of jasmine.

Carolina jessamine flower

Carolina jessamine flower. On the moss below above. Although I didn’t see any open flowers on the plant, only buds.

Petal wrackline

This was even more deconstructed. A petal wrack line. Without a coast, so I guess not a true wrack line.

Title refers to a line in an early season three episode of “Corner Gas,” our current binge-watching show. Go Saskatchewan!

Eeny, meeny (no meany)

Hawk earth mural

Do I lead with the avian mural?

Decrepit machine

Or the decrepit machine?

Wall moss lichen

Or the vegetation patterns on a stone wall?

I rather prefer the last one, but I’ll just leave it here at the end….

Vine, name unk to me

Mmm smells good

These smell super-fine!

Jux stah…

Old n new

It’s all about juxtaposition.

Lacey outlines

It’s all about shadows and shadow-makers. And orange cones? Wha?

Bathroom fixture

It’s all about bathroom interior decoration…light fixture/ceiling…dare I say?…juxtaposition.

Spring anticipation

Trees against sky

I thought I had high-quality deep thoughts to pass along…but turns out I’m just another cheap date.

Standing on the ground, I was too far away to see the buds, to determine if they’re beginning to swell. Instead, I just moseyed along…better able to monitor the ground-level springiness.

Waiting for tomorrow’s sun


Yeah, more blooming bulbs!


And one of those apple/pear Rosaceae species….

Plant whiff talk

Smells so good

Smells so great, so very floral! [Forgot the name….]

No smell brilliant yellowgreen

No blooms; no smell. But prototypical yellow-green, I’d say.

Mixed message

Bolting cabbabage

Right in the nearby neighbors’ yard I found a cabbage…already bolting! In February! Crazy WARM rainy weather….

Hyacinth bud

However, I was encouraged when I found a hyacinth still in bud farther afield. Or a-yard.


Playground reflection

I left the house and thought, hmm, soggy day again. Pretty tough to find a photo subject. And I walked thinking that for a while, noting the nodding heads of the daffodils (done that), and the puddles and sorted sediments from when the rain was heavier.

Then, I thought, geeze, I should have a better attitude.

And, sometime after that, I found this…a seat on a modern-type swing in the playground…with a reflection!

No VitD today

Moss soggy

I made a tactical error in not getting out before about 11am. Instead, the precip rolled in and I eventually dug out the ol’ rain shoes and rain coat and suited up and headed out.

Daffy soggy

I found sogginess. Soggy moss. Soggy daffodils.

Wasn’t that bad, however.

Yet, about 5:30pm, when I took some gray-bidge out, hmm, sure seemed cold. And, as I scooted back indoors, I was sooooo glad I walked earlier.