Polar vortex

Blowing snow

During a polar vortex, you may experience blowing snow.

Big bridge

Or it may be clear at the Big Bridge. Clear and COLD. And, today, windy windy windy.

Home stretch

Finally, we made it down the home stretch, down the fresh-plowed road. Sun! Great shadows!

Not staying here

We are not staying at our customary abode…brrrrr…too much snow and cold! [Let’s stay with the kind, delightful, joyous neighbors in their warm, warm home.]

Umbrella party

And have a party! So glad to be in this wonderful place. Could do without the polar vortex, but the sunshine is undeniably lovely.

Making tracks

Ohio barge

The open waters of the Ohio River—with barge!—seemingly (or perhaps actually?) steaming in the cold. Interesting.

Maumee frozen

Here’s the Maumee—frozen, with heaved up platelets of ice. I don’t know why the apparently evenly spaced “lines”—another natural mystery!

Salt deposits

Whereas…these salt deposits are from road salt, dissolved and deposited on Our New Vehicle. The nerve!

Slant sun on snow

For a few minutes the slanty light just before dusk was stunning on the snow…this is Michigan! The colors are not “fake” photo-enhancement—they were there.

Big drive; great evening with friends…nighty-night.

Droplets not flakes

Other plant

I didn’t know what the weather would be like in the afternoon, so I walked when it was overcast, although the rain had stopped.

Some plant

I missed the afternoon sun.

And no snow! Schools were closed here today for NO SNOW. […decisions by the bureaucracy of the Sunny South.]

Frozen critters

Bunnie ceramic

For these first two photos, I don’t mean frozen in the temperature sense, but as sculptures. Cute ceramic bun-bun.

Armadillo ivy

And meet Ivy the Iron Armadillo (Spanish…say arm-ah-deee-yo).

Flowering quince

However, because actual temperature freezing is coming within 24 hours, be careful beautiful flowering quince flowers; Grumpy Old Man Winter will be here very soon!

Fleurs jaunes

Forsythia blossoms

I did not plan the color commonality. Forsythia.


Daffodils. Someone else’s garden.

Daffodils to come

And our garden. [Ignore the cold(ish) snap!]

White fences

Round finial

Finials are not newels, but may be atop newels.

Round finial.

Knurled finial

Knurled finial.

Sphere mysteries

Gutter pingpong balls

I was down the street when I spotted these white spheres by the curb. I thought, “what are turtle eggs doing in the gutter,” quickly followed by, “those can’t be turtle eggs!”

And so they aren’t: pingpong balls. Still: why a pair in the gutter?

Deflated red sphere

This deflated sphere I couldn’t identify, even after a close visual inspection. No, I didn’t touch, even with a stick. And the organic sphere next to it…some kind of seed/fruit element, also unknown.

Silver lining

Tree branch etching

I got to walk in the sunshine (bit of a cold breeze…but SUN), as part of an extended errand that was on someone else’s to-do list. I was the happy beneficiary of this excursion.

[…during which I heartily enjoyed my first Sazerac.]

New and old

New stump

Brand new stump. See yesterday’s entry…. Seems like ginkgo wood might make pretty furniture….

Old stump

Old stump. Oak, I’m guessing.


New flowers. Crocuses (or is it croci?). Spring comes early when we have Dec/Jan heat waves in the Sunny South. Up in the 60s today, but I’m guessing tonight’s rain will lower the temps for tomorrow.

Local news

Stinko going going

In local news, a long-time neighborhood denizen is now gone. Mixed feelings as I hate to see mature trees removed, but this one was a productive female, and the fleshy layer surrounding the seeds start out odiferous, and when on the ground get even more…highly stinky-scented. Bye Stinkgo Ginkgo! [Shame on the nursery that marketed this one; it should have sold only male ginkgos for urban planting….]

ATL United winners

In sports news, ATL has been basking in being the 2018 Major League Soccer champions. The next big event is that Soooperdooperbowl, which is already enmeshed in scandal because of a ref call in the Rams/Saints game….

In personal “news,” my sport (in quotes?) is walking, and today I worked on refining my Vitamin D-heightened routing…I’m liking more east-west routes approximately during mid-day, to have sunshine on a cheek most of the time (other skin is bundled up! it’s winter!). This is supposed to give me more Vitamin D than supplements…and Vitamin D is a very good thing! (See note on last Thursday’s entry here.)