Northing (day two)

Sunrise sky

We managed to capture sunrise today…on the move early!

Antenna tree

Midmorning, we rediscovered this stand-out antenna tree.

Three bridges

I read the weekly paper after we arrived, and discovered there’ll be a Three Bridges Walk/Run event in the next town this weekend. These are not the three bridges. And only one of all six is The Bridge. In the far distance here….

Basil thriving

All systems back on-line. Whew. Basil survived! Thanks to pinching and care from loved ones who were here. Thanks!

Wee travel narrative

Mountains mabel

“Look, mountains, Mabel.”

“And foggy wisps in the valleys, Stanley.”

Sunset sir

“Quite the sunset, Stanley.”

“Pretty clouds, too, Mabel. Wispy.”

Whitewalls chevy

“Old Chevy on that flatbed, Stanley.”

“I miss those wide whitewalls. I always wanted nice whitewalls, but they charged more. I never knew if it was because it cost more to make them or if they could simply get buyers to pay more.”

The End. No basis in reality; this is a work of fiction.


Sky view

Gorgeous sky…as thunder rumbled. And rumbled. Yes, rain did arrive, but not much, although enough to cool it down.

Yay for devices!

Night light

Been missing the sunset light. We also don’t have the sunrise light here, but I’m not always up for it…. And in the UP, we see the sunset sky, but not the actual sunset. Unless we walk over the hill. Which we sometimes do.

These days, we have the option of sending up Droney!

Yeah, keeping it local

Carwash swish swish

Clean may be a first-world value/endeavor/goal…but, geeze, in my leetle POV (point-of-view), our car is clean, we are clean, our laundry basket is mostly empty, and, well, clean feels good. It’s not everything, I know. Still.

Little things are big enough

Dahlia opening

Well, now. Confession: having a hard time being a good citizen and keeping up on current events.

So (deep breath; exhale; she says to herself: be positive! c’mon, you can do it!), time to make a grocery list.

No Mozart; no jungle

Fleur pw

We’re back* to a possible/probable/?? travel destination in…northern Italy, that is, the central and upper Po Basin. Plus. Which makes me think about Genovese basil, that is, “pesto” basil. Because part of the “Plus” is Genoa.

The basil situation: no relationship to these flowers.

* Hmm…brief flirtation with east-of-London, that is: Kent and north, and…well, don’t fret about the geography…we’re not going there (next).

Frames a-changing

Gold dome

The Guru took Droney up. Look at that gleaming gold dome!

Flower insect

In a closer frame of reference, see the stalking insect! They enjoy flowers, too.

Am I writing for five-year-olds?

My vast ignorance

Fleur delicate

So, fumbling for a post-subject, I read WikiPee on symmetry. I was familiar with the geometry symmetries, but didn’t expect the symmetry of music—chords, scales, that kind of thing.

123 and 4

Asymmetry. Amidst symmetry.


Believe in Bogart

For me, Bogart is one of those villages we go through to get farther down the road. I realize that the locals, at least to some extent, believe it’s the center of the world. Hence: Believe in Bogart. Do tell.

Sneak sunset view

Later, we caught sunset from a wee connecting sidewalk-lane-alley that I’m calling The Sneak as it apparently has no official name. We’ll see if it sticks.