Ninety-seven steps

Lighthouse last steps me

Is it luck? Or being at the right place at the right time?

Whichever it is, we got to ascend the Au Sable Point Lighthouse on a gorgeous day. I’m standing a couple of steps from the top. Views were fantastic, and the phone boasted several bars in this generally flat terrain with few cell towers.

Blue—from cold?

Crayfish blue rackline

Overcast and decidedly cool today; we’ll start the fire soon and boost the temp from the 62°F-ish it’s hanging at in the living room today.

Love you, Mom

Lupine all pink and partial

She would have been 93 today….

Not all rain

Ferntop against darkness

We’ve been through several cycles of sun–clouds–rain today, so we know our rain dances worked. Isn’t that the way logic operates?

The rain is essential especially up on the Lake Superior shore, where a fire has burned over 20K acres and dozens of buildings, and is still going, fanned lately by the same weather system that brought rain.

Lilacs and lupines

Lilac bloom stem

Sooo excited to arrive in Luce County, and sooo excited to find both the lilacs and lupines in bloom—in spite of the drought…that was broken just after JCB finished getting the critical parts of the yard mowed.

All systems are operating normally, and our indoor invader count was one—a bat, poor thing.

But we’re not keeping score

Impala in white northbound

WI count: 1 Impala.

MI count (8 miles in): 1 deer; 1 otter; 3 mallards; 1 heron. Uncounted: insects, seagulls.

Proud and celebrating

Grad gown gold with ties

I was so glad that today I went to a high school graduation and enjoyed it. I was rather unhappy at my own.

We heard thunder above us as we sat in the fieldhouse and listened to the students’ names being read, yet, when the ceremony was over and we exited, the rain had stopped and the happy crowds could hug without umbrellas. And, as we partied through the afternoon, the sun shone upon us and I was glad the ice was thick in the coolers around the brewskis. I met a new one, from a WI brewery of the artisanal sort, with a lovely name: Totally Naked. Tasty.

Weekend prep

Welcome to wisc mem weekend

Getting a cold one while wearing your bells (or were they tinkle cones?; left) or turkey tail bustle (right, at machine).

Here are weekend preparations we saw today: many fellas mowing lawns (I didn’t see any female mowers), small groups roaming yards and sidewalks installing rows of knee-high USA flags, money-collecting near stop signs (vets? couldn’t read their hats), and some distance travelers on the highways (e.g., South Carolina and Nebraska plates).

The best visual was at the Wisconsin welcome center—pow-wow dancers set up in front of the building, but taking a break when we were stopped to collect a state map.

Look up! Over! Down!

Bridge view lesser byway

Sometimes you are lucky, and even when you are traveling between metropolises, you can take non-interstates, and find architectural gems like this bridge across…um, yes, the Ohio, right by the somewhat scary Rockport Generating Station, which WikiPee says has the one of the highest smokestacks (not cooling towers) around.

Farther up the road, we dined in a German sausage restaurant—thankfully, with a salad bar (three dollars extra, mam), and passed through the town of Loogootee. John hypothesized that the name came from a native term or phrase, and I, to be contrary, said, oh, no, it’s corrupted French. Which seems to be likely—ha! (Like I said, ya get lucky once in a while!)

Happy me

Magnolia bloom side with flower parts

The energy and activity today…strolling, chatting, enjoying the sunshine from the shade…perspective-building, mostly. All good.