I don’t know

Maybe auracaria

We’ve now watched the entire first season of “Bordertown,” which is set in Lappeenranta, in southern Finland, and shot in Finnish. Or we are watching it in Finnish, with subtitles. Turns out, after listening to hours of Finnish dialogue, I got nothing. Well, perhaps yes and no…just checked: they’re juu/joo and ei…so, hmm, perhaps not?

And this tree, every time I walk by it, I think: Araucaria. After a wee internet dive, I may be wrong about that, too.

Not “Only Connect”

Nandina berries

Murky day, so I strolled and contemplated…this and that rather than focusing on something…substantial.

Mahonia berries

Nandina and mahonia. For example.

Far more exciting than one-foot-in-front-of-the-other. Possibly?

Writing sarcasm

Fern backlit

I imprinted on my Midwestern childhood weather patterns and January is not supposed to have pleasant, warm, sunny days. Warm meaning over 50°F. [Ah, yes, below freezing overnight…that fits.]

White camellia

However, I try to work (huffing and puffing, I admit) against type and accept my present reality. With blooms! And a t-shirt as I do my (present goal) 4mi walks.

Sarcasm is tricky even face-to-face. Recorded pundits struggle to make it work…without ambiguity. In text, in the written word, perhaps even more tricky. I bow to reality…and I very much enjoyed today’s weather. Without any Brexit BS involved. heh

And sunny, too!

City market beltline

Stiff wind and I was nearby, so I deemed it safe enough to visit the BeltLine…not many people, and MaNachur was moving any and all germs right along, away from meeee….

Share the road

I only traversed two short blocks…which was enough to remind me what I’ve been missing…the many public art installations along the route! I am uplifted!

Similar—or no?

Thyme maybe

Currently binge-watching “Lupin,” which has nothing to do with flowers.

Picture…is it thyme? Or not-thyme?

Hairy times

Bud fuzzy hairy

Heavy rain struck in the wee hours, with thunder booms, enough noise to awaken us.

Daytime, no rain. 😘

Prediction overnight: another wave of rain. 🌧

I’m expecting to awaken again…yawn. 🥱

Huge HUGE number

White camelias

I came across this…”ten million trillion trillion” and mentally stopped dead.

Finding phages is not in itself particularly challenging: they are by far the most abundant biological entities on earth. According to one estimate, there are ten million trillion trillion phages, which is more than every other organism, including bacteria, combined. The average teaspoon of seawater holds five times more phages than there are people in Rio de Janeiro; for every grain of sand in the world, there are a trillion phages. But the best place to find phage that will kill drug-resistant bacteria is where people or animals have shed them—in other words, sewage.

That’s a gigantic number—actually, exceeding an “order of magnitude” greater than gigantic….

Quote is from “When a Virus Is the Cure,” by Nicola Twilley, in the December 21, 2020 issue of “The New Yorker,” and dated December 14, 2020. [This link may work.]

Wall thought

Wall problem

I walked past this wall a time or two…then I began to cross the street when I came to it because it seemed a bit…menacing. Now I see that specialists have been called in to remedy the excessive lean/destabilization.

Is this sequence/situation a metaphor for the White House?

I spy…

Leaf backlit

I found today’s sunlight almost summer-ish in its intensity. Here’s a backlit leaf, although it’s hard to tell that’s what it is.

Hello, New World

Crepe myrtle trunks

Not a today-photo.

Ebullient Anthony Fauci talking to RMaddow in front of my eyeballs right now. It is a good thing.