More of the same


Okay, here’s a standard view of the same architecture as I posted yesterday. Today we prepared for tomorrow’s changes, so looking backward is not inappropriate. Or I could show one of a bazillion pictures we’ve taken of the dog fetching a stick thrown out in the lake….

Touristing, eastern UP style


Ah, ya gotta love industrial archaeological sites—at minimum, they can be so compelling to photograph. Somewhat dicey morning weather turned into a windy and brilliant afternoon, and we happily floated across Kitch-iti-kipi, then walked around the ghost town of Fayette, down on the verdant Garden Peninsula.

Big bird!


I’ve been hearing the sandhill cranes, and had one distant sighting, but so far just listened to them. Early this morning I got lucky, and saw a pair in flight! I wasn’t really set up for bird photos, but I did get one shot that was “less-blurry.”

Just to note, today seems to have been an early-morning day for more than just me; I noticed an intrepid fisherman out in the dawn —mist— in a rowboat over the rockbar. (Perch for breakfast? I wondered….)

UPDATE: The Fisherman snagged a yellow perch and a walleye, both smaller than the limit….

Day three


Day three of rain. But! Mid-afternoon the tide turned (as it were), and the sun shone and we basked in a new day, weatherwise. As you can see, the rainbarrel is overflowing….

Perhaps the other momentous news-of-the-day is that we spotted color in a few lupine buds during our post-rain walk—a gorgeous deep purple-blue. I haven’t spotted any of the pink ones….

Temporary gems


Today I photographed many youthful lupines, especially trying to capture the specialness of their leaves when decorated with raindrops. Gemstones have never looked prettier than some of these evanescent mini-marvels.

Señor Pheasant


I kept hearing this guy (or his kin or fictive kin), and today I finally spotted him—strutting his stuff. I don’t think he was aware of me, but he sure looked like he was posing. (BTW, thanks to GG for his list of recent bird sightings….)

Entropic species

Cycling (not the Marquis type, but the ecological variant) requires decomposers—but they only decompose from one point of view; from another, they are composing.

More powerlines

What can I say? I love the new-cam! […When I figure out the settings; I’m still learning!]

Did I mention blackflies?

I’ve jumped back in time. Look at these cherry blossoms, boldly announcing the arrival of spring. And, yes, looking carefully in the orchard grass, we did find a very few asparagus shoots—oh, yum!

Clear view southward

On the road again. Yup. Sometimes you can grab what looks like a good clear view when you’re standing there, but when you look at the snapshot on “the big screen,” you realize, oops, how did I miss that. Now, where did I put those Photoshop elves who can edit out those power lines?