More powerlines

What can I say? I love the new-cam! […When I figure out the settings; I’m still learning!]

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  1. GG says:

    This is as good a place as any to say… last week in the U.P. I saw…

    Golden Eagle
    Immature Bald Eagle
    Broad-wing Hawks
    Sharp Shinned Hawks
    Rough Legged Hawks
    Coopers Hawk
    Swainsons Hawk (probable)
    Turkey Vultures

    Great Blue Herons
    Sand Hill Cranes
    Green Heron
    Least Bittern (at Lake Erie three weeks ago)

    Piping Plovers (rare and endangered)
    other sandpipers
    Common Loons

    Canada Geese
    other geese…

    Merganzer Ducks
    Mallard Ducks (of course)
    other ducks

    Double-crested Cormorants

    Spruce Grouse (great pictures!!!)

    Herring Gulls
    Ring Billed Gulls
    other gulls of course
    pretty gulls (girls – chicks of another kind of course)

    Chaffinches (European Stray)
    Least Flycatcher
    Purple Finch

    Gray Cheeked Thrush
    Swainsons Thrush
    Robins (a kind of thrush)

    Thousands of Bluejays in flocks
    Northern Cardinals

    White Crowned Sparrows (male and female)
    White-Throated Sparrrows
    House Sparrows
    other sparrows

    Blackburnian Warblers
    Magnolia Warblers
    Yellow Rumped Warblers
    Black-throated Green Warbler
    Black-and-white Warbler
    other warblers

    Tufted Titmice

    Rose-breasted Grosbeaks
    Evening Grosbeaks
    Baltimore Oriels
    Scarlet Tanagers

    Tree Swallows
    Cliff Swallows

    Black-capped Chickadee

    unidentifed Vireo

    Ruby Throat Hummingbird

    unidentifed woodpecker
    Pileated Woodpecker (in April at the Soo)
    Redbellied Woodpecker (in Ann Arbor)
    no Flickers, Sapsuckers, Hairy, or Downey Woodpeckers!!!