Jumping forward

I had some grand idea about suggesting a parallel between sunshine and…prosperity…but, instead, I’ll just say…well, the first fireworks went off within my hearing at 6:50 this evening.

Ready for soccer balls

On the 23rd, this was a near-empty tree lot with assorted fenced-in detritus abandoned…I thought. However, someone swooped in and the tree lot detritus no longer lingers. The only remaining clue of the sales lot that moved hundreds of trees is a line of blown-in leaves where the fence was (foreground).


Distracted by This-n-That today…so this photo is from thirteen years ago.


Sometimes I pick a picture, then time passes…and I think I’ve posted for the day. Even if I didn’t. Oops. [Delayed post.]

Streetside tale

I stopped to take this photo, thinking there was some clever statement I could make about lights on the verge…but on the verge of what?

Then, this beauteous buteo flew in left-to-right, and landed on the sidewalk. Wha????

Of course, the bird didn’t linger, and flew down the street ahead of me, then veered off to the right.

I still don’t have a line about the verge…but I did end up with a fine, albeit brief, hawk story.

Boxing Day

Mostly we had a misty-moist day, although we had some actual rain in the morning. The precip weighed down this pansy-planting…but it’ll be back after a half-day of sunshine.

Rainy Monday

We had a puddle Xmas. Drip drip drop.

Kitchen inhalations

Redolent with cloves, ginger, cinnamon, and allspice, that is. Mmmm.

Two-item inventory

Two days after Thanksgiving, this lot was full of trees, and even some wreaths, most under large and extra-large tents. Two days ago, there were seven trees left. Today, I saw two, and one outside the fence leaning against the porte-potty (why?). Now, the tents are gone and just detritus remains.

Also, we visited two grocery stores, and neither had fresh cranberries.


Hmm. Got any rum?

Nope. Bourbon.

That’ll do!