Basketball garage

Cryptographically complex token.

The picture is a moment from my day. The phrase is a totally different moment. Other than being part of my consciousness…they are…unconnected.

Sodden and soaked

Paused excavator

Sorry to go on about the weather, but the sun hasn’t been out from maybe five? days…someone ran this excavator long enough to need on of those giant plates to keep the street open (right, out of photo). Guess today’s rain kept the crew from closing up the rawness. It is soggy out there….

Mushroom plethora

Here’s the fungal side effect of all this rain we’ve been “enjoying”…and have several days more ahead of us….

Trudging along

Rain decorated web

The rainy season is full upon us…and the critters of the outdoors. Sometimes it lets up, and sometimes it’s just a mist. So far, I haven’t noticed a hard rain in the last few days of precip. More is expected….

Azalea dropping petals

Another effect of the weather is that the latest round of blossoms—and the autumnal leaves—are dropping.

Still, I’ve been persistent and gotten out. (My hair’s a cloud of humidity-reaction.)

Neighborhood doin’s

Greens line

Yeah, it’s Sunday, but in this century the liquor-selling laws in this part of the Deep South have been relaxed (finally), and the stores DO open. Still, the desperate (?) await the opening…a line to buy…beer!? Almost a dozen in waiting for doors-open…and more laughing in the parking lot…yet, I think they were also waiting.

Willies in the street

The street down the way was open to pedestrians only (kinda), and, even though sprinkles threatened, the local shops had Street Presence.

Every street that entered the temporarily limited zone had a cop-tender to keep vehicles from entering the pedestrian-bicycle space. Wow! That’s some employment for off-duty cops (or were they on-duty?).

More data needed

Ornamental crabs

I’m not sure what these are/this is. My mind replays The Botanist’s voice saying “ornamental crabs,” by which he meant crabapples. Except I keep wondering if the ornamental varieties would have fruit? Kinda defeats the purpose of ornamentalizing?

Anyway, fancy new phone has fancy camera…qualitatively better, I think.


If today is a true sample of reality, I can’t continue to listen to the TUNE-IN app and take a photo at the same time…when the camera becomes live, the app goes mute.


Datura bloom

I got out when it wasn’t raining, just intermittent misting. Someone hacked back this Datura over a month ago, but it has recovered and is blooming again.

This is my last daily photo with what has become, as of 4:30pm, the old phone. Yes, I’m now a 6s gal. Yes, rose gold. Pretty cool!

NOT a bat

Bug not emitting

Bug that’s not currently emitting to any standard.

Today’s biggest excitement was that I was sipping my first cuppa and I heard a strange scrabbly noise off in the corner. Not a good (meaning: appropriate) noise for indoors. Looked toward the noise, and watched a sparrow pop out of my “bag for the UP.” Wha????

It flew up and tried to go through the glass in the door, which didn’t work. So I went over as unthreateningly as possible and opened the inside door and propped open the outside door, leaving and open avenue to the out-of-doors.

We had a smart sparrow. It exited within about ten seconds. Whew!

Then the Guru came in and said “have you had the door open this morning?” What kinda question is that? I was making coffee, was all I could think.

Turned out he’d opened the front door, stepped out on the stoop, and did whatever one does in the morning light in such a situation. And did not see the sparrow enter, as that is when it must have come in just moments before I heard it.

Hair trimmings

As to items on today’s possibly exciting list, I also got a haircut, although I swear this is not my hair color. Apparently it looks like that when wet. At the salon. In any case, that swatch is not attached to my head anymore.

Architectural bits

Birdbath leaves

Don’t remember noticing this birdbath before…and I do walk by here several times a week (lately). I promise I did NOT pose the leaves. MaNachur did.

Corner escalon

These steps were even more interesting when I was approaching and the sun was full out. Then, camera coming out of pocket, I watched it fade to this.

Thought you, Gentle Reader, might still enjoy it.

Floral profusion

Birdhouse art

I think this is birdhouse art, somewhat like a (Philip Johnson) Glass House, better as art than as a dwelling, at least in the city.

Okra bloom

Okra is taxonomically* related to cotton, cacao, hollyhock, and hibiscus. The hibiscus relationship is obvious, although it looks nothing like a cacao bloom (to me, a non-botanist).

* Cladistics are…quite the brain-tease.


Lavender bee

I struggled to be happy with today’s crop of images when I went through them to make a selection…4U. Just low pizzazz levels. The only sign of life: this bee—and s/he may be permanently parked on this sprig of lavender. Until gravity takes over. (Never moved, like the other BigBee and the honey bees that were actively buzzing the lavender.)

Holly iron fence

I do find my eye straying to the contrasting colors of the new and old growth on this Oregon grape…along with the lattice/matrix of the not-wrought-iron fence. Still…it’s a milquetoast photo.

Soooo, snapshots of the day.