Plowing through spring

Maple detritus. Never noticed these pink ones before, or don’t remember doing so. Pink?

Oak detritus (pretty sure), plus pollen and petals. The oak bloom-twigs are new in this year’s detritus cycle.

Bonus: dogwoods, foreground, showing their understory form. And overstory oaks in the background.

Orange cone tale

Powerline work

I came upon this from the other side; I decided to take a photo as I was departing….

I saw the tree leaning over the road toward the lines and thought that was the photo…thinking I had figured it out, I kept walking. Past the workman and tree, I thought: that doesn’t make sense. But, why fiddle with the lines without dealing with the leaning tree?

Note blooming redbuds and dogwoods, and maybe something else (maroon, far left).


The dogwoods are full out—today!

And I found some fluffy landscape-variety wisteria…larger and flashier than the ones we saw in the woods on Saturday, but same pale lilac charm.

See the pollen?!

There’s a whole scene or maybe a short story that could include this moment. The waving flag is the best. Plus the “we compost” sign.

Seasonal flower photo.

We were weather aware this morning again, and again we are well, with the worst of it elsewhere. 🍀


We left inside-the-perimeter to visit the Grey Sisters and their people, and enjoy a tasty home-made meal.

Outbound we saw beautiful pale purple dangling flower clusters of wisteria frequently in the roadside woods. Returning, we saw some dogwoods blooming near houses, but not yet in the woods.

The title is exactly as it was on a sign. No price. I can’t quite believe that the biscuits were so good people would stop no matter the price.

Charting spring

Last night we got rain and we got wind; here we didn’t get any tornadoes, happily. Pollen and redbud blossoms floated on the pickup bed’s pond…until I drained it.

This Acer palmatum is aggressively moving towards summer mode, just 5/6 days after spring began.

Also, by my observation, today is day one of what I seem to recall is the approximately three-day push-to-bloom of the azaleas…when they really open in force…. Bushes everywhere in the neighborhood were half open or, more commonly, covered in fat buds that will open…tomorrow?


Kickball in the park. And I’ve seen kids kicking balls in the space that’s attached to the middle school that’s across the street behind the lovely blooming trees. And I’ve seen school buses on these streets. Normality is returning…a bit.

Another petal-carpet with petal-drifts.

As to the title, this is the over-and-over recommendation phrase from our local meteorologists, as we will have nasty winds and rain from about 1 am to 6 am…hopefully without the awful tornadic action that has already struck not far from here. I expect tossing and turning throughout….

Petal hyphen

Here’s a glorious crown or petal-cloud.

And so many petals that when they fall, they make petal-drifts.

[No Eye of Horus sequence here….]

Branches, no banks

Branches today…after terra firma specimens yesterday. Fringetree, in white.

The other day, before these blooms had opened, I was trying to photograph the buds (classic wouldn’t focus problem), and the lady of the house came out on her porch to ask me if I knew what it was. White redbud, I said, surprising her. She called it a whitebud, yet we knew we were talking about the same thing.

For some reason, although the green breaks up the canopy/mantle of the delicate pale, pale pink of the petals, I like to see the leaves and the blossoms together.

Always forget the name of this…kinda junky shrubby tree. Shrub, perhaps…hard to walk under it if it isn’t pruned back.

Terra firma delights

So many blooms today….

I decided to select just a few close to the ground.

One more. What a delicate pale purple-tinged shade of blue.