Flower power vote?

Hibiscus white typical yard type

Today’s voting day here, and the widely publicized issue is a proposed transportation tax that, proponents say, will “Untie Atlanta.” Which I always see on the yard signs etc. as misspelled Unite…. I will be glad to see the graphics that trigger my erroneous misspelling thought and the bondage TV advertising disappear after the polls close.

I go back and forth on which way to vote. I think the problem is from sprawl, and that isn’t addressed; instead, it’s supported. One big problem that will linger is a public transportation situation that 1) isn’t extensive enough and 2) doesn’t got to enough places—because it’s underfunded and underused…see 1) and 2). So, the benefit is overweighted toward peripheral residents, who typically sponsor leadership and policy that means in-town residents overfund the problems outer-belt folks face by living so far out.

And I’m an in-town resident.

I wish…I hadn’t seen that

Cheethams salient dawn view summer

Apologies for the delayed post. I was contemplating a “why am I doing this” essay as I came around the last corner headed for my street inbound on my oh-dark-thirty walk…then came across a neighbor wandering his front yard in his boxers. No lie. Underwear. Actually, I think he was saying good-bye to visitors. Still. Yik.

33.79129,-84.37117 fountain

Becky fountain into sun

I can’t remember the last time I walked in Piedmont Park—before the crew finished fixing up the Park Drive bridge, which is now gloriously ready for this century.

Northeast view; sun’s a-comin’

Northish dawn sky va hi

Pleasant out (both temp and humidity) at my early morn exit time—due in part to this cloud cover?

One foot, other foot; repeat

Lilac hibiscus

I almost regretted adding a couple of (the Georgia piedmont version of) hill climbs to my morning walk today—I found the humidity enervating.

I’m benched?

Bench with security sign

Trio of garden bench, side table, and security sign, all in front garden on typical residential street.

I keep thinking there must be a good half-dozen clever titles and comments to accompany this photo, but none of them are coming to mind…so, it’s up to you: have at it!

Golden harvest, “taxed”

Yellow toms on Unc Bob table

I put on my garden shoes (the ones I don’t care if they get muddy) and picked the back of the volunteer tomato patch, as well as the easier-to-reach areas. This is maybe two-thirds of the haul. The picker consumed a significant percentage during the harvesting operation, you see.

’shroom in the needles

Mushroom large split bolete maybe

I think we’re still in a growth sequence set off by the rains last week, with the fungi. I’m seeing waves of different species. Today is the first day I’ve noticed these biggies. That flesh is so white and so…ephemeral. Bolete?

Oh so red

Very red crepe myrtle

I spotted this very-red crepe myrtle in glorious bloom from the car yesterday when I was erranding, and routed myself by it this morning to take a snap. The red is amazing; this capture doesn’t do it justice (too dark out (still), plus iPhone, plus somewhat impatient photographer).

Party was, not is

Patio sunsplash facing benches
Party is here

I kept my date with oh-dark, and could hear the drone of traffic over on the Connector, a little over two miles away, before I’d gone 100 feet—major difference between Sunday and Monday.

I found more evidence of that difference farther along. Today is trash day and you don’t have to be an FBI researcher going through household garbage for evidence for the prosecution to make substantive conclusions about neighborhood activities. Someone did some hosting this weekend!