Flower power vote?

Hibiscus white typical yard type

Today’s voting day here, and the widely publicized issue is a proposed transportation tax that, proponents say, will “Untie Atlanta.” Which I always see on the yard signs etc. as misspelled Unite…. I will be glad to see the graphics that trigger my erroneous misspelling thought and the bondage TV advertising disappear after the polls close.

I go back and forth on which way to vote. I think the problem is from sprawl, and that isn’t addressed; instead, it’s supported. One big problem that will linger is a public transportation situation that 1) isn’t extensive enough and 2) doesn’t got to enough places—because it’s underfunded and underused…see 1) and 2). So, the benefit is overweighted toward peripheral residents, who typically sponsor leadership and policy that means in-town residents overfund the problems outer-belt folks face by living so far out.

And I’m an in-town resident.

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