Working the angles

Early sun

Now, I got going PRETTY early, but not SUPER early, and when I was in my first ten minutes and ramping up the ol’ heartbeat, I saw the sun was up enough to be in the rays, and I knew I had to head down over the ridge into no-rays territory, as in: no rays so just a WEENsie bit cooler.

Paperbark maple

No-rays means MOSTly no-rays: see! Ray action! And at the foot of the tree, a helpful marker. Aha: paperbark maple. Never recall seeing that name before. Must have, and it just didn’t register…too darned many darned plants out there to remember the names.



If this is a metaphor for my day, the background took over…and overshadowed the foreground. Reality twisted in a way that there’s always a potential for…kept me energized and distracted simultaneously somehow.

Tempting jawline zits

Sun through trees

Prediction is for temps in the nineties for the whole, entire, every-day of the coming week. With “feels-like” numbers even higher.

Me masked

Makes me think of heading north…way north. Not so excited about all the toilet-rooms and the overnight room on the way…but we made it work a while back, coming and going, so…repeat?

Cat tales


I set off this morning (HUMID-cubed), and Eloise came out to greet me…stretch, meow, rub. Eloise lives at a neighbor’s house.

Unknown name cat

Several blocks later, I was greeted by this cat, unknown to me. I think the cats were feeling a bit lonely, with a lack of holiday traffic…that is foot traffic…I could hear a drone from the tires and motors over on the Interstate. Where were those vehicles going? Hope not all to the beach!


Returning to the house, I saw Sebastian under our car. He was all squinty eyed from napping. I don’t think he cared how many people were about. He didn’t move when I strolled by. [He is from the same house as Eloise.]

BTW, three examples of how difficult it is to get a cat action photo in focus.

Happy Fourth! 🎇🎆🎇

Small, strange world

Early light

Soooo humid. And warm warm hot. So, out early, ahead of the full sun.


Me and this cottontail. Haven’t seen one in a while here in the city.

Mushroom underneath

Strange world, under this mushroom. This space is about a centimeter and a half high.

Sight and story


The topography in this immediate area is that at dawn midtown is behind a bit of a ridge, then the sun gets high enough that it blasts he heights of the buildings in midtown. Like this. In this case: a view across the roof of a welding?? warehouse.

No parking

I’m amazed by this house…no parking signs on a public street with open parking. And threats of video surveillance. With cameras down the whole block, I assume funded by this resident. Hypothesis.

I’ll keep watching


Such lovely delicate pale purple shades in these hosta blooms. Nice visual contrast from that wandering periwinkle vine.

House underside

I’ve been watching this house, first empty, then with for sale sign, then sold sign, then empty, then one little machine and several guys taking down part of the back of the house, and more disassembly in back including some high-energy sledgehammer work on the back wall (right, out of frame), more slow disassembly by hand…and now, it’s down to this. Can’t figure—are they taking the materials for re-using?

Boil water advisory vacated

Sun arrives

Recently I’ve been trying to get out before the sun starts lighting the neighborhood. I may leave before the sun, but it’s usually blazing away by the time I return.

Downstream bags

Folks who did yardwork on Saturday and put their bags of organic matter by the curb before heading indoors for a well-deserved cold one, got to enjoy nature’s art this morning…as the overnight rainfall re-sorted objects via curb-river.

Cat nap

The magnitude of the situation: worth no more—or less—than a cat nap.

About fifteen minutes ago we got the all clear on our city water—never was contaminated. Means I can make coffee in the morning…instead of limping along with a mokapot bracer. Lovely, but not the same.

…last time I checked

Basil bunchette

So, it would be the day I need a big pot of water to cook pasta that we have a boil-water advisory because a busted 36″ pipe created a flood on the other side of town. At least we still have water.

The volunteer basil is doing great! We pruned it to have tasty bits to top our plates of meatball pasta. MMMmmm.

Rather personal

Magnolia half open

So, I had an anxiety dream last night that I’d never had before. Late for an appointment (or exam)…or can’t find someone that you desperately need to find…that kind of thing: yes. But this time: I was wandering around a restaurant (!!) and didn’t have a mask…and I didn’t know why I didn’t have one and didn’t know where to get one, and very much WANTED A MASK. Yes: total anxiety!

Also, Covid-“joke” of the day: wear a mask unless you want to home-school your kids this fall!