Decatur outing

Reading frog

Working through our errands we found this huge verdigris-covered frog reading a tale.

Decatur Celebration Gary Price

And this joyful statue in Decatur’s public square/plaza. It’s called “Celebration” and is by Gary Price.

Covered vs cute

Oregano snow

This morning the oregano was partly covered by the S, but this afternoon, not so much. Temps are up(ish) now, but will be dropping a bit again later in the week.

Coffeepot birdhouse

I spotted this and thought it was an artsy coffeepot birdhouse. But I’m human. A bird might think this is an architectural abomination, and flit on to another location for nesting.

Anniversary Boxing Day

Prosecco pair flutes

In the shadow of yesterday’s celebration…

Lion king snowdude

…we returned to routine. Repeating our route, we found a carrot-nosed snow-dude (created after yesterday’s walk) surviving Mr Sun’s best efforts. Wearing a lion-hat…?

Snow day

Drone pilot

Snow continued off and on since before dark yesterday, and that is mighty unusual in these parts. We got moving earlier than most people, with the full light, but in the still-quiet while most people, I imagine, were still enjoying their morning hot-drinks.

Drone snow view

The pilot took Droney up after the snow stopped about 10am and began to melt, and this is the neighborhood.

Fireplug house steps

And this is a neighbor-house, with snow-etched steps and a wreath on a red window-door. Couldn’t pass up a picture.

Twenty-eight years ago it snowed, too, but not this much. I know that because today is the Guru’s and my anniv.🥂🤩🏺🍓

My HR experience begins

Walking on snowy sidewalks

The meteorologists all said it would snow today—days ago. I didn’t quite believe them. They were right; I was skeptical/wrong.

Rose a snowze

However, the mail-dude did get through this morning, and brought my new device. I’ve been wanting something I liked better than my aging fitbit (which seems to wildly undercount my steps these days), and my SIL suggested a cool, tasteful Nokia watch-fitness device. I discovered Nokia would release a new version that also would monitor heart-rate (the Steel HR), and I figured that would be the model for me!

Snow outdoor loveseat

I had to wait some time for it to be released, then ordered it when they finally accepted pre-orders in mid-November…for delivery in “early December,” which I figured was code for about the 14th. I was wrong. Nokia sent an email on the morning of the 5th, saying that my order was shipped. Over on the USPS tracking, they indicated only that a shipping label had been created that morning. That night, though, my package was at a USPS facility. It trickled down over the succeeding days, to be delivered this morning! And I got it set up! Time to walk! Even though the snow was coming down in big wet flakes, we set off. At my slow speed, it wasn’t slick; lucky me!

I was just upstairs, and the white outdoors and on the balcony reflected the light (despite the overcast), reminding me about night snow-light. Meanwhile, the heat’s going and we are toasty warm, with plenty of goodies in the larder. We are good!

Victory Victoria

Coneflower maybe

We’re enmeshed in semi-binge-watching two very different Westerns—Longmire (set in the present), and Godless (set in 1884?—1880s, anyway). Neither have anything much to do with flowers.

I’m posting a flower picture, however, since I went on a walk today and momentarily stopped to photo it…and there were so many months when I had no walks and no walk-photos.

The flower picture is just my little victory. 😎 Plus, I like the rosemary in the background.

Hot seat

Wet ginkgo leaves

BTW, the ginkgo leaves are now grounded and the ginkgo trees are bare. Ginkgo Day was yesterday? The day before? I failed to register it….)

This morning when we left for my PT appointment, we deemed it cold enough for…butt warmers! The Prius engineers promote the butt and steering-wheel warmers because they use less energy than warming the cabin air.

PT Mike had me do some new-to-me exercises that emphasized balance (which of course requires strength), rather than simple strengthening. I felt like I made a good showing, with room for improvement. In fact, I felt confident enough to take the wheel when we left! I have no doubt I could have driven sooner, but today, one day before the first anniversary of our Prius Prime purchase, seemed propitious. And we do propitious.

The warmth of recent days is gone, yes, and rain has set in. I still managed a half-hour walk in the early afternoon….

Sunny outing

Offroad path

We took advantage of the fine day, and went to a park where I went “off road” for the first time since, well, you know. I took it slowly and safely, carefully watching for gravel and gum balls that might tip my foot in a painful way.

Bark occupiers

I spotted these denizens of this tree-bark…and it’s not a very old tree. Fast growing moss and lichens!

GA dome remnants

Homebound, we passed by the surviving snaggletooth of the Georgia Dome, blown up a couple of weeks ago. I’m not sure if this is the spot where the Weather Channel camera was when the MARTA bus photobombed it. But maybe!

Autumnal gravity art

Bar dog bowl

I made two short(er) walks today, not even trying to get one app to award active minutes or the other to credit me for walking. [Neither have settings for gimps slow-walkers.] This morning’s adventure was in sunshine, so I get vitamin D credit!, regardless of the apps.

Ginkgo gravity art

Soon after I began my afternoon adventure, the cloud-cover thickened just a tad…after I took this photo. The leaves are in the swale of the Prime’s rear window.

Ginkgo check

Camellia CU pollen

By the time we got out to walk, the morning fog had lifted, the sun shone, and it was afternoon. I had PT during morning-fog time, and realized that despite the knee THANG, I am doing SO MUCH better than two weeks ago when I last had PT. Yay!

Gingko n web

We checked out several ginkgos in our neighborhood on our little sunshine wander. Despite a solid scattering of leaves, most remain solidly attached to their trees. Maybe tomorrow for the drop?

Stay tuned.