All the colors

O4W rainbow

Sunday stroll with The Guru: highlight…a rainbow. Human-made-not natural, but in my book: a rainbow is a rainbow is a lovely event.

For a colorful chronicle, see The Guru’s narrative.

Pink-pink vs purple-pink?

Azalea pink pink

I’m skipping mention of the Big Doin’s going on in WashDC, and instead focusing on…small. And local.

Azalea purple pink

These two blooms are from intertwined bushes. Do you see the different shades of pink? I wondered if the camera/iPhone would capture them. Conclusion: pink subtleties—capturable.

For thoughts on the Big Doin’s, visit The Guru’s comments in his resuscitated blog here.

Gold Ford!

Gold ford

Have to start with the ultra-shiny gold Ford! Could NOT be shinier! Note: this is NOT a new model, and this is NOT the original paint.

Wide O4W

I spotted it on my way to Old Fourth Ward Park. While the sun was out.

Turtle rock

And the turtles gathered on this one rock. The one they can climb up on; the others are too steep-sided at the water level.

Window above Kroger

Coming back, this window was totally reflective to my eye, but my magic phone/camera did, I saw when I did the download….

Confession: I used two, count ’em two, wide-wide shots…must be a record??

Moist January*


The first outing doesn’t count, blogwise. Errands.

Shrub tiny flowers

The second outing: a walk. I dodged raindrops for most of it (truncated), but the precip caught me about 10 min before I got to the front door. A bit damp…

Baguette n bubbly

…but nothing like the rain that accompanied the front that came through just as we were leaving for our dinner reservation, moving at 60mph. Whew. So, we got seated, ordered a bottle of prosecco, and immersed ourselves in chatting and laughing. Great fun.

* Credit to JPB for the riff on Dry January.

Windy walk

Sun sky mistletoe

What qualifies as weird weather? I’d say today did/does. There was not-rain, rain, then mostly not-rain. And wind developed. Some sunshine—this overplays it. Note the mistletoe infestation in that oak to the right. Wind continues…maybe snow-bits in the mountains overnight. Brrr.

Winter jasmine yellow

I don’t remember looking this plant up before, probably because I thought I knew the name. But, nooooo. It’s not forsythia (which I knew it wasn’t); it’s not scotch broom (why did I think it was? ignorance!). It is winter jasmine.

Pretty sure.

Moooo yard

Wee cow sculptures…a front-yard’s worth.

Short play; weather

Two buds

Big Bud to Little Bud: “How you?”

Little Bud to Big Bud: “K. How you?”


Lotsa rain

Went for my walk earlier than usual, had a hunch the weather would get worse…so I ventured into sprinkles and Seattle-type mist…and accomplished my HR* goals. Can’t say I got my Vitamin D for the day, however.


* Heart rate.

Please stand by

Bauble bush

I found several homeowners deconstructing last month’s seasonal decorations. But this bauble bush survives intact.

Tree distortion

Of course, we know that month after month is a continuum, but our human brains want to categorize and divide. Perhaps last year was layered and distorted and not straightforward?

Sun bursting through

And this year will be bright and clearly defined?

Time will tell.

Urban edits

Rehab oopsy

The former Masquerade club opened in the former DuPre Excelsior Mill (opened 1911) decades ago, and stayed groovy there for 27 years before mixed-use gremlins got the property. That transition has been underway for a while. The other day that rehab project…uhm, fell apart. haha Ooopsy.


Here’s part of a mural on the wall under the bridge between the old Masquerade and the new Kroger.

Reflection plastic grass

And this is a reflection on a glass wall bordering a terrace above the Kroger. Not sure why the plastic grass.

Kroger leg view

From the other end of the terrace, we could see through the legs supporting perhaps six stories of—not sure…office space? apartments? to…Ponce and beyond.

High sandhills

As we returned to the house, I heard sandhills above. Yay! Probably followed a different flyway than those we saw in Texas and New Mexico.

Story time

Azalea very pink

Hey, bee! Come back! Your presence will make soooo improve this photo. Sigh.

Skeleton infrastructure

Got no story with this one…beyond the blue, blue sky. Which is enough.


Camellia pink

I couldn’t decide which order for today’s pictures, that is: which order might have a story line. Got nothing. So, here’s pretty…

Tree of strays

…followed by a…well: tree of life…tree of lost items…a baby toy and a Atlanta United garment.

And above it all: an overcast sky. [The camellia snap was from yesterday.]

Forgive my disorientation. We’re just over half-way through the final season of “Mr. Robot,” and the story line is still in flux. And thus so am I.

Ho dee ho.