White birch duo

Almost all morning, we had overcast, then the sun broke out for the afternoon. Many leaves still on the trees (for this late in October), and I quite enjoyed this double white birch, sporting mixed golden and green leaves.

Ripe puffball

In the grass underneath I found a white, unripe puffball, and right in the path this ripe one leaking spores—that black smudge toward the upper right.

One time when I was a kid, my dad harvested a perfect-for-eating puffball from up by the garage, probably an ancestor of one I saw today. It was about the size of a volleyball, and Mom sliced it about ½in thick, and one slice filled an iron skillet. As I recall, it tasted mushroomy, just basic fungi-flavor.

We made it!

Bridge construction

We peninsulized, crossing the Big Mac bridge. Crews are still working on it. Maybe they do maintenance twelve months of the year, only skipping days with the worst weather—wind, snow, ice.? Today, however: sunny and pleasant, some breeze.

UDs maple

We made it to The Place. And the Uncle Dave maple is gloriously displaying the best of autumn golds and red-tinging.

Deck lake view

We even got a fine view of the lake. Sooooo good to be here.

Scarecrow features


We hit the road after PT, heading north. In a rural rest area, we found many autumnal still life ensembles, which, judging by sprouting hay and corn cobs, had been in place for some time. The favorite text was “HAPPY FALL Y’ALL.” That is happyfallyall if you run the words together…which looks mighty strange to me—I see happy-fally-all.

Adventures outside the house


We got out…destination: IKEA. For several reasons. Mine was partly that the floor is pretty darned flat and good for me to practice crutching correctly…form over function, lead with the bad foot, leg straight, then transfer weight to hands so as not to overweight the bum foot.

I did a whole floor of the IKEA maze—yay! For the lower floor, the Guru wheelchaired me about. Note that Fitbit gave me a mere 300 steps…on CRUTCHES…for A WHOLE FLOOR of a good-sized IKEA. [Exhale. Pause. Repeat. Sigh…better now.]


Afterwards, we were famished and the Guru motored us over to our favorite pizza place…yum! And, yes, all three of us took pizza pictures before diving in. Sometimes with a sprinkle of red pepper flakes.

In short, so so so good to get out!

Hallux flexibility

Sloss Furnaces

Sloss Furnaces rusting industrial ruins, a National Historic Landmark in Birmingham, Alabama.

Amidst more fun talk-talk, I did an extended session with my big toe, nudging it ever toward a bit more flexibility, and then a bit more. I’m especially trying to get it to bend up at the ball of the foot, and bend down from the last knuckle. It’s at about a 1/4in of movement at present…so a little gain is a big thing.

Slow day, in a good way


Pretty picture from Florida’s Gulf Coast last winter.

Other than my exercises and walking, I lazed around with the Vermonter, and we looked at hundreds of photos (ours and theirs), talked up a storm and generally enjoyed ourselves to the max. Now, my trusted friend is cooking up anew uncooked leftovers, and the waft of soy sauce and sesame oil and veggies and protein is overcoming me, so I need to sign off and prepare to get to the table.

Goodbye, Hunch-ey

Azalea of autumn

I received gentle correction today from GeniusC on my crutch-walking. My new mode is with my upper body upright, as if I were walking normally, eyes up, all that. I have to shorten my steps to get the form right. I also extend my healing foot forward with a near-straight knee, mimicking normal walking.

I received more gentle assistance…this is a fine Guru photo…the current wee wave of azalea blooms.

This is work

Foot fun

I have a new exercise gadget…. This plastic plate has a small dome on the bottom, so it’s tippy. The idea is to make controlled rotational movements, keeping the foot evenly applying pressure to the top, including the toes. I have pretty good ankle rotation—for now—and this will help me improve it. For now, I do the rotations sitting down. In the way-future, I will stand on this tippy platter, when my balance is MUCH better.

Oh, yay!

Pumpkin stem CU

No connection between a pumpkin stem and my news-of-the-day…except perhaps if you consider that pumpkins keep pretty well, and this one probably was picked weeks ago…

My news is that I had my first (official) PT #physicaltherapy appointment. Mike said my foot looked pretty good for the surgery I had, and that this Lisfranc injury is a tough one to come back from—possible, but slow. Which I knew.

The exercises he gave me for “homework” focus on flexibility in the forefoot (stretching arch) and toes, plus a bit more rotation in the ankle…. Can do! I do at least three sets per day, as what works is slow and steady. Avoid pain. Gentle pressure is the best, then rest, then repeat.

Mike also told me to use the crutches for support while I kinda-walk wearing The Boot. This works pretty darned well, which tickles me. It is much easier than using the crutches and keeping the damaged foot held high.

The possible connection is that my foot has staying power, too! I know: lame! hahahahaha Okay, skip the pumpkin and know that the PT situation is a…step forward.

Teardrops are leaves

Prius map leaves

Several months after we got the Prius Prime, I noticed these green leaves, which look like teardrops from a distance, on the dash-map in an irregular pattern.

John…, I hollered.

Turns out the car’s algorithms noticed that we stop repeatedly at certain locations. The leaf indicates that it will switch into a heightened form of regenerative breaking at those spots, if we brake there again. This means it gets a tad more juice into the battery at those momentum-breaking interludes.

If I have it right.