A mystery (again)

Update on the Green Pump Corner: they’ve moved the pump aside to excavate a giant rectangular hole.

And down the side street is another Green Pump. And a truck with a large tank arriving to…take liquid away? Bring in new liquid?

Oh, and my weather prediction fact yesterday was wrong, false, incorrect: the 20° overnights begin tonight, that is: Saturday, Sunday, and Monday mornings—big brrrrr!

Old new friend

Today was the fourth consecutive day that I managed to attain a split (mile) at faster than 18 minutes. That’s a good pace for my recovering lower limbs.

Given that I was feeling good when I left the house, I went a different direction than I have been going this month, and once again checked out the Beside-the-BeltLine apartment complex that’s under construction. The floor decking is down, and the rebar is poking up, just as it does across much of the concrete-using third-world. The best, however, is the row of pickups servicing their workmen and the worksite.

Ad shoot

Indeed, I found the shoot I saw the sign for yesterday, with no talent in view, and only security watching me passing by. I could tell which house they were using, as there was a table of snacks on the front porch. Farther along, I came upon the crew parking. I thought it was wise to not clog the streets with many vehicles and their diverse political bumperstickers.


Here’s one of those mini-driveway bridges I mentioned on Friday, all hooked up. It’s an odd, specific contraption.

In other neighborhood news, someone’s shooting a new state lottery commercial. Tomorrow.

Title refers to a new mini-addiction: watching Le Meilleur Pâtissier. In French, no subtitles. A challenge. I did know what beurre noisette means and how to make it; yay!

Ahhhhhh, yes

Even when there’s a cold rain, a daffodil crowd makes me smile.

Regulations vs bureaucracy

A week or so ago, we received a notice about a movie shoot closing a block or so for a limited time. Hand delivered. As per city regulations, I’m certain.

This disruption, however, with a giant green water(?) pump: no notice whatsoever. And one not-so-busy and two busy intersections closed. Totally. Thank you, city of ATL. And I’m guessing we’ll have steel plates to bump over for quite some time after.

Looking ahead

Today was about preparing for Sunday and post-Sunday. We’re supposed to get snow-and-ice weather then, although models diverge on how much cold/wet, and how long conditions will last. In short, we stocked up on groceries ahead of many of our neighbors (as in other metro residents), as the store was neither overrun with shoppers nor reduced to empty shelves. We should be good for say, five days, although, selfishly, I’d like us to make a quick bourbon run tomorrow.

Dix pour cent

As far as TV viewing, we finished the Finnish series we were watching (Deadwind), and now we’re immersed in French (Call my Agent!). Either way, I’m glad for English subtitles.


Just flipped over to the UGA/Bama game, and instant dilemma…is it a fumble/TD, or simply a dismissed mistake with no scoring? Just got the call. Ref says the latter. Oh, my; the game is NOT wide open.

PS you know I really don’t care. College sports, IMHO, should be intermural—for exercise and team-building, and not this pre-professional hoo-rah.

Roger a-ok

I know the sun angle changes not only during the day (duh), but over the seasons, but this seemed like a darned low sun angle, even for winter. It was not quite noon, and I thought geeze, is this the time change plus January right before my very eyes? Just checked a handy app, and, yup, noon time-wise is not mid-day for the sun; it’s highest after clock-noon…and this was before. So it all makes sense.