Fleurs deux

Big hibiscus, and not-open-yet four o’clock.

Well, it’s after nine o’clock and I’m no hibiscus.

Glory of my morning

Morn glory

Native peoples of the lowlands of Mesoamerica used a cousin of this garden morning glory in converting rubber-tree sap into a version of what we’d recognize as rubber. Plant magic.

The little upright pods…I don’t know their name, or what we called them when I was a kid and we’d harvest and eat them…a citrus-like bit that I enjoyed. Not much substance, however.

New vocab (again)

Purple fleur

The other day I came across the word “eidolon/eidola” (singular/plural), Greek for a look-alike phantom for a person, in their case, especially applied to Helen of Troy. [And in Greek letters: εἴδωλον].

The Guru and I are binge-watching a Canadian TV series called “Continuum,” which has character duplicates, which I think can be called eidola.

Too many doubles. Here’s a single purple fleur; buds don’t count—my rules.

Distorted grids

Archit asymmetry

Gentle Reader, you may have noticed by now that I notice patterns…not all patterns, but certain ones. Like this…

Grey patterns

And this….

Not entirely symphonies in grey (not tightly related to the patterns), but close….

Mount Harmony

Cemetery skyline

Nobody gave us an activity menu today, but somehow we clicked on the “Sunday drive” option (not the same as migrating from the UP to the LP)—you might say.

This was our home-bound leg. Note cemetery to left, oddly balancing ATL skyline. Yeah, we returned on US78, one of the “old roads” into town.

Still muggy

Lenox falls

I mall-walked today (yes, again), yet managed to accumulate just a few (very few) steps outdoors. I found it hot and humid.

Tough plants

Leaf textures

The simple functional analysis of leaves is that they make nutrition happen for plants. The mechanism for this is evident in the green of leaves [duh: chlorophyll]. However. When plant “gamers” manipulate the leaves, uh, well, some of the green may be excised.

Which leaves (haha) the plant nutritionally diminished.

Soooooo, look at these powerful plants overcoming their genetic inheritance! Lush!

Visually, hey, lovely aesthetic juxtaposition. Which is why this composition caught my eye…. [Truth: nothing botanical in that analysis….]

Shiny black duo

Vehicle juxtaposition

We had another late afternoon storm roll through—heavy on the wind and lightning, not so much on rain and duration. No power outage!

Dug into the archives for this very-Michigan-highway shot…. Love the Prius behind the Oldie-but-goodie.

First Annual Turtle Day

Turtle day duo

Yup, today’s the First Annual Turtle Day. We will only have one more full Turtle Day. Early next August. Then, we’ll just have ghost Turtle Days, Memory Turtle Days, something like that. But only one more when I will meet up with the Foot’s Surgeon.

Oh, and…tah-dah!—excellent report today. All metal is in the right place. Foot is…in the expected state. I can do with it whatever feels okay. Yay! Surgeon suggests low-impact activities over high-impact…so, swimming and biking over high-jumping and the like.

Power story

Orchid plasticed

Sometime around 4:30pm a windy, rainy storm came in. Sometime around 4:45pm we heard a crack-pop and the lights went out. And thus the AC. Of course, luckily the temps dropped with the storm.

Still, the house began to heat up. The Guru went on the GAPower website and, yup, they were aware; indicated to expect electricity back by 7:45. Then maybe 15 min later, he checked and the website indicated that action was underway…and there was no “expect electricity by” indication. Worrisome.

As it turned out, we got power back just before 8pm, so all…whew! okay.