Silly me

Sky view

I swear I can tell the day-length is changing. Of course, it’s changing every day, but when we move from a maxiumum or minimum, I THINK I can perceive the trend with greater ease. [Sky-light at 8:55pm local time.]

Aren’t we lucky?!

Sunset pink

And from the sky descended an airplane carrying precious cargo…loved ones visiting from the Left Coast.

Not circling back to try again

I’ve been trying to remember to get a shot of this sign for a while. It’s southbound (dun) just south of the mosque at, I think, where US23 and I75 meet, south of Perrysburg Ohio.

One shot, and wouldn’t you know, it’s out of focus.

Living with weather

Sometime in the dark hours, I woke up and was fuzzy about why I woke up. Soon, I realized there was a snuffly noise outside…pretty sure it was a deer, perhaps the doe we’ve been seeing, calling to her wee fawn (tracks just over an inch long).

By dawn, we had rain.

Then, it stopped for a few hours and I went down to the beach.

Sometime around two, more rain came in, with lightning, thankfully in the distance. Just after three, the power went out. And the rain quit. So much for the mint sauce I was planning to make for our communal dinner.

The power came back on about 7:30. I was so happy.

What debate?

I got The Beast fired up today, and got tired when I had worked my way down near the lake. I “posed” this photo; it’s The Beast’s beauty shot.

Title is TIC, that is: tongue in cheek.


My favorite cheese-grating device…failed. [Flexes biceps]…I don’t know my own strength. 🤣

Three day saga

Yesterday, I did finish pressure-washing the front and back entry areas, and called that eeeee-nufff. [I ignored the sidewalk in front of the house; apologies, pedestrians.] I also summed the time spent pressure-washing over two days—6.5 hrs—whew! Today, I rested my back (which, truth be told, was basically okay, I think because of my irregular “Classical Stretch/Essentrics” workouts).

Spring(?) cleaning

Tackled a major seasonal chore: pressure-washing. Finished the worst of it (driveway), but the remainder is more time-consuming (entry areas, front and back). Something to look forward to….

Texture forward

I had a vision for this photograph, and this is almost there…the leaf and flower shapes make an interesting, varying landscape.

Darned exciting

We got to chat long-distance with long-time friends who are on a round-the-world trip. They called from Old Corinth/Korinthos, in Greece. Wow! We’re so lucky! I think the last time we chatted they were in New Zealand.