Dawn glow

Glow before full sun.

Sunlit stop

Effect of full sun.

Aix rose

This brought happy memories.

Pool boy wine

This brought none…because: no pool. Heh. Reasonably clever name, though.


Gate light

This image makes it seem like I was out while it was still dark. Or only a bit light out. You decide; it was 7:19am.

My fitness device (FD) is dying. It can no longer properly record an “activity,” that is, an exercise session. Lasted almost 14 months. Thinking about getting an Oura. Or going FD-nekkid.


Fairlane logo

Designed and intentional: Ford Fairlane 250 logo.

Hose snake

Unintentional: black hose coil into an unplanned snake.

OTP™ adventure, heels up

Mtns in Aug

We went up in the mountains.

Lake W S

To a lake.

Heels up

Where D and I did some snorkeling! It was cool and lovely and beautiful. And fun.

We also enjoyed a picnic before looping through over another ridge before returning to Inside the Perimeter™.

Short sentences, just ’cause

Late big moon

Days are getting shorter. Sigh.

Plume grasses

Caught my eye. Even though the sun wasn’t quite up yet.

Park sun

Ah, there’s the sun. Time to head home.

Sunday drive

Early sun

The sun found me soon after I began the return leg of my walk. Hot and humid air, with dry, dry soil. [Using dishwater on the basil, BTW.]

Corner stacey

We realized we had a bit of cabin fever (the hot-weather, summer kind), so we took off on a unplanned route west and north from The City. Don’t remember seeing this corner-Stacey before. Guess that’s one reason to take a Sunday drive.

Am beautyberry bush

Our loop was long enough that we needed a necessary break…right by the Visitor Center for the Kennesaw Mountain Civil War National Park of Parks. The entrance is disguised by vegetation (like this American beautybush) and a new (decorative) split-rail fence that a goat could push over in about thirty seconds. You can see both on your next visit. And cannons.

Resting on laurels

Ginger ginger

I’m pretty sure I had a half-dozen clever ideas to blather about, but, now that the keyboard is beneath my fingers, pfft.

So, the mundane. In the early morning low humidity, I actually got out for a push-push walk, prior to the arrival of the sun and sweatiness.

Title drips sarcasm? Drip, drip.

All 1) clear; 2) clean

Turtle fish

Had my final turtle time. This is an oblique way of indicating that I saw the foot surgeon for my two-year checkup, and got a fine bill of health. One foot’s worth, anyway.

Carwash brushes

Subsequently, we celebrated (?) by running the pickup through the carwash to get the accumulated tree gunk removed. The trade-off with having a shady place to park it is that gravity turns it into stained artwork. For now, it’s silvery superb.



I think the shocks were uneven in the original, too!

Another documentary

Groc orchid

In the middle of watching another wonderful documentary, totally different from “Chasing Coral“—watch it if you haven’t already.

Today’s is “Worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin.” I remember the covers of her novels from the early Earthsea titles, the Hainish Cycle titles, and more, but I don’t remember reading a single one. Embarrassing. Time to track down several and inhale-read.

UKL had something in common with President Obama—both had one parent who was an anthropologist. Not too smug, am I? 😀