Temporary adjustment

Strange perhaps succulent

Several times today I kept thinking about being in the UP, the summer-sunny UP. Which it is not at present. The lake’s been frozen across for weeks. Sometimes time jumps like that….


Train in lights

Outdoor report: lights are up and the aesthetics vary. I liked this one. Should I be concerned that the rocking horse has no chocks? [Duh—use your imagination, no?]

Creme brulee BC

Indoor report: we avoided the Fry-Night crush and went out tonight, a late morning spur-of-the-moment decision. Everything was tasty as usual at Babette’s Café (honoring the movie), and we were even served our entrées by Chef Marla herself! Basking in the glow of cocktail, wine, and crème brûlée, our go-to dessert. Yum!

New pot

New pan

I’ve been wanting a stainless cooking vessel that is somewhere between a skillet and a dutch oven. I ordered it a couple of weeks ago using two big discounts, making it less than half the most overpriced retail prices I’ve seen for it. Yay! Last week, it arrived! Tonight I finally used it—chicken with vegetables, wild rice cooked separately. Yum! Sorry; no food photo; the original, perfect, never-used pan stands alone.

Winter approaches

Frost care roof

My, it was frosty this morning when I made a predawn milk run. Usually, we’re on top of the milk-for-coffee thing….

Redbud leaf autumn

Tried to get a shot without the branch in front of the fading redbud leaf; turns out, I rather enjoy it there, intruding and out-of-focus.

Sunset over dobbins

On errands much later, way beyond the perimeter, we had plenty of time to watch the sunset from a traffic jam. Love the ’burbs.


To vote

Yup, runoff day. Wished the governor’s race was on the list, but no. Instead, we did have the pleasure of voting again for Secretary of State—the position the governor-winner had when he ran the last election. Hrrumph.

Camellia white

Oh, the early camellias are inspiring!

Hi light

Loved how the sun was so bright, as we approach the shortest day of the year.

I tried

Cardinal back turned

I spotted this cardinal (upper left quadrant) preening and looking. I attempted to get him both in focus and in profile or a better pose than this. But this is what I got.

Then, I slowly ducked and snuck off for a camera with a longer lens. Of course, when I returned, he and his glorious plumage were long gone.

I’m not snooty

Hunter boots

I’ve been looking for good rubber boots for using at the northern outpost for quite some time (rain, heavy dew). I decided recently I’d get ones made by Hunter, if I could find them on sale. And I did! Via the web. Since they were so popular, hmmm, back-ordered…and today they arrived! Yay: they fit!

Hunter marketing

Hunter is the Queen’s brand, as in Elizabeth, as in “The Crown.” Hunter’s are made in Scotland…or they were; China now? Anyway, the main corporate offices are in Edinburgh.

Maybe, after I wear them several times, I, too, will feel “the desire to discover.”

Leaf texture (judge-y)

Falling fallen leaves

Fluffy, fresh-fallen leaves are magical. Today, they’re an antidote to the just-below-freezing temps we had as the sun rose. Brrrr.

Driving through the neighborhood, I saw a rhododendron, and the leaves were totally droopy: sad, unfluffy leaves.

Been binge-watching latest tranche of British Bake-Off/Baking Show…is it making me judge-y?

Lacking (new-car) shine

Hornets nest small

We went OTP* to a dealer to get the oil changed in the Prime. While we waited, we looked at expensive new vehicles (much better than what the TVs in the waiting area were tuned to). This one parked right outside the showroom on the wide sidewalk had a new label, yet sported assorted pine needles, spots of mildew, and this unoccupied beauty beneath the hatchback…definitely not worth the money (upwards of $50K before taxes).

* Outside the perimeter.

Dense fog

Foggy up

This was the view up this morning when the fog was still thick and daylight was creeping in.