Anns ghettoburger

You can’t tell all the taste-layers in the stratigraphy of this grand burger. There are two straight-forward patties, each with a melted processed cheese square, onions fried in the burger-grease, some BBQ, fried bacon, small scoop of slaw, tomato slices, lettuce, soft toasted bun, mayo, ketchup, and mustard. That’s what I saw, anyway. It’s a Ghetto Burger from Ann’s Snack Bar. And it was lauded in a recent episode of “Billions.”

Dat way

The Guru spotted this on Instagram, and we saw it for real. I don’t know if the signs are intended to be read in conjunction or independently.

So, the first photo is indigenous cuisine, and the second is indigenous signage.

Just add water

Taxus drama

Apologies for yesterday’s Taxus (genus) shot. With today’s raindrops, I’ve upgraded the image. MUCH more interesting now.

Leftovers by another name

Chili redux

Lazy me, I took yesterday’s chili and…goosed it. Added quick-sauteed veggies atop, with a sprinkle of finely sliced onions.

Not stupendous, but worked for us.

Monadnock escapade

A Mtn monadnock

We took the Foot and Droney to a monadnock south of the big monadnock, that is, Stone Mountain. We picnicked just over the crest in this view, in the shade of a pine tree. Just lovely.

Foot climbs mtn

Here I am taking the Foot to the summit. We could see the tops of a few of the tallest downtown buildings, and several closer watertowers over the treetops from the high point.

Diamorpha AM

This is Diamorpha smallii.

Everything had a thin dusting of yellow pollen, and we could see a distinct pollen line above the current water levels in the puddles.

We have heard Dr. King talking about a mountain repeatedly over the last few days, so maybe that was part of the motivation. The particular destination was because of glowing reports from neighbors C and D, who visited separately during the last week…and the fact that Diamorpha is blooming.

Now we can say: we have been to the mountain.


Petal sidewalk

I felt so special as I walked this petal-strewn sidewalk. Just for me, I thought laughing. Apple blossoms…pretty sure.

Pink dogwood bloom

And I looped down a block I wasn’t planning to traverse to get pictures of a stunning pink dogwood. Many are kinda thin, but this one was glorious.

The sacred

Azalea bee

In our micro-world, this afternoon’s spring flowers yielded to…


…serious new-season porch-socializing. At the cocktail hour. Requirements include wine and an appetizer…today, sharp white cheddar and crackers.

The apex of the requirements, however, are stories, laughing, and, most important, the people…that is: Friends, Neighbors, Not-Romans, Definitely Countrymen.

But maybe I’m not making sense. In that case, I had a great time this evening.

Out of questions for today

Palladium window

Not technically a Palladian (not Palladium) window, since it doesn’t have the flanking windows that make a trio, only the central arched one.

What does a Palladian window have to do with Easter? What do ham dinners have to do with Easter? What does my life have to do with Easter?

“I’m guessing flower pictures”

Iris small pale

The Guru can read me like a book.

Azalea flaming fancy

Of course, he had a hint; we went to the BotGarden today.

Beyond blooms

Deciduous magnolia bloom

The botanist avoided magnolias for our yard (no super-protected place, as we were at the northern limit of their cold-tolerance)…but I remember one in town that our bus route went by, and I’d watch it through the spring. Love deciduous magnolias!

Dense dogwood blooms

What’s this about a new human organ? How many centuries have people been doing research and surgery? Personally, I’m loving my interstitium*! Embracing my inner self!

* Spell-check currently does not know this word…. [Great irony and a small measure of sarcasm.]

Moderate success

Redbud blooms down

I always struggle to get a nice photo of redbud blooms. This time I went for the downers.