Fleeting, it’s all fleeting

Spathe white dramatique

I had six or ten phrases from today that I thought I might use for a title, and thus be what I’d pivot the text around, but, can I remember even one of them? Nope.

July delivery

Lily white by D

We’re lusting after the new Sony camera. Oops, I think we (meaning he, with my whole-hearted approval) just ordered one.

Ripening science

Avocado ripening

One of the things I loved about buying veg/fruits at the markets in Mexico was that if you wanted avocados, the market lady (almost always a lady) would ask when you intended to use it. You could be very specific, like seven this evening or three this afternoon, and the avocado she offered in response would, invariably in my experience, be perfect at that time. Yay!

Bee balm

Now I see that today WholePaycheck had two piles of four-to-a-bag avocados, one with this sign and one with a 3–4 day sign.

I bought a single from the regular pile, and it was perfect in our salad. Didn’t need four avocados, so I don’t know if their system is as good as the market ladies of southern Mexico.

TY for your patience

Chair w snow

Proof I’m out of ideas…or, broadly, creativity—here’s an old (duh!) photo of chair from same outdoor set as recent photos…this time with snow.

I could be inspired about…whatevs…or…this other thing…but, nope, I’m giving myself a pause. More energy tomorrow. [Crossing fingers.]

Summer is here

Outdoor furniture light shadow

I’m repeating myself, photo-wise (if there is such a term; light’s different though—chair, too—hah!).

And, in the time I was out getting this photo (and several discarded ones), a darned aggressive mosquito tried to invade my skin. Officially, summer is here, no?!

Tremulous in the Ether

Chair shadows

Ether in the 17th C was everything between things. I heard the title phrase somewhere, noted it, and forgot where I heard it*. Well, it’s noted again, for whatever it’s worth. Is this ether more like the sunlight or the shadows? Still pondering…but not tremulous (timid, nervous, shaking, or quivering) in the pondering.

* Yeah, should have noted source as well as phrase. My bad.

Off season chores

Roland Garros

Without planning to, one of our Paris wanders last March took us by Court Philippe Chatrier at Roland Garros. Lots of construction going on on the lanes between the courts. Of course, no tennis players in sight, only construction workers and perhaps engineers(?), also wearing boots and hard hats…but their clothes were clean…and they tended to carry rolls of charts/maps(?).


Dark view

I’ve already ranted about it being JUNE, so I won’t return there.

I’m observing the process of the daylength stretching out, although dark is still dark for a long night. Soon, however, summer-hours will make it light light light for a long long long time.

Small things can make huge differences

Steel this century

How do you obtain consumer advice that you trust?

I do not have a specific answer to that…. But with that observation in mind….

I do not recall the (internet website search) chain/series that lead me to the advice that this was a fine “sharpening steel,” and surely the decision to buy was certainly my own.

I knew what the object looked like when I placed the order, and it didn’t have that knurled look I associate with a high-quality steel. However, even so, I did click the “send it to me” equivalent, despite major concerns about the does-not-look-like-the-historic-versions concept. I have solid memories of my grandfather and my uncle (his son) using a steel in a theatrical amount prior to using the carving knife at the table on a major chunk of animal flesh (e.g., a whole roasted turkey or leg of lamb). Solid memories on how to sharpen a carving knife….


I can report that this is an outstanding steel, despite that it is not in the…Victorian? (gnarled) style. This steel makes my knives so edgy, so sharp, that I am exceedingly super careful with them.

And my knives, now sharpened/honed with this steel, they are superb tools…for cutting….

It’s JUNE, June, I say. June. I’m still in shock…or I’m slow to adjust????

Urban picnic

Window lights

We picnicked tonight—the kind of picnic where we go to the neighborhood deli and get goodies, then take them to…tahdah!…our niece’s new place,* her first with her fiancé. Yay.

And the rich desserts did me in. The happy kind….

* Interesting window patterns in the new place, a duplex in a nice old neighborhood not far from our own. Humid out tonight, drippy humid, so it was good to eat inside in the AC….