Sneak peek

Garden view

I went out today and discovered I was overdressed. So pleasant! I managed to tough it out 😎. I went up a little-used, unpaved alley and got this peek into a backyard. Very jealous of the painted ball and enjoyed the serenity of the staging.

Too secco

Fruit secco

At the sto’ to get milk, we wandered into the wine section, and I discovered some fruity-bubbly leftovers from New Year’s. I guess even the flavored-vodka set couldn’t get into these flavors of champagne-like toasting liquid.

And we passed up both versions, too. Hah!

The line-up

Go dawgs snowpeople

Lotsa events talk around here…pick a sport or entertainer, and so many have an Atlanta association….

BTW, the snow-bears have the odds in this group 3:2:2:1. Go bears!

Kitchen science

Kitchen science

Found this on my counter late this afternoon…. We’ve had several padded mailing envelopes arrive in the last few days, apparently bringing this chip and other techno-bits. I’m told this doo-jiggie reports temperature (in F), humidity, barometric pressure. All for well under $20 (I’m told).

Yeah, we keep our house pretty chilly.

Crystal Critter world

Patio lights

We had a movie date today. Star Wars, of course. Loud. Violent. A few good…lines and moments of acting. The red-uniformed troops were new to me; where do they go, though, when white and black are taken? And scruffy.

Sun’s out!

Bulb flowers

In the waning light of the mid-to-late afternoon, I finally got myself outside. I plotted my route a block at a time, staying in the sun as best I could. Eventually, I found myself with no choice but to continue in shadow if I didn’t want to backtrack, and I struck out through the undiminished cold…buoyed when I found these fleurs.

Garage of abandonment

After almost twenty minutes, the foot (arch) was beginning to twang, and I began my loop back toward the warmth of the house. En route, the light on this ill-maintained garage caught my eye.

I was so lucky the sun was out; otherwise, I suspect I could only have continued purely on adrenaline and cantankerousness.

Deprived, first-world version

Cypress knees

My phone was tied up most of the afternoon getting a free replacement battery, and so was the Guru’s phone. During that interlude, we discovered just how frequently we have an impulse to check data of one kind or another using the vast amount of info available via the smart-phone/internet.

In particular, I kept thinking about photographing this or that, but, nawp, not possible. So, I, um-hem, (k)needed a photo…so this is from yesterday….

Oh, and a happy, happy new year!

Win win

Park fountain

Laughing, we enjoyed an extended family gathering over order-in pizza, then walked down to the park. Some enjoyed the zoo, others the playground, and some of us loved the sunshine…mmmm vitamin D.

Sunset suburban sky

Even though the electric in our hybrid didn’t get us home, we got some good views of the sunset/dusk sky, and saw the light-strings atop Stone Mountain that evoke a white conifer’s shape.

Slurp slurp

Sunlight patts

Very glad for the sunlight, as the cold-cold is headed our way…headed toward much of NorthAmerica, I think.

Last pho of 2017

Among our errands, we stopped for our last phở of 2017. Yum.

Abstract vs realism

Flower super artsy

New artsy tool* here, from Santa James to the Guru, and I borrowed it and gussied up this photo. Yeah, well, outta my depth, no?

Flower artsy

Then I tried something more contained.

I’ll plow new ground next time….

* Apple pencil (which works with retina iPad that’s the Guru’s).