High water

Husband funny

All my luck: I find the Best Category, and, gee, it’s empty. No “husband funny birthday” cards for me to choose from!

High water pond snow

And over in reality-land, rotten snowbanks survive along the margins of the frog-pond in a ghost-town that has a gas-convenience store where we get a copy of the weekly newspaper and important odds-and-ends (but no Dunkers on this day).

We are safe and warm in our northern outpost, all systems online—yay! And the rodent body count/evidence—almost zero! Yay!

Light watching

Light vs sky

That is, watching the light. Not watching a mediocre TV comedy.

Light on Frida

Later, the skies cleared, and I found the light on Frida. Who is sitting on a special fly-tying table. With a gorgeous walnut top. On the table.

Night light

Finally: night light. Really: dusk light. Later we drove into the night. Long day as I awoke at 4:38am (canna tell?). Yawn. G’night.

Step function (?)

Trumpet flowers

Today was one of those days I was busy, but at the same time didn’t feel I was getting things done. Now, I look back, and hmm, I did get things done!

Fingers crossed

Basil and

Having already demonstrated that The Foot is a functional gardening appendage, I did more, mostly removing unpruned azaleas. Also got soil amendment mixed in around the quince and lavender, here with added basil plants—both regular Genovese and Thai. Watered everything in, and hope all will settle in and produce!

Hit 83°F yesterday, and only a mere 82°F today. Yup, AC is on upstairs in self-defense (skylight accelerates the solar gain!), although night will be cool-ish.

Cheap or free*

Rosa blanca blooms

Let’s mix it up and begin with today’s flower: rosa blanca. And her rosa-blanca friends.

Believe tree

I believe this sign. I do not believe this tree. Looks darned deceased to me. Too bad.

Last week fixing

Last week up the way there was sub-surface utility fixing going on. Interesting that they ran out of metal road plates; the one on the left is a double layer of plywood with a rope loop to control it.

Today street fixing

Today, the subsurface work extended across the median—more plywood. And the clever fixit crews’ machinery effectively blocked the route of the garbage trucks, so our street remains lined with unemptied herbie-kerbies. Somehow the recycling truck made it through—I suspect running earlier than the garbage-vehicle. [I predict the tree on the left dies within a decade. Unfortunately.]

Oh, my, don’t we live in an ongoing play!

* This refers to a sign we saw in NC the other day at a roadside firewood place. Write your own play reflecting the phrase. Extra points for using “political economy” in the dialogue.

Today, back in time

Lily on Easter

Lily posing on Easter. On our dinner table.

Trees leafing out mtns

We got outta town and drove into the mountains…where spring is a couple of weeks behind ATL.

Reflected clouds

And major rain over the last three days made rushing streams and puddles to reflect the blue sky.

Pink dogwood many petals

The azaleas and dogwoods are in their prime here. Thank you latitude and longitude magic.

Infrastructure above

Assertive infrastructure above.

Yard adjustments

Yard news

Left arrow is difficult for even me to decode, but it’s pointing at our slightly leggy ornamental quince, newly moved to this location (before the rain rain rain storm). Still needs top-dressing. And into the quince’s old spot: a large hemispherical lavender, transplanted from a kindly neighbor’s yard (too much shade).

Right arrow is pointing at soggy-but-still-with-blooms pink-white azalea.

In the first ¶, note the verb “moved.” How did the plant get moved? In short, there was digging and wrestling and two people. Note the verb “digging.” Yes, the first digging since the Foot Thing happened. Felt good, no pain, no strangeness; just strength. Yay! (I was super apprehensive before this….)


Bucket feet

Sometime after midnight the rain started. I figure it rained, sometimes a lot until well after dawn (obscured by rain clouds), then off and on through the morning. This bucket was empty when it got dark last night. I tried a keep-the-phone-safe photo, attempting to use my feet for scale. Hrrumph. Not a big success. So, I headed off on my walk.

Bucket measure

When I returned, I got serious about science and measurement. That’s an honest measurement—almost six inches of rain accumulated in this bucket since last night. That’s a darned lot of rain. Glad we live closer to the hilltop than any valley drainage.

Iris purple

Okay. Flowers from our traffic island. I don’t thank my neighbors who care for this area enough. Or help them…I COULD do that.


Red mini flowers

You might argue that these two offer…

Green feathery greens

…colors for a different holiday than the upcoming one. Still Christian, however.

Hot mess

Ds peony

The Île de la Cité will never be the same. The gargoyles are still coughing (I’m pretty sure).