Better than a cough drop

Shipping container stack by caroline

No, the train has nothing to do with the text today (as often happens); but the photo is from today.

Getting ready to watch the peach drop.

TJ humor

Conundrum wine label ill focused

Sorry for the poor focus: the name threw me….

Looking for a wine to ring in the New Year with, a white that isn’t fizzy? Consider….


Varsity ordering milieu melee

The Guru set up a Photo Stream for us, which means I get insights into his excursions, like this image of the the famous and infamous order-desk at the Varsity from the other day.

That said, we’re headed for a COLD overnight. Brrr—where’s the duvet?

Casting a light…

Two cat tableau

I found another robot-and-friends tableau; Wonder Woman is looking on….

This evening we celebrated a zero-birthday of a wonderful neighbor; great party…fanTAStic crab cakes, too.

Santa surprise

Wasabi dk chocolate pkg

Loving the scallop shells and sea-horses in the corner-art, and this particular shade of green ink. Do you suppose that’s Mount Etna?

This chocolate came to me via BRB-Santa. Although the main label reads Dark Chocolate Ginger Wasabi with Mediterranean Sea Salt—BTW, the salt is from southern Italy (no more geographic detail), the ingredients include Habanero chili powder, clearly unmentioned on the front. To my palate, I taste dark chocolate, the not-unpleasant grainy bits of sea salt, and a hotness that I think is a combo of the Chinese ginger powder, the wasabi powder (real or horseradish imitator? unclear), and the Habanero, but not predominantly any one of them.

Glad to have tried this chocolate but I suspect I won’t be traipsing about trying to replace it….

Still life: Xmas tree

Night lit Xmas tree

Pin-point lights, somewhat oblique.

Reflecting sphere, needle-shadows.

Write your own short story

Stag on train 2012

Oh so many events today would lend themselves to further reflection, aka blogging. I’ll pick this one—stag-on-a-train, we called it.

This is all you need to generate a short story, in truth. I am certain.

I’ll start one version: It was a dark and stormy night (as it truly was…)….

Quiet for now

Headlights in Xmas Eve fog city

I guess tonight’s dense fog will help Red-Suit-Man with his surreptitious* night-time activities. Us, well, we drove v-e-r-y carefully through the quiet city from our evening event to our home.

* Ya can learn something if you look up the “real” meaning of words…like that surreptitious has not only the component that the behavior is secretive, but also that it wouldn’t be approved of; I’m tired & I guess clandestine or undercover would be a better choice, but I’m preferring the sounds in surreptitious.

Go green

Tree Xmas 2012 alight

JCB found this orphaned tree, the last one remaining in the lot of the neighborhood church, and we are providing it a holiday setting. The top had snapped off and no one, apparently, wanted a blunt-top tree.

We find the damage gives the elves a great seat up there in star-land.

Rose against the sky

Rose by a capella winter

We have a cold snap coming, if the weather-folk are right, which is not good for this ROSE.

Today was one of those little-of-this-little-of-that days, with several “important” things neglected in favor of things I chose.

Note that the tree is up and decorated—photo to come another day.