Santa surprise

Wasabi dk chocolate pkg

Loving the scallop shells and sea-horses in the corner-art, and this particular shade of green ink. Do you suppose that’s Mount Etna?

This chocolate came to me via BRB-Santa. Although the main label reads Dark Chocolate Ginger Wasabi with Mediterranean Sea Salt—BTW, the salt is from southern Italy (no more geographic detail), the ingredients include Habanero chili powder, clearly unmentioned on the front. To my palate, I taste dark chocolate, the not-unpleasant grainy bits of sea salt, and a hotness that I think is a combo of the Chinese ginger powder, the wasabi powder (real or horseradish imitator? unclear), and the Habanero, but not predominantly any one of them.

Glad to have tried this chocolate but I suspect I won’t be traipsing about trying to replace it….

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