Couch snooze

Wicked weather came through starting about midnight(ish), lasting until daylight. With wind. And more wind. Do Not Like Wind. And some rain. But, now: all is well with the weather.

It’s just me

The color is ho-hum, but the shape-contrasts are fabulous.

And a wee update from That Corner. After having that smooth cement surface, today it got a new asphalt layer. That I didn’t expect.

Language evolution

Probably along with twenty-seven or eighty-four (or more?) other television stations around the USA, one of our local affiliates’ weather team is using a new (to them) hot phrase for select days ahead with a worrisome prediction. They call them First Alert days. And now that they’ve been using this marketing model for a few weeks, I noticed that the promotional phrase has been turned into a verb, as in: “I’m First Alerting Thursday.” Evolution in front of our very ears.

Surrounded by spring

Took a lovely stroll through Le Parque aka Piedmont…glorious afternoon. Saw the (resident?) great blue three times; it’s usually just once as s/he stays in one place…unknown reason for agitation.

Big numbers

Did some serious house-cleaning today. Long needed. Managed to remember to turn my watch on to record my activity as activity instead of merely being active. This makes a huge difference to the amount of “credit” I get. Thus, I achieved huge active numbers. Yay for me.

Photo from the other day. After all, I was indoors.

Forgive me

Yeah, I know most cut flowers in this country are flown in—not green—and grown in irrigated fields—also generally an environmental negative. But, company’s coming: Had to have flowers. As in a (selfish) First World “Had.”

Floral time measure

Azaleas on the verge of popping.

I’m leveling with you

There were two guys who were doing whatever this was planted on a tripod for, but they weren’t paying attention to this old lady walking down the sidewalk, so I was able to sneak a pic of their technology. This’s called a prism, and I didn’t know Pentax makes them, but that’s because I haven’t used a total station in…what?…two decades? Three?

Fact: I trained back in the Jurassic age (meaning before laser total stations like the guys had), rather uncommonly, on a theodolite and not a transit. I soon learned the latter, too. Both involved a lot of careful twisting with both hands, very systematically.

Lift, anyone?

The movie equipment and orange cones were in the alley and hardware parking lot. I don’t know if they were also over by the green house, as I didn’t walk that way. Is this confusing? All the equipment was parked, and no one was around it, so the only conclusion I could come to: no movie work on this half-rainy day. [But, were they shooting in one of the bars? Or? I didn’t walk that way either, so: unknown.]

A win

I was so glad to see this azalea, all elegant and delicate. Overwhelmingly, they are more in-your-face—beautiful, yes, but more robust. In any case, I haven’t found one of these before this spring.