(Do these clash?)

On this day of the Great Pumpkin (and other creatures of darkness)…

Great pumpkin inflated

…I found my eye captured by the azaleas, once again in bloom….

Azalea fuchsia

And even without an infusion of limoncello or an internet-check, I know that it is raining outside right at this very moment….

Two centered, essentially circular images…hmmm, too similar; make a change…—your informal editor

The seasons turn

Camellia bud

Here’s evidence of the pending blooming season. I had thought about pruning this camellia for shape, but it’s too late—I can’t bring myself to sacrifice the blooms-to-be.

Slightly fickle

Grey sky Morningside

We had some rain in the morning, then the afternoon was overcast for quite a while, except for a few minutes when the western sky became looming-grey. In a few hours, the sun came out.

Newer! Faster!

Euro coins waterlogued

Coins we didn’t spend in Italy….

Let’s see: 8.2 megapixel camera on new iPad Air2 plus Waterlogue software equals opportunity to experiment….

Love the rogue green blob-ette….

Ys rock

Handrail shadow

Sometimes the light, I think, points your eyes at a shadow pattern. Like this.

We got high

Side creek rock tumble

Ehem…via the Prius, on the amazing Cherohala Skyway highway. It’s a late arrival to the road system, draped across high ground with many pull-offs, and a perfect choice for a sunny autumn day. We found slopes and peaks that were mostly denuded, along with plenty of pine/oak/other species forests with nice leaf color.

We thought the rivers had more water than we expected for the season, but maybe our expectations are skewed from the many drought years….

The states we visited were GA, SC, GA, NC, TN, and home in GA. That was more that we planned when we left home…got carried away by the fine views…in a good way.

Contributing to stats

Air unveiling

I once took an economic anthro course that was undergrad/grad, and in this case rather simplistic (IMHO) in the discussions and readings (gotta get the curve to work for the underclass-folk), and the class-members concluded that our society was a society of consumers.

Right or wrong…, well, today, this household, we fit the consumer profile.

Loving this fast, wee, thin, delightful machine, excuse me, tool the JCB says, which should be much easier to read nodding off in bed, ahem.

Plant glory

Maple leaves fall glory

I imprinted on the temperate deciduous forest world, and the maple and its fall color signal the season deep in my brain…not original, but understandable.

Pampas seedhead CU

In addition, the seed-heads of the pampas grass (I think) also caught my eye….

Of mums…

Mums backlit

I’ve been enjoying the autumn-specific assortment of blooms Nature and my Gardening Neighbors offer these days.

Mums tulips display

I found this for-sale display a bit jarring, however; while mums are autumn flowers (see first photo), tulips are spring spring SPRING flowers! The miracle of greenhouses…and people who don’t know seasonality….

Blue skies…

Pole w decorations against sky

In my extreme youth, I was encouraged to “watch your feet” whenever I was walking. This resulted in an overwhelming prevalence of head-down walking by me. Which is good in the woods, but not-so-good elsewhere.

So, today, I sought to keep my eyes higher than my own body-height. Nothing earth-shaking resulted from this effort, although I want credit for it….