Overcast, mostly

Azalea beginning to fade

Can you tell I’m enamored of this type of azalea? The flowers are just beginning to fade, it seems, and these droopers are the first obvious sign.

Red dogwood opening

Meanwhile, a few steps away, this red dogwood’s blooms are beginning to open. Cycle of the flowers, no?

Pressure washing new boots

My fancy new boots excelled at their first chore: pressure washing! Hate that the concrete gets a slathering of mildew and mold or whatever. Looks nasty and may become slippery under certain conditions. New pressure washer, delivered today from Amazzzing, has color-coded tips. The yellow fits in with the yellow pine pollen that’s raining down on us, no?



Saw this out of the corner of my eye and thought: Spanish moss! What’s it doing here???!!! So wrong. String.

Hanging flowers

Today’s flower picture. Not sure the name (common or scientific).

Throes of pollen season

Pollen carglass

Nice clear, warm weather this time of year means huge pollen accumulations…I think of the yellow as mostly pine….

Purple iris

Certainly, there isn’t much iris pollen accumulating!

Snowball bush

I know this as a snowball bush, although these snowballs are mighty green. Viburnum?

Park not in park


This almost-wild is a few steps away. As I moved along, two yakking women came across the bridge by the railing, so I let them head down “my” path, and crossed the bridge and headed along that way, far enough away to not hear the loud yakking.


The other side of the park is more developed, and it looks like it’s gonna host a party! I think these were pallets of plastic flooring. Thursday is The Staging Day for Friday/weekend festivities. Maybe I’ll check it out tomorrow.

Tulip splayed

Today’s flower photo: tulips.


Phlox sidewalk

Phlox occupying a sidewalk, softening a hardscape, essentially.

Fence penetrated

Branch crossing the fence-boundary. A well-lichened fence.

Bloom stories

Plant donations

Note organic donations from the plants…tis the season of increased organic matter, early version. This also happens in the autumn when the leaves fall….

Blueberry blooms

Now this is the blooming pretty…blueberry blossoms! This is before they are blue!

Extended azalea

I think of this as a cultivar/variant/close relative of the flame azalea. I may even be correct! Heh. Otherwise, pretty extended/stretched azalea blooms.

A rarity

Red dogwood blooms

Over the years I have lived here in the Sunny South, I have never found many of these rosy dogwoods. I don’t know if they’re prone to disease and don’t survive, or if they’re just plain difficult to find in the nurseries. Whatever the backstory, here’s a thriving specimen!

Path variants

Petals on path

I don’t expect these petals to last much longer on the tree; nice on the path for now….

Cement stories

Another path…or paths? Dog and oak?

ATH and return

Mirror reflecting

We had all manner of fun today, including a w-a-a-a-y outside-the-perimeter adventure. In which we saw…

…a mirror ball reflecting.

Cats waiting

And cats waiting. [For feeding time, of course.]

Chimney smoking

And a chimney smoking. The kind to start the Kingsford* charcoal.

* The Ford part of Kingsford is from Henry…a side business of his.

Friday Friday!

Create energy

Friday theme/goal, ¿no? Create energy! Bang a drum!

Picket fence corner

And some visual symmetry. Just ’cause.