Yup, still changing

Raindrops on leaf

Late morning, the rain arrived from the west, as usual and as expected.

Not pollen

It washed away the pollen and moved on to catkins…or maybe I’d call them catkins, but really they are some other plant part, larger than pollen.

Acer palmatum young leaves

Yes, I’ve returned to the well with this red-toned Acer palmatum. Too striking to skip.


I’ve been trying to get an in-focus fiddlehead picture for several days…this is the first! Too small to sauté. Plus, it’s in a neighbors’ front garden.

Say no more

Pollen autoglass

Proof of pollen and scattered raindrops. We should have real rain tomorrow.

Dogwood splendor

Dogwood splendor.

Artsy flowers

Garden beauty.

Beemer update

Beemer update: still no wheels/tires…now with cover.

Tree sex parts

Evidence of tree-spring.

Muddling through pollen-air

Artsy flowers

I had it wrong yesterday; those were small trees, and this is a shrub. That is, if you use the definition: if you can walk under it standing upright, it’s a tree; if not, it’s a shrub.

Honeysuckle in bloom

Probably another shrub. Invasive? Yes yes yes. Common name: Japanese honeysuckle. Note the dusting (clots and clusters, truthfully) of pollen, probably from nearby pines mostly, on the leaves.

Shrubs leafing out

Leafing pink dogwood

First pink dogwood I’ve noticed. As I recall, they often come after the white ones.

Leafing redbud

Leafing-out redbud…a very red-leaved redbud.

Leafing azalea

Fancy azalea, with less compact plant/branches, and longer blossoms. And, today, with leaves.

Weekend mechanic

Story photo: evidence of serious weekend mechanic-ing—all tires off to the shop—looks like, to improve the car’s racing form.

Read the fine print

Mushroom house

My hypothesis is there’s no pandemic in mushroom-house world.

Mi in GA

Reverse upward mobility of a sort…no?

Look down! Look up!

Gutter penny

Gutter penny! In these days of heightened awareness of germs, I let it lay.

Tulip poplar petal

I think of this as a tulip poplar petal, but that is not probably the proper name for the plant part to a botanist. Which I am not.

US flag backlit

I wasn’t only looking down today (so as not to trip). Perfect backlighting on this plastic US flag. It appears to be an all-weather flag, despite that proper flag code/protocol, as I was instructed anyway, means that when the sun goes down, a flag must be lit if outdoors….

Har har

Bulbs hangin in there

One more last-bulb-blooms shot….

Leaves emergent

Emergent leaves…and that means shadows…yay—perfect timing for the high-in-the-80s expected at the end of the week.

Free library dogwood

Dogwood’s is a scene-stealer at this free-library-with-reading-bench.

Azalea genetics

Interesting genetics.

For a palate cleanser (currrent events, ya know), we just watched a couple of “Republic of Doyle” episodes. Comedy in Newfoundland.

Moment of zen

Petal wash

So much rain that spring petals washed downstream….


Around the corner: wisteria!

Delicate iris

Later I found this delicate iris—shape contrasts to the usual bulkier ones….

Of course, that title phrase is not original…just saying I find flowers relaxing, which is meditative (literal meaning of the Japanese word).

Color bar (ooops, minus the bar)

Green is coming

MaNachur is rolling out the green!

Hot pink azalea rain

I’m calling this a soft hot-pink.

Maple palmatum

There’s some of that green! Acer palmatum. Native to Asia.

Plus pollen, of course

White redbuds

Unusual white redbud. Some blossoms have a pinkish tinge or veins.

Sassafras leaves

Looks like sassafras!

Spring meadow garden

Meadow-style presentation.

Dunno fleurs

Lovely. Name unknown to me.