Regal peony


I love how the morning sun illuminated my neighbor’s peony. And, yes, ants strolled nearby blooms.

Big steps (three versions)


Personal news item #2: new shooze.

The most exciting news today in my personal word is that my friend Keith became Dr. Keith—okay, it won’t be formalized until he completes a few fixes here and there and the not-small chore of making a PDF…but, still, pretty darned exciting! He told me from his post-defense happy-buzz that he started along this route in 1994. Kudos, Doc Keith!

Lots of people might say somebody else’s personal news was the newz of the day, but I already wrote about that here.

Okay, one more personal news item: this is my first blog post using the iPad and an iPad picture…. Heh!!!

We are fine, tired

Rainbow weather wee hours of morning

Luck is fleeting, ephemeral, and sometimes local.

Meteorological rainbows passed over us in waves last night, with the last, shown here, abandoning us by the wee hours. The Guru stood watch, with our basement refuge ready.

Tornadoes visited people to the west and north, and, since some hit urban/suburban areas, whew, the damage is extensive. Here, the street now is half-dry.

Here on our little street, we are lucky and fine, if a bit tired.

Lightening wee hours of morning


Half chopper art

The other day I went through the last step of the chopper–chopping root–canal process. And this is my booby prize!

That’s my temporary crown on number 19….

Or something.

Hubcap reflecting orange cone

Sometimes life throws an orange cone or two atcha. If you’re lucky, you can pass them by, and all they get from you is a reflection in your hubcap.

Dawg-wood watch ovah me

Dogwood blooms lg convex

Some days pass in more of a blur than others. I achieve blurriness via multiple routes, however. I’m not sure the source of today’s…. Still, I did manage to return an overdue library book and take care of the last step of the root canal (installation of the porcelain crown).

Two confessions (that are true)

Nest on head by L

And L came to brunch with this lovely seasonal decoration….

We brunched today at The Relatives’ and we brought fruit salad—and managed to forget the melon. Of course, with the whole pineapple in the mix, it was “super” without it!

Plus, I wanted to confess that I read Robert V. Camuto’s Palmento: A Sicilian Wine Odyssey (2010) and he says that Marsala that’s labeled fino is cooking wine (there), and that’s all there is here in my price range, so, I confess—I’ve been nipping on cooking wine. !!

Chicken salad season is upon us

Flower in traffic island nearby 2011

Tonight we had our first summery meal of the season, the “Chinese” chicken salad I posted a while back…. The house is still redolent of star anise, orange, cinnamon, ginger, and sweetened soy. Yum!

Night light on a gorgeous bloom

Another D flower 2011

I can’t decide if this picture seemed the best choice for today because it can be interpreted as a metaphor for my day—that is, colorful brilliance in the foreground, with a murky background.

On the other hand, I’m this close to being finished with my current project for the SGA…and then, whee!, I can futz around for the (rest of the) weekend!

A rose is…

Heritage rose abloom 2011

How do you measure the age of a plant, when what you see began as a cutting, so is genetically identical to the plant the cutting came from? Do you start the clock with the severing from the original plant? Do you start from whenever the original plant started? What if there were a series of cuttings, and the stock from the seed is lost in the mists of time?

Waagh! It’s too late for this!