Redbud beauty

I do enjoy this view, yet mostly can’t create shots that match what I see. Nice color smear.

Close up of redbud blooms. No smear.

Also, the pine pollen is arriving. Rain coming soon will help.

City business or business in the city?

This is today’s biggest tale of intrigue (in my limited, personal experience). I spotted two guys at the edge of a city park with battery-powered drills removing the whatever to allow a bench to pull free from bolts embedded in concrete footings. Further along, I spotted this guy wheeling a different bench away. None of the guys wore any logos or uniforms of city employees. What was the deal? I dunno. Too many homeless using the benches? Too many nannies with tired feet resting with strollers of sleeping tots? Too many dogs urinating on the legs of the benches?

Sunday drive

These magnolia petal carpets seemed a little too slippery and ever so slightly depressing, so we headed out of town. I exaggerate.

Nevertheless, we did go see Olive and her sister Hazel and their people. We had a lovely, lazy Sunday afternoon visit.

Beauty is more than enough

No plays today, one-act or longer. No especial content of any kind. Just a branch of wee flowers.

My moment

Every once in a while, my dear friend KW offers little one-act plays, based on an experience du jour, on her daily blog. I thought I’d give it a try.

Setting: I’m walking west in a residential area, down a slight slope, toward a complex junction, with many stop signs to keep things safe. And no sidewalks.

The action: Coming toward me is a white Land Rover. I watch the driver slow a bit, and roll through two stop signs perhaps six car-lengths apart, then continue motoring toward me.

I decide to move to the center of the road, and wave my arms. I was ready to jump out of the way if the driver kept coming at me. But, he did slow and roll down the right window to ask…

Can I help you?

I just watched you blow through two stop signs!

I know. I live in this neighborhood. I’m in a hurry.

And: Hey…I live here, too! At least he stopped, took a reasonable tone of voice, acknowledged his behavior, and didn’t get angry. And still: he ran two stop signs. Yes, no other traffic, but but but.

And a Pretty while you negotiate the crowds and exit down the aisle. 🤣

Also, that isn’t the vehicle in the play, if you haven’t figured it out.

Enjoy the irony

Here’s a flower with a common name that corresponds to the scientific name—the genus. It’s alyssum. This eliminates one of the problems of common names…that they aren’t as “exact” as scientific names.


…in this case, the flower has been reclassified by the taxonomists, and it’s no longer in the Alyssum genus. It’s now Lobularia maritima. Yay science.

Is it still winter? Here, I mean

The weather’s split today. We have warm, and the north (my former home and summer home) has vicious cold and wind and snow snow snow and snow and ice.

BTW, this is one of the few palms (or palm-like plants) I’ve seen that didn’t get zapped to total brown by our three-days-below-freezing bout earlier this winter.


I saw the pre-dawn light was…nice…special…and snapped this. Later in the morning, the light…dimmed, with grey cloud-cover…followed by…rain. By late afternoon, light returned. Yay!

Light a light

On this day in 2020 we took a ferry jaunt with nephew dos, so we were in Seattle, then we left Seattle, then we returned. Covid fears hung over us, and we ate outdoors at a burger place on the island the ferry took us to (and away from). We still live under Covid’s shadow. And that then HS kid is now in college. A lovely memory….

Especially if they’re purple

Sometimes, sometimes, vegetables are art.

BTW, these are eggplants.