Biblical furies

Dogwood bloom duo

So, late yesterday here in Atlanta we had a (localized) apocalyptic fire. Then, in the lantern hours we suffered a big rain and wind storm .

The fire—no human casualties, but I just heard law enforcement made arrests after the evening news—firebugs. And the storm, we weathered it (teehee).

Pollen dusting

It knocked back the pollen for a few hours…. [This was before the storm….]

Floral waning

Spiky azalea end

The early azaleas are fading. Our foundation plantings are going great guns (minus the ones that the cold nights killed).

Daffy late

Most of the daffy are fading, too. It’s nearing the end of their 2017 season.

Plenty of other flowers taking up the slack….


Ready fire engine

I keep forgetting to mention that when we were at BHFM the other day, we saw a man in line to check out, leaning on his forearms on the handle of his grocery cart. And standing on the handle, looking forward, a large parrot. Large. Parrot. Yup.

Bloomin tree

The trees are popping. We’re amidst blooming dogwood days. But this isn’t a dogwood.

Just above ground

Violet like

Loving the purple veining…in this flower—I’ll pass on the same effect on my skin.

Six petal trio

An hour and a half before, only two of these blooms were open. Time…changes…so very much.

Dandelion waiting for wind

Even dandelions, aka Taraxacum spp.

Not baby bok choy

Jr bok choy

These vegetal gems were labeled “junior bok choy.” Turns out that this is a vegetal vendor category; the store I was in didn’t make it up. I would have called them mini bok choy, or perhaps age-challenged bok choy. Nah.

Anyway, quite tasty in the corruption of stir-fry we had on Saturday night, and tonight, too. (Skipped a night, there.) If WikiPee is correct, bok choy (a phrase that makes my spell-check blotto even though it’s in my standard digital dictionary) is a subspecies of Brassica rapa L., along with bomdong (put on your Korean hat?), napa cabbage (from a Japanese term, not the valley in Cali), and turnip.

Midsomer statuary

Brit hugging statue

When I first saw this strange Brit hugging-critter statue, I thought: frogs. Now, studying the photo I made (yeah, I was distracted by the act of taking it), I see that it’s lizards, iguanas, something like that.

Still: strange.

BHFM goodies

Flowers dyed

Like many groc stores, the Buford Highway Farmers Market (without a single farmer in sight) puts flowers right by the front door. I think these MUST be dyed.

Red jalapenos

These, no. This is “their” color.

Sardines no can

Sardines. No can.

Marinated apples

Marinated apples. I wondered what the marinade was. Sugary and sweet? Sharp and vinegary? Wine?

Maybe next time I’ll buy one and see. They are in what I call the Eastern European section, but I may have my geography wrong. The Cyrillic script kinda gives it away.

Either this or the Ring of Kerry


Here’s more detail than I’ve ever recorded before of the body and lower prongs of a columbine bloom. I have learned there are little sparkles. I am happy to have more sparkles in my life.

At TJs

Danish Kringle

Is this special for Lent? Rather strange to find it here in the ATL. Also unexpected that this Old World baked good is…New World flavored—pecan.

[Headline forgotten]

Grease trap

I couldn’t decide which order to present these photos. Which is another way of saying I couldn’t come up with a narrative.

So, I’ll play it safe. Weather.

Peony maybe

We got through last night’s storm, wind and rain, but mostly just the front. I think it dissipated some before it got to our house. It raged in other neighborhoods. We were lucky.

Is this an unfolding peony? I’ll watch—more data….