Architectural detail


Love the wee bits of decoration we spot on the older business buildings during our walks….

El velero


El velero means sailing ship. New vocabulary! And so useful!

Wee gosling


For the last two years, we’ve seen lots of ducklings at Piedmont Park, but this year we’ve seen only one. Previously, I don’t remember any Canada geese reproducing around Lake Clara Meer, but this year there’s one set. Cute!

Flat world


Yesterday had another big excitement, but the headline had to stay the way it was.

So, finally, we’ve joined this century, with this 26 inch Samsung flat-panel TV, with all the right attachments, etc. (I am assured). JCB reports that the user interface was much better than expected (I stayed away in case smoke started rising—it didn’t!).

High-def is truly a much improved picture, and JCB actually watched some of the Talladega NASCAR race and the weekend’s golf tournament just to see all those well-honed pixels (if that’s possible). Separate blades of grass and each tread mark, I guess….



And he’s doing great!

(Other b-days.)

Long-time friends


Label on the famous Bigfoot RMJ camper.

I know Robert and Mary Jo because years ago, Robert was my boss at a long-gone plant nursery on the outskirts of Portland (Oregon). I only worked there one summer, and only part of that ’cause I headed back to Michigan to attend KayakWoman’s wedding to the GG, held in the sunshine on the beach near Brimley. Because I went to KW’s wedding, I missed R&MJ’s.

That fall I continued to work for Robert, planting trees on a sloping field a few miles from the nursery. That time is a blur, for the most part, but I remember working bent over in misty rain, knees embedded in soft, dark brown, slightly moist soil, hands in gloves, placing bare-root trees in their new homes.

Scallop salute


So soon, these good times must end. We celebrated our last supper together with scallops (hoping they hadn’t been harvested by dredge), simply sauteed.

Simple pleasures


One more reason The Guru and I don’t fit any demographic standard: we used our Xmas $$$ to buy a new (high-end) dish drainer.

And it’s all Nancy’s fault!

And very cool!



Our big excitement was tonight’s bbq. Mmmm!

(TY Robert and Mary Jo.)

Brasstown browse


From atop Brasstown Bald, we descended the old road, now known as Wagon Train Trail, enjoying unwinding vistas, and watched over by the Brasstown tower.