Lucky 🍀 me

Dusk sky

Every once in a while the cosmos and my activities correspond and I glimpse a colorful, well-lit moment of transcendent beauty like this. Sigh.


Side view

Words? What words go with this photo? With this day?

Do not hold your breath, please….


Hands on

We don’t much go in for parlor games around here, and the black-face penalty shown on “The Crown” has definitely not been in circulation here. FYI.

Focus relocation

Backlit dogwood leaves

I try to empty my brain and just be in the moment (easier said/typed than done) when I’m out for a neighborhood walk. It’s rejuvenating.

Then some brilliant red leaf-light or similar penetrates my perception brain and I surface to take in something other than my personal ohhhhmmmmmm…and today, in that surfacing, I found two dazzling, back-lit leaves.

One foot toddling

City woods

Well, now. Muddle along. That’s a big thing. And worth celebrating. Moss accumulates, yet sunshine arrives. One foot in front of the other; that’s what moving forward looks like.

Artsy zinnia

Zinnia above

Lovely accident.

Turn, turn, turn…

Rose backlit

I’ve been aware of the changing day length, as it does this time of year. I haven’t noticed as much the shift in the sun angle. And…tah-dah! here it is!

Of the moment

Double bees

Loaded cone flower, weighted with double bees.

Ginger white

Delicate and fine-scented ginger: mmmmm.


Strange hibiscus

That title might mean any of many things. What I thought about today was that at some point this season, I’ll be switching from preferring to walk in the shade (pant pant), to being happy to walk in the sun (oh so cool).

Never noticed a hibiscus bloom that looked quite like that.

Word play

Bee flower

Mum bee.

Birdbath reflection

Leaves: real and reflected.