Plant choices


With the work of the last few years, and especially the tree-trimming=light-intensification of last year, well, and weed removal, the rhubarb is coming back! This variety courtesy of the Botanist makes strong pink rhubarb sauce, not any of that greenish or brownish stuff you may have been offered elsewhere. I may even be able to make a small pan of it!

Ramps bloodroot

Those long leaves are ramps, and the notched leaves are bloodroot. I’ll be digging some ramps for dinner tomorrow. But, I left them today, because I was digging cow parsnips—or perhaps giant hogweed—both are phytotoxic and invasive, and I should have done this removal last year. Then I wouldn’t have had so many daughter plants to remove. Eradicate. That human thing: choosing which plants to encourage and which to…disappear.

Spring is about plants*

Sour cherry

Sour cherry. Only we rarely get to eat the cherries. The birds unerringly know when the fruit is on the cusp of ripeness, and they swoop in and take the whole crop in a couple of hours. Done and done.


Spring beauties. Love the color variation in the centers…is it the age of the blooms, or…??

Young maples

The Uncle Dave maple is always hopeful (if I am allowed to anthropomorphize). The newly germinated are ready to go for years, but are unaware that the lawn mower will axe their dreams.

*Spring is about all kinds of creatures, but plants are much easier to spot and photograph (see title). Also spotted: huge vee of Canada geese; minnows in the upper Tahquamenon. And in recent days: a rafter/flock of wild turkeys—seemed like all females? [We were moving fast.]

Oh, exclamation point

Grape no grape

We’ve traveled back into earlier spring. Hello, grape hyacinths!

Bridge view view

And rediscovered a Big Bridge!


Hello, Hemlock’s Own Trillium! Been watching for a spring lovely in this exact spot at the foot of this tree for decades.

On the move

Flooded butter jesus

We loaded the vehicle without precip, and drove into spitty rain cells for many miles, and then finally out of the rain. Then, north of Cincinnati, we found the Butter Jesus’s christening pond overflowing, with its waters merging with acres of flooded fields. I don’t know if this Replacement Jesus is also called Butter Jesus after its slightly yellow predecessor, but that’s how I think of it.

High water

Later, we got very close to high water. Possibly yesterday we would have had to detour a few miles.


Managed to catch the late-day light/dusk at the county courthouse I rode past twice each schoolday after I finished elementary school and had to go to town for my schooling. [Full confession: I never had to walk to school.]

Dusk Ingham co

Finally, out of town we got a good sky view across the flat flat fields. Purdy. [Sarcastic take on local pronunciation.]

Assessing collective action

Meadow ish

Just thinking about multiple collectives failing me/us/we/ourselves/them/everyone…but in a distant, nothing-I-can-do-about-it, so…shrug…way. Trying to be zen.

A collective action problem…is a situation in which all individuals would be better off cooperating but fail to do so because of conflicting interests between individuals that discourage joint action.

So professes WikiPee.

In which I became glooberificated

Sky infra

I checked my fave weather app at 7am (ish) and it said to expect rain (and lightning) by 11am. I checked later, and it indicated not until 1pm. It was 11:20 by the time I hit the street and…looking up, hmm, weather-y, but not so bad. Then, a few drops. I wisely had stayed close enough to the house that I looped myself in the back door and acquired a big umbrella, thanks to a hand-off from the Guru.

Flag out

Twenty minutes later, I figured I was in the clear, but within two more minutes, the drizzle was kicking in. Mr. Personal-Putting-Green (see entry perhaps a month ago) had his flag out. In the rain. Got my blood pressure up. I took a photo and kept going.

Good rain

Of course, by the time I was in the final stretch the weather had clinched the deal and I was super-glad I had the umbrella. Or my walk would have been gloobered up. (See Kayakwoman for this vocabulary.)

Sunday funday

Fennel volunteers

We decided today was the day…to eliminate this lovely row of funnel volunteers in our front walk and the black yuck on the mottled grey granite stonework…. We did power-washing for a couple of hours on the front steps etc, plus de-yucking both vehicles.

Wet washed

I’d say things went swimmingly, but maybe I should just say “fine.” I got these rubber boots in part to do power washing here—and walk in the dew-dressed grass in the UP—not going to be doing that for a while. It was warm today, so I just went for it with the spraying…and I got wet to mid-thighs. Which was fine.

More mildew eradication awaits, although things look much better. Yay!

Greens, and…


Greens! Only they’re not mine…a productive container garden in front of a rental…four apartments…someone’s commandeered the sunniest spot for these lovelies.

Light above

I liked the light through the leaves. Looked better in person. Through my polarized sunglasses.

High magnolia

And looking up…high altitude magnolia blossoms.

Big bud

They are huge. Here’s a bud at finger height.

Protection noted

Covid playground

Playground in the time of covid.

Wide rickrack

Widest rickrack I’ve seen in ages honoring health care workers…in the time of covid.

Mulberry protection

Stain protection, in the time of ripe mulberries.

Mystery house

And just a house of (apparent) mystery. Gate latch is a keeper. And a kind of protection. [Wide-wide-angle.]

Neighborhood activities

Basketball space

Just move the garbage cans, and game time!

I went out early (like morning rather than afternoon) because I heard the afternoon would get warmer than conditions I wanted to adventure in. And I heard a high of nine-zero predicted for Sunday…rrrrrrr. First time since October…. Helllllll-ooooooh summer.

Propped up

So making early rounds meant fewer people. No basketball players. Tree needing propping up.

Chalk art

And art! Art waiting for me! I’m special!