Deconstructed swamp, kinda

Swamp from roadside

I took a swamp walk today…which means I took a “real” walk and went down the road to the swamp…and stayed on the ROAD the entire time. I did not walk in the swamp, rather I passed through and slightly above it.

Blue flag swamp

I did step tentatively off the blacktop to get this shot; love blue flags.

Dragonfly aggression

Later, after doing chores/yardwork, I set off for my first swim of the year. En route to the beach, I found this pair, with the dragonfly wildly dominant and in control. One less butterfly…shades of Ray Bradbury…I did NOT step on either of them. Descending to water-side, I discovered the Annual Engineering Project was underway, the one that results in a dock. I admire those who undertake it greatly.

Cicada husk

After my leetle swim-ette, while I was toweling off my feet, I noticed this cicada husk…a piece of art. Discarded and forgotten art. Insect trash.

That morning light; that morning mist

That morning light

Love it when the sun comes up bright, there’s been no wind overnight, the dew is heavy, and the light and dew begin their misty dance in the orchard and the field.

That morning mist

A little later the mist had thickened and the spiderwebs became little silvery apparent light sources.

One spider web damaged

Here’s a damaged web, not so brilliant out of context, yet still compelling. I feel badly for the spider.

Camo grader

Later we took a couple of truck trails through the woods. The first section was in terrible shape due to the small angular limestone chunks that were used as fill (way larger than large gravel), and how this camo beast had stirred them up. Well, the ride was terrible and the tires got a workout, but the mud holes were filled, so maybe not totally terrible. Most of the route was sandier, and one place I had to back up twice to get a run and better line on a low sand dune the road went over that was just plain soft. After the backup reconnoiters, we came through just fine, no spinning, on the third try. Triumph! (In a Nissan. 😉 )

Flies caught

Vetch fly

Three times I tried to photo the vetch blooms, and none were in focus, but the fly was in this one. Couldn’t have done that if I tried.

Hophornbeam flower fly

Trying to photo the leaf and flower parts of this American hophornbeam (Ostrya virginiana), and look who snuck into the background, cousin of the one above, I’m pretty sure.

Took me quite a while to figure out what kind of tree this is…half-dozen bird and wildflower ID books, but no good tree ID books. Hrrumph. And I do not need to BUY any more books!

Mindful…what’s that?

Rest area path

Before I get into the day’s details, have you ever seen an interstate rest area that includes a long-distance path? Milemarker 52. New to me, that mix. !!

Rebel aboard

Farther along, hmmm, cars in motion. Not new or new-ish cars, but historic vehicles, that means silvery and chrome-y and not-new. Here’s a Rebel. Who wouldn’t find a “Rebel” being a temptation? Me, sorry, I get sidetracked by the Dodge part. Old history, not present, yet….

Le bridge

Soon, we crossed The Bridge. With the usual lane closure at the top of the arc. We soldiered through, then waited our turn through the toll-booth section…and off to a late lunch at Clyde’s.

Sigh. Life is darned good!

Roadster orange 1937

And there at Clyde’s, I dunno, maybe a half dozen of the cars (roadsters? I think so) in town (StIgnace) for an upcoming old-car parade. I think we’ll miss it; we are westbound!

Tall grass orchard

Here at the farm, the grasses in the orchard are TALL this year, almost tall enough to overwhelm the lupines with grassiness. Still, I have to say, we are here and we are ready…to do chores and to relax, in a mindful mingling and mixing.

On the road…

Cone still life

…cone sightings are not surprising.

Golf cart tires

At a stop, however, not expected: stacks of new(?) golf cart tires.

Poison ivy afflicted

Could be anywhere: exceedingly afflicted poison ivy…makes me happy in a twisted way.

Pesto night

Basil ready

The basil was READY. 🌱 I scissored ✂️ it back, snip ✂︎ snip. I didn’t worry about shaping 🌳 the plant (hah), just removed all the flowering spikes and their leaves, and the almost-ready-to-flower spikes. This process captured enough for a pesto pasta with perhaps twice the pesto that might normally be used. Rich! 🌈 Lucky! 🍀


Staircase Elton John

Rumor around the neighborhood two decades ago (or so) was that Elton John owned this place. It’s not a McMansion so I could never believe he lived here, but maybe someone important to him did…. Anyway, just in advance of the rumor someone put a buncha $$$ into the property, including having this curving staircase built.

Glories maybe

I’m going with morning glory and not bindweed, but the purple centers have me confused. Of course, they’re related, so? 🤷 And I’m no taxonomist, no? 🤷

White lavender(!!)

Flower deep

Somekinda deep flower unknown to me. Or, frankly, forgotten. It happens.

Lavender white

Now this, don’t think I’ve seen white lavender before, but that is what this is. And the bees know it’s collection time.

Rain wind storm

We got blasted by two vigorous storm cells. Rain. Wind. Mildly scary for a Sunday afternoon when we didn’t have any idea we’d riled up the weather gods.

Churning through steps

Fern backside

Apologies for the curt post yeasterday. I was amidst a complicated battery discharging/recharging regime. Judging by today’s data, it worked! Yay!

Messy job site

I’m pretty sure this is the messiest job site I’ve seen herebouts. Knew you’d want to be in the know. 🙃*

Just found out that the upside-down slightly smiling emoji indicates sarcasm. Alternate: 🙄 but this one can also mean playful—NOT the same.



It’s summer! Don’t get benched!